Tuesday, July 14, 2009

terhangat di pasaran

wtf title takde kena mengena!

little dinosour left for manipal from bangalore last nite. yup spent the weekend with him, after so long! well, azar syazwan is not without a surprise. it was nearly 12 midnite (or was it past midnite?) when he surprised me with something really, REALLY sweet. okay, am not gonna brag so much about it here ;p hahah (let's keep the rest of the details ;p) but one thing i'd really love to share is this ;
pardon the photo quality (camera phone u know)

he made it all by himself. it was quite an effort, considering all the cutting and arranging process. and i must say the handmade wall frame of me and him is lovely. thanks a bunch! :D

p/s : now, that makes him a must-have boyfriend LOL ;p


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nabel said...

best gilaaa!! want!! hehehe maybe i can post u some pics n he can do the cutting n pasting? hahaha kidding ;p

u lucky thang :D

IRA said...

heheh thanks nabel ;p wahahah i think he can go crazy doing it for the 2nd time..very the leceh kot? ;p