Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the tips and tricks for a macho-er you :)

who doesn't want to appear macho, especially in front of the girls? i do! (eh tak, i have to appear ayu) so peeps, thanks to me coz in this entry, i will reveal the real definition of macho-ness from the girls point of view (or it'll be more precise if i say from MY point of view ;p )

  1. we want leaders. yes. it's nice that u consider what we have in mind by asking "where should we go?", "what do we do next?", "what should we eat for dinner?". but those questions can be pretty annoying at times. of course, u do need our opinion but sometimes, we need u to lead us. and show us that u can!
  2. sense of humour is a must. but we're not impressed if u crack some silly + lame jokes. but hey, thanks for trying.
  3. in a crowded place, don't let ur girl walk alone. grab her hand or simply put ur hand on her shoulder to guide her through. we love protective guys. LOL ;p
  4. athletes are hot. show us what the muscles are worth. sweaty looking guys particularly in basketball jersey really get me to my melting point.
  5. if u come from a very rich family, and are spoilt very much by ur luxurious life, u're definitely not someone i would like to live with. but it's okay, u can be my short-term boyfriend and i can share ur luxurious life too LOL.
  6. i don't like smokers. but somehow, i personally think that the thin scent of ur cigar plus ur perfume can be really, er, interesting. hahahah.
  7. appearance is important, so does ur smell. say no to bad breath and say no to shabby appearance. a combination of simple shirt and shorts is the best for my viewing pleasure. wahahah. but, metrosexual is not my type.
  8. macho guys don't swear constantly. u can swear as much as u want when u're hanging out with ur guy friends, but avoid doing it so much when u're with ur girl.
  9. confidence really make u glow so walk and talk confidently.
  10. guys with intelligence and wide knowledge are the most wanted. but beware not to boast about ur intelligence with us. we need a wonderful brain to talk with over a cup of coffee (note that so much of unintellectual craps can be harmful hahah)
  11. guys who respect the elders will definitely get my respect.
  12. macho guys are not afraid to take ur relationship to the next level. there's no such thing as 'mereka kawin sebab gersang' when u're doing it much more with ur so-called girlfriend. yes, that makes u SO UNMACHO.
  13. i really have the hots of doctors, particularly surgeons. i think surgeons are hotstuff. hahahah.
  14. lastly, being the real u is the most important thing. be comfortable with urself and have fun hanging out with ur girl, listen to what she has to say and respond to her appropriately. that's already macho to me :)
okay that's about it. those are the things that i can think of for now. feel free to add more, there's really no harm in helping the guys to become macho wahahaha now i feel like writing an article for CLEO or maybe for some male magazines.

nah, this is some random thoughts of mine for today. wrote this for fun ;p not really a guide u can rely on hahahah. till then, daaa.


Anonymous said...

seswai ntuk cleo!tips and tricks laen ade???

IRA said...

er? tips and tricks ape tu? hahah

Amirah Zayanah said...

waaaa, input yang berguna ni :))

me said...

waaaaaaaaaa!!i like!!!
thumbs up!!!!
add:a macho man has to be brave enough to talk to my parents!hee;)

IRA said...

amirah: berguna for u? hahah ;p

me : so did he talk to ur parents? ;p