Sunday, May 17, 2009

heaven on earth

whenever things don't go my way, whenever i feel like stabbing a person to death, and whenever i feel so low that tears roll down my cheek sooo excessively, i have my own negative feedback to fight for this. yes, my very own calm-me-down-mechanism so i can once again relax and stand up :)

and this negative feedback mechanism of mine involves munching lots and lots of chocolates to bring my calmness level back to normal, talk to some close friends and mom, shop till i really drop ;p , dance till the whole world seems to be mine, tido sampai lebam and the list goes on and on.

until recently, i found out that admiring these beautiful pictures of bora bora island brings that much calm and tranquility to me. i was so tangled up and so emotionally abused when i looked at these amazing photos, and poofff, that horrible feeling was gone! and i can't imagine stepping my foot onto this beautiful heaven on earth!! gossshhhh bring me thereeeee tolong!

i am so going to this place someday, like seriously, i swear i will go to this place! i love beaches and islands since forever and i'm not gonna let myself miss this one! howcome this earth has such a gorgeous place? darn i am so going, don't ask me when, all i know is that i'm going. just wait.

maybe u can try this the next time u feel like screaming out loud! it works wonder! i never get bored looking at these photos again and again. call me crazy but it is that addictive to me. maybe i love beaches a little too much. so yeah, let's cut up the number of words and concentrate on the photos! enjoy!

p/s : serious tengok these pics of bora bora lagi bahagia dari tengok gmbar lelaki2 terkacak dalam alam semesta. ahhh serious. nak tinggal kat sini. aaaaa asal kau gorgeous sgtttt?!!

p/s/s : I AM SO GOING! whatever it takes!


slacker said...

uih lawanye...air dia pergh...crystal clear!!

meh sini meh aku blanje ko pg..aahahah

Anonymous said...

yeah best place in d world!!!!!!

IRA said...
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haziQah said...

oh..mmg slalu teringin g tmpat2 cmni..cntik sgttt!

Lutfi Fadil said...

kalau ko pegi sane, lagu tema ko adelah weezer 'island in the sun'..."it makes me feel so fine I can't control my brain"...hep hep!

IRA said...

nadia : apekah? hutang auto rs20 pon kite saling mengclaim2 wahahahaha

azar : yeah! thanks to me ;p

haziqah : hey! hahahah aah gorgeous kannnn!

lutfi : betul! serious betul!