Saturday, August 14, 2010

puzzles of life in INDIA

Agak jarang jugak la kan aku upload gambar in my blog. So the bosan. If we're still my camwhoring era, this blog is sure full of pictures heheheh. Too bad I'm done being a total camera bitch :) This holds true only when my girls are not around. Once they're around, I'll switch myself back to the old me teehee.

So, bits and pieces of life in India. Not a really interesting one. But hey, at least I have a life in India LOL.

These are pics taken during the futsal tournament some time back. Credit goes to Butet for the pictures. The futsal tournament was open for everyone, kaki bangku or not is not a problem as long as u can sepak, sepak angin also can. But I didn't join the tournament coz firstly, I suck at futsal teehee ;p and 2ndly, I was slowly recovering from my leg pain which was due to long term wearing of high heels. Take note girls!

But hey, I did lots of cheering! Never fail to be a damn supportive cheerleader so far ;p that's the only one thing I'm talented at in sports (is cheerleading considered as sports anyway? haha)

layan Izz kesasauan cheer for 'em girls ;p

hahah damn this pic looks as if I'm a coach.
Coach la sangat!

Supported both teams on both sides of the court(s)
Told you I'm a damn supportive cheerleader!

Just a random girls-day-out. We didn't usually snap pictures but I dunno la kan apa kena with us this particular day, caught up in vanity, all of us! Uh oh, Nadia was there too but she was the busiest person in the salon so she missed the snapping and all. Went for bowling also but think I told ya ppl already how sucky I am in bowling so yeah, loser of the day was me. Teehee. And thanks, I hurt my forearm for 2 freaking days sebab main bowling -_-"

Gambar kebanggaan Bazilah

Waiting for Nadia ;p

Parking at Mantri Square.
Jakun sebentar because they actually lift up
the car. Jimat space ;p

Going home
Before watching Eclipse with Ninot and Nadia. So long, long hair!

At Swensen's
And life as medical student. I was in Obstetric&Gynaecology posting previously. Well, I kinda assisted a delivery lah hari tu. Hahahah not exactly what you think lah, I didn't help the doc with the instrument and all, tapi macam I helped the docs to maintain the patient in a particular position that helps to ease the process of delivery. Sambil tu I siap support the patient "Muki amma mukiii, mukiii" Just so you know, 'muki' means 'push' in their language. Hahahaha rasa kelakar la plak. But it was a difficult delivery coz the baby was realllyyyy gemokkkk I tell youuuu! But finally the baby keluar la jugak after a very intense process of labor. And walaupun my help was rather insignificant to the docs, and even to the students, to me it was a wonderful experience! It really was :)

Excited about what I did to help the docs, I texted mom and told her everything. She said, she had a forcep delivery when she gave birth to me -_-" Meaning, I was this stubborn little baby who refused to come out from the birth canal, so stubborn that the docs had to use to forceps to take me out. Or maybe, I was this gemok little baby too. Yeah I did ask my mom about my birth weight, agak gemok la! Tapi, I thank my mom for this :) Seriously, each and every son/daughter should watch at least one delivery in your life time, you'll cherish your mom more and more. The sacrifice that a mother has to make for you to live on this earth is just so much you won't be able to pay back.

Btw, yeah, these are random pictures I snapped at the hospital :)

What I wanna be :)

These two girls are rival.
They compete for the next Sleeping Beauty award.
But I guess Denin is still on the lead hehe

And these 2 kids aka budak tak cukup umur sedang
main osom to determine which one of em has to present
the obstetric case to the doctor. LOL.

This is quite an old picture. Taken during our pediatric posting.
That little girl suffers from Neurocysticercosis.
Hope she's fine by now!

But she was too bubbly she sang the Indian National anthem to us ;p

This needs no introduction.
The 2 lazy ass students.

Haha how can I let myself be this selebet?!
Me with an Indian baby at Maternity ward.

So much for now. Daaaa!

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