Thursday, August 12, 2010


Where do I begin?

Finally, it's about time for little dinosour to fly back home, for good. He's half way done with his MBBS twinning programme. And that marks the end of his studying years in Manipal, India.

4 days from now, I'll be dealing with long distance relationship. True, we were already in long distance relationship as Manipal and Bangalore is 12 hours drive away from each other but it doesn't really feel like it coz the calling rate is still cheap, there's no time difference and he will come and visit me in Bangalore occasionally.

But this time, it's Malaysia-India relationship. Calling rate will be more. Time difference is there. He'll get busier and I'll get busier too. How do I deal with that? -_-"



Anonymous said...

Most important thing is Trust. Believe in each other. I think by now, U know him better than others so distance just nothing perhaps... Simply believe that he meant for U and no one can take that from U. Chaiyok2 Ira.. Be strong Girl...


IRA said...

anonymous, love it! :) thankss! distance is nothing, hope sooo!!

FG said...

saw you and Mr. Boyfriend just now at mantri..cuteee :)))

AzmiHamzah said...

I always keep it simple
- at least 5 calls/week
- not more than 20mins/call
- webcam chats once a month
- she's fly back to malaysia once in 2-3 months to meet me. Airasia skrang kan murah..

IRA said...

omg webcam chat once a month? i can die la like that seriously!