Thursday, July 30, 2009

not alone just lonely hoho

would it be too much to wish for something? i wish people see me as a person - as a woman (well, or am i not a girl not yet a woman? heh) i wish people see me as one and start to appreciate me and respect me better. is it too much?

this is just frustrating. not to get the same amount of respect and appreciation from the other person is just frustrating. i'm not whining. i'm just expressing. i can't seem to blurt this out to u so i'm writing this.

i was angry. but now i'm sad.

all i need now is a friendly hug and a shoulder to cry on. but i don't seem to have one.


Dalila Husni said...

aa,saya harap semua nya baik2 belaka!cheer up u hot doctor!=D

IRA said...

thanks for calling me hot doctor! u make my day! hahahahahaha ;p

Anonymous said...

i tot u don't need other people except ur boyf!mwahaha..ira ira..

IRA said...

anonymous : get to know me better yea :) because im certain that i am not someone who turns her back to the rest of the world for her boyfriend. friends are important too, not to mention the family :)

and yes, i need my friends and family, just as much as i need my boyfriend :)