Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i once did the labelling thingy on my blog to assist you (and myself, of course) searching for my old blog posts but it didn't turn out fine until recently, finally, i succeeded in forcing myself to do the fixing ;p

so, the labels are on the left column of this blog. though it's still a bit messy here and there, it's a lot better than the previous one hehe. here goes ;

MYbrainISnotYOURS - is mainly posts about my own radical opinion. all are authentically my opinion/thoughts so it may/may not be controversial so read at your own risk (just like how i wrote it on my own risk teehee) don't bother to read if you're the type of person who can't seem to accept other ppl's opinion yea? it's an early warning.

experienceMAKESaPERSON - as the label suggests, all posts under this label mainly revolves around my own personal experience. could be my childhood experience, experience as a student yada yada.

GIRLfriends - is basically about me and my friends, our activities, camwhoring session. guy friends also included lah since i dun have that many close guy friends so i dun think it's necessary to create another specific label for guyfriends ;p

BABYbooSUK - teehee. go figure ;p

LOVEisAbitch - my own personal opinion about love and relationship =)

TRAVELogue - as the name suggests, this is where i note down the happy moment i had on my vacation. not really that many lah so dun expect much. no, i haven't been to bora-bora so let's just wait for another, say, 4-5 years? ;p (hint : honeymoon)

ROFL - rolling on floor laughing, well, at least for me haha.

belovedFAMILY - bout daddy, mummy, kak long, amir, aisyah, sarah, baby. all of em!

TIPSandTRICKS - random tips and tricks from me to you. dun expect a professional tips and tricks pls? ;p but no harm in giving urself a try either!

so yeah, we're done here! i'm done labelling!


Tuan Auz said...

wah iraaa

so cuteee ko nyer LABELLING tu.
Aku blur kot nk letak ape. letak je apa yg terlintas. bagusnye. nanti di masa depan aku nk wat cam ko gak nih la... (bile2 rajin~) hehehe =p

Babyboosuk tu ~ hahaha

IRA said...

hahaha mari mari label..snang sket aku nk bace post lame2..heheh