Monday, July 27, 2009


been busy. coz i've been watching nur kasih sampai tertak pegi class. how bad is that. hahaha. ni keje rakan2 yg berjaya influence i tengok the series la ni. big thanks yea.

to my surprise, an old friend of mine turns out to be one of the actress. pergh. tak ku sangka! memule cam knal tak knal because she was wearing tudung in the drama and i was like "oh muke je kot same" but then it was confirmed by a friend.

well well, i guess smks9 is already known to produce people that are very much involved in this industry! model la (and i pon baru tau some time ago that hanis zalikha was from my school too) , pelakon la, penyanyi la, even designer yg masuk the project runway. thumbs up to these talented people :) proud to be the niners. hahahah.

btw, the timing for this nur kasih series mmg bebetul kena la because ramadhan is approaching soon and i can't wait for it (note to self ; ira sila habiskan ganti puasa anda) but this time, i'm gonna spend the whole ramadhan in bangalore. sigh. can't really imagine. last time sempat puasa dalam seminggu je then we got our holiday till raya but this time, we're going back home one day before raya! better than nothing right.

being a grown up, i never really get excited about raya. we have no place to celebrate anyway. every pagi raya will be spent dkt rumah sendiri in shah alam, with just us, most of the time. omg i sgt nak balik kampung, sadly i takde kampung. takde kampung because i don't have datuk or nenek on either side anymore :( and the rest of the relatives selalunya raya dgn family lg satu so there'll be no family gathering on my mom's or dad's side on pagi raya. now that's sad kan. but i'm very much used to it. don't tell me to suggest a family gathering because i've been suggesting that to my dad/mom since ages but well, it's not easy.

the best raya i had in my whole life was in 1995 in pekan, pahang. that's the best ever. in 1996 my grandma passed away so no more pekan, pahang as my kampung. then every year i had my raya in kampung lagi satu in gombak, selangor will 2001 when my other grandma passed away. well raya in gombak pun mcm raya at just another house in town. not really a kampung, but it was a lot better than beraya in my own house in shah alam. tak feel langsung. ala, sedih plak.

isk, why am i talking about raya when it's not yet ramadhan? lol. i rasa i homesick la :(


haziQah said...

hoho fathia dah jadi pelakon ;)

oh kdg2 cm perasan bangga pulak kawan2 skola dulu da jadi pelakon , macam boleh cerita kat kwn2 kita baik dgn pelakon tu...huhu

yes raya memang best bila ada gathering dan memang betul pun akan sangat boring kalau raya di shah alam, maksudnya di rumah sendiri tanpa sanak saudara..rasa macam hari biasa je..bukan raya

IRA said...

yeah, fathia. i never knew die dah masuk a few iklan and all..hahahahh..

dah biase raye kat sa..pagi raye leh pakai baju hodoh2 je pstu tengok tv smpai lebam..

sarahlomaniac said...

kwn akak tu yg mne dlm nur kasih ? dont forget beli tops lawa kt india . nak raya la kata kan .

IRA said...

sarah, bestfriend nur amina, nabila kot name die dlm cte tu..

amboi igt kakak kau cop duit ke syg? hahah tengok la, beg akak dh berat ngan saree..or we can just shop in msia nnti!