Wednesday, July 29, 2009

peau d' orange

we were discussing about breast lump in surgery class. u know, about breast cancer and stuffs. let me give u a free lesson here, cewah ;-

peau d' orange is basically a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. it means orange peel skin in French. when the skin overlying the breast looks like the skin of a navel orange, swollen and have hair follicles that give the appearance of numerous little dimples, it is called peau d' orange. u get the idea right? if u dont, go and google it urself, u'll get better explanation :)

during the discussion :-

md shah was presenting about the lymphatic drainage of the breast to the class (yes, anatomy will haunt u forever especially in surgery) and suddenly,

doctor : now tell me what is peau d' orange?
md shah : ohhh, peau d' orange is when the nipple turns into orange in color. ( menjawab dengan tahap confident yg tiada tandingan)

GOLEK GOLEK GOLEK. i can't even imagine! best lawak of the month! hahahahahahahaha

p/s : yes, md shah KMS laaaa who else!


slacker said...

wahhhahahahahahahhahahahahah ROFL! md shah ni mmg buat lwk antarabangsa lahhhhhhhh...

nipple kaler orange?!wth? seb baik dia x ckp perisa orange ke hape..


ape doc pny reaction weh??

IRA said...

doc terkejut wehhhhh! hahahhahahahah lawak gile kottttttttttttt

adia_anarris said...

omg md shah!!!!!!
sabar jek la...
btol2..naseb baek tak cakap jadi perisa oren...hahahhahadoi..

md shah md shah..

IRA said...

wahahaha aida..tu la kan..still boleh gelak golek golek ni haa bile cite balik wahahahahahahhahaha lawak terbaek!

c.for.coriander said...

Hahahahahahahahaha. I practically sputtered out my drink when I read this. funky gila(and somewhat kinky). orange nipples. hahaha. adoih.

IRA said...

hahahahahahah think md shah is innocent? think again ;p