Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sister 2 sister

another sleepless night! yes, i'm going through another episode of insomnia attack! been living with this since high school and this bloody attack will usually take weeks or even up to months for it to end! tossing and turning for hours in my bed while waiting for me to doze off is no fun! no fun! i need my precious sleep!

one of my little sisters (note that i have 3 altogether) had a conversation with me through yahoo messenger. another misunderstanding among the girls. they're not talking to one another at the moment. oh dear. this is an unpleasant news to hear. im clearly aware of everyone's attitude back home and all i can say is sisters need to tolerate, listen to what everyone has to say, avoid that hot-tempered attitude and no swearing (which u guys are really good at)

i'm not excepted though. yeah, my bad. most of the time, the fight is only by means of words. but in some worse conditions, we can even kickslappinchetcetc each other wahahaha. and i still remember having this fight with my dearest aisyah while i was driving the car. we were pulling each other's hair and pushing each other. and yes i repeat, i was driving. yeah sometimes things really got out of control. but that doesn't change the fact that i love my sister a lot though she annoys me to death!

being the eldest at home (as kak long is always away from home), i am always responsible for anything and everything. and the person that is most likely to be blamed if things go wrong, is me. yes, me. that's the bad thing about being the eldest. being the youngest, u have the privilege to blame the elder sisters. omg, that is so unfair. but that's how it works. sigh.

okay now, what i really wanna say is, i may not be the perfect sister, but i always want the best for my siblings. fighting among the sisters is so normal, but it should not take too long, and it should not be too harsh. and there's really nothing wrong in saying sorry no matter who started the fight. what matters most is the bond between u girls.

i know my girls are my silent readers. :) they never really leave comments, only some in the shoutbox. so girls, stop making faces, stop badmouthing each other okayyy! :) :) :) it's no fun when u can't talk to each other about super junior and the latest gossip at school, right? so, no more fighting! love u girls so much! :)


haziQah said...

yep mmg susah kn jd kakak sulung
hee sure ur sisters terharu bca dis entri
owh zahirah mmg gorjes sister ;)

IRA said...

ahahaha i dunno la diorang terharu ke camane..tkde perasaan kottt ;p