Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the hairy talk

it's been awhile :) been dealing with lotsa things lately, minus studying lah. also, i've been having emotional and mental battle recently, thanks to those involved haha (u know exactly who u are) enough to bring down the toughest girl in town. eh eh. but it's okay, managed to pull myself together at last, now i can stand tough(tougher indeed) on my own 2 feet yeay!

i've so much to tell but too bad, much to filter also ;p so i might as well play it safe and keep my fingers away from typing it all out hehe. i can feel positive vibes coming! ;p

btw, i had my first ever hair cut in india. first ever! after 3 years, yes, this is the first time that i finally managed to gather all the courage to put my hair's fate in the hands of a manipur (an area in north east india) hairdresser! and the result is this ;

i'm loving itttt! :) thanks for not letting me down coz if the hair cut sucks, i swear that would be the first and last time and the only one time haircut i ever had in india. but it seems like i found my favourite salon already ;p zone bahaya nie.

truth is, i wanted to have a shorter boyish haircut soooo much, but no, raya is approaching and i don't wanna have a short hair in kebaya or kurung, plus my sister's reception is some time soon and again, i need my long hair for the ceremony. heheh ;p

and sheila had her first ever high-lighted streaks on her head! watching her getting her hair highlighted makes me go goyah! hahahah it was just a week ago when i decided to keep my hair in its black colour but errm, i might want to reconsider ;p

and i've a question, how do i have blackest black hair? u know, the healthy black hair. i don't think my black hair looks so healthy. if i find a solution on how to have a jet black hair (other than dyeing it black) and i might give it a shot! so, yes!

p/s : in case u're wondering, most hairdressers in india are those from the north east region of india. they're indian citizen, but they have fair skin and they look more like chinese/malay. ala, u get it kan? coz they're mostly from tibet jugak.


Anonymous said...

hari tu bkn kate tak bape suke ke mula2?opss!wahaha

IRA said...

memula tu kejap suke kejap tak suke..dah balik rumah baru suke bebetul heheh ;p sbb dh lame tak rmbut pendek kot!

Anonymous said...

Iraaa....where's my after look??!hahaha...klakar kot ngan aluminium foilnyer!!

IRA said...

ahahah sheila ke, didnt snap ur after look pic coz it was already late kan.. ;p takpe, semua orang dah nampak ur highlighted streaks ;p