Thursday, July 23, 2009

cap ibu dan anak.

i can still picture the past vividly, and i still remember when i had trouble doing my math calculation during my school years, i would seek for my parents' help. unfortunately, 2 major problems with this are :-

me : abah, cane nak buat soklan math ni?
abah : (looking at the question, raises his eyebrow) erm...jap kasi abah bace soklan dulu.
me : cane ni?
abah : ish, ape bende ni? abah tak tau la. dulu abah blajar math in english la. apa ni? cerakinkan? amende cerakinkan tu?(ok i cant remember the rest of the mathematical terms in malay)

sigh. same goes to other science subjects. despite being an engineer, he can't seem make me understand physics well because of the language barrier. instead, he'll be boasting around with the fact that he learned all these things in english, once upon a time.

major problem no 2.

me : mak, ajar math ni, tak reti la.
mak : oh camni memule tambah ni pastu darab tu pastu bahagi pastu tolak ( mengajar dengan sepantas kilat)
me : (terkedu, trying to catch up) er, ok i'll try. mak, tunjuk balik semula?
mak : ishhhhh die ni kan @^%^#WER#%@ B^#^@%@%#@%^&((@$@!!#% kan mak dah tunjuk tadi buat camni #!!%^((^&$@!~! tu la kat kelas ((%@#!~@!~_(%#(%#(
me : (tension dan menangis)

well yes, i cried. and that situation is only applicable during my primary school years. ahaha in case u're wondering, yes that's my mom. she can't stand someone who is not up to her pace. (well that doesn't necessarly means i begitu lempong dalam math sekolah rendah it's just that my mom was soooo impatient gggrrrrrr hahahah) major problem isn't it. the same thing repeats when she teaches my other sibblings. i am certain that if ever she's a math teacher, she is definitely a scary one, i mean, really really scary.

things change. after so many years of not sharing anything ilmiah with my parents, well, especially with my mom (due to fear of another mental depression akibat kegarangan emak sendiri), i am now free to share (and yes, ask) anything and everything about medicine with my mom :) which is, FUN!

oh yes, i enjoy talking about pathology of pneumonia (which my baby sister had some time ago) with my mom, i enjoy talking about parkinson disease (which affected my uncle) in the car (with a drop dead silence from my dad) and i even text her about any interesting cases that i observe in my clinical posting. no pressure at all! i would love it if she can be the one who teaches me all these things in the hospital :)

how things change :) loving it!

today, i worked out a case of inguinal hernia with sheila. (sila google kepada siapa yg tak tahu). and so i texted mom.

me : mak, tadi kan kite examine patient yg ade inguinal hernia. ni check yang yg betul2 punya
kat patient. seb baik patient tu cooperative and slambe jek.
mak : eeeeeeeeee inguinal hernia! kakak malu tak? hehe jadi doctor kene la buat semua tu.
buat examination tu elok2 tau.
me : haahhaha xmalu sgt sbb ade kawan lain. mak tetibe kite rase nk jadi surgeon sbb cam
macho je jadi surgeon.
mak : takyah jadi surgeon, nanti too taxing. unless u don't want to get married! hahahaaha

er, of course i want to get married la!

si comel bersama emaknya

my playground (blah la kau ira)

bottom line is, i miss my mom. cepatlah RAYA! nak balik rumah!


Hezry Abu Hasan said...

weyh Ira, I'm super lempung in maths cs my parents harimau jugak. Tu yang struggle time math HL haha

IRA said...

hahahaha math HL mmg la harus lempong kannn! lenkali amek SL jer!

ad_nin said...

post ini sangat comel!!

IRA said...

denin, thanks ;p (i know u were referring to that kid in the photo)

Merissa K. said...

ur post actually piques my interest and so i googled inguinal hernia for real.

am posting about it three secs from now. ahaha.

thanks for the tip, doctor. *winks*

IRA said...

wahahah somebody really go and google about inguinal hernia!