Friday, January 30, 2009

Dr. Zahirah Tarmizi

ahaha title nak mencapub je keje! i'm not yet a doctor la! but soon to be one, insyaAllah :D being a medical student, life is supposed to be busy. yes i repeat, supposed to be busy, somehow i managed to put aside some time for blogging la, shopping lagi, gayut, etc etc ish ish ish. the last minute attitude has gotten really attached to myself that no matter how hard i try to get rid of it, it will definitely find its way back home (me) hahahah okay okay cut the crap!

lately, i've been thinking a lot about what am i gonna be in the future. we,medical students, surely have our own goal in life. ade yang nak jadi general practitioner and bukak clinic sendiri and make lots of money out of it, ade yg nak further specialize to become a dermatologist, surgeon, cardiologist, neuro surgeon, gynaecologist, orthopaedic, pediatrician etc etc. and most of us, walaupun malas, we still think of becoming a specialist in the future.

speaking about future career, i wanted to specialize in O&G (obstetric and gynaecology, in india it is called OBG) since i finished my school years. and yeah, i still do! okay to those who are unfamiliar with medical terms, O&G is also known as pakar sakit puan. obstetric is anything related to pregnancy, labour and its complications while gynaecology is anything involving the female genital organs like ovarian cancer, cervical cancer or any infection to the vagina etc etc.

i still remember i was required to write an essay regarding my future career as a doctor during my interview for MARA scholarship, i wrote about me as a future gynaecologist :) if u ask me why i wanna be a gynae, my no 1 reason is because we really lack of female gynae/obstetrician in malaysia and i think it's part of my responsibility to increase the number of female gynae, though i can only increase the number by 1. hahah. i mean, siapa nak beranak with doctor laki? i dont! dahla i ramai gile member yg amek medic, nanti tak psl2 kene beranak dgn member sendiri, laki pulak tu! tanak kot? i believe if every pregnant woman is given the opportunity to choose her obstetrician, she will definitely choose a female doctor. next, O&G really is interesting! i am now in O&G posting (at Baptist Hospital) and i think O&G is super cool, especially the obstetric part of it. and dealing with pregnant woman simply makes me feel so motherly ahahaha ok ini poyo amat.

O&G isn't my only favourite. i so love neurology! neurology is anything involving the sistem saraf which includes the brain and the spinal cord, simplest example would be Parkinson disease. heard of neuro surgeon, or brain surgeon? sounds soooooo coooool kan? it's a high-status profession that's far beyond the reach of an average man/woman! not to mention, it is one of the most highly paid profession! aaahhh sgt nak jadiii! but to be one is obviously not easy! and of course, after 5 years of doing MBBS, u need to first take up surgery for maybe 3-4 years?(kot) then baru further specialized in neuro surgery which will require some more years of ur life. gilakah? now pun baru 2nd year of MBBS and i'm already 22, kalau nk tunggu jadi neuro surgeon, maybe when i reach 40 years old? erk, nnti tak sempat nk beranak dah menopouse camane??? hahahahaha tapi sgt best kot if i get to poke into somebody's brain and godek2 ohhh soooo cool! but the long course of study to become a neuro surgeon makes me think it's kinda impossible for me to become one. furthermore, neurology is surely really tough and i very much believe there are a lot more mysteries in human brain that has not yet discovered by human.

forensic too has its own place in my heart. i used to watch CSI a lot, maybe that's why. being a forensic person, u need to deal a lot with crime. say if u suspect a foul play in someone's death, it's the job of the forensic people to investigate the nature of death and to trace if there's any foul play. it's like solving a mathematical problem, but this is even more fun than that! hehe

there are a lot more to choose from but i stick to these 3 (gynae/obstetrician, neuro surgeon and forensic person) others too are interesting but i will never specialize in pathology and haematology cuz i never like to deal with microscope-it does a lot of harm to my eyes, and my brain cuz i get dizzy easily just by looking into the microscope! hahaha

i know, there's still a long long way for me to go and it's a little too early to decide which field i want to specialize in later in the future, but there's really nothing wrong to dream but mind u, i'm not dreaming for nothing. i really look forward to become one, especially my 1st choice, to become a gynaecologist/obstetrician. amin. amin. amin. :)

during O&G posting - me and Am

Monday, January 26, 2009

ini acara mencapub

baz, ira and nana

happy republic day, INDIA

dari bukan warganegara india yang semangat
patriotiknya setanding dengan warganegara india
*lihat saja saree kami!*


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kene tindih ke? ke mimpi? haha

it's monday. it's republic day of india. and it's holiday today.

ptg tadi tido sebab pening. and pening tu adelah secondary kepada lapar. tak tau la orang lain camane, tapi kalau aku lapar aku akan pening dengan serta merta. tapi bahan utk memasak tkde. setakat bole buat sandwich jer yg tak berape mengenyangkan. so utk tidak berasa lapar and tension sebab lapar tapi takde bende nak makan, so aku memutuskan untuk tido di petang hari. tade la ptg sgt pon around 3 camtu. yeay! mase yg diidam2kan untuk tido!

kononnye nak bangun kol 4. tapi biase la terlajak sket. actually still confuse. aku mimpi or btul2 jadi? camni, time tu terjage cuz i saw somebody pakai baju hitam baring beside me. time tu igtkan any of my housemates ke, or sesape la my friends yg mmg suke menyentil kat bilik aku ni. so bile dh nampak, rase nak turn badan la kan sbb nak tau sape tu and cam nak bangun kot sebab dh lame gile aku bantai tido. tapi tak bole. mata dh bukak. but i couldn't move my body. tak bole turn. and tak bole cakap. and rase pening gile. and short of breath.

i cant recall berape lame lepas tu baru i really terjage and btul2 bole gerakkan badan. cis. apekah? takde sape plak baring seblah aku. roommate aku pun takde kat bilik. bangun2 jer aku pening gile2 and sedikit sesak nafas. tapi still tertanye2, aku mimpi or btul2? confuse kot.

ha, yg korang slalu sebut2 kene tindih tu camni ker? aku tak pnah ade experience kene tindih dari skola asrama smpai masuk kolej sampai kat india. so i don't know. just penah dengar2 cerita jer. tadi nak kate cuak, tade la plak maybe sebab petang kot. er, bukan orang slalu kene tindih malam2 ker? tadi petang kot? siap bukak lampu lagi. hahaha lawak apekah. die salah timing kot. hahaha

oh maybe sleep paralysis kot? pnah dengar tak? it's like, kite dh bangun tido, but our brain tak sempat nak bagitau the body yg kite dh bangun tido so our muscles are still in the state of atonia. still tak ready utk bergerak. kire cam lagging la. cane ek? tak reti la nak explain tapi lebih kurang camtu la. tapi tak pnah2 plak rase camtu before this. cis.

ok la, dah maghrib ni. tu dia pengalaman pelik hari ini. still confuse mimpi ke tak sebnanye. tapi rase cam tak. tapi tah tak tau la. hahah korang pnah kene camni? mesti ramai yg pnah kan! ha, lepas ni kalau orang tanye aku pnah kene ke tak, bole la aku ckp pnah! before dis asik dengar cite orang je, skang korang plak dengar cite aku! hahah

Friday, January 23, 2009

incredible india II

i was certainly mad at the pakcik auto for taking us to the flyover instead of airport! and for a minute or 2, i was cursing him in english, and he replied in his own mother tongue! obviously it was a waste of energy because neither me nor him understand whatever we were saying. after long cursing and arguing, we then decided to hop into another auto and went straight to the airport. yeah,finally. it was indeed a long long night!

the view of the city isn't that bad either. other than mass of rubbish and trash by the street, u can always get a clear view of some guys peeing by the street, most of the time, facing the wall. they won't be hiding behind the bushes, or rarely in a secluded place. instead, they do their business openly that u can obviously see the wall becoming wet and the velocity of the u-know-what and the smell that causes nausea and, and, and (okay too much of details, i better stop describing!) i see that everyday! im sure most of the girls in malaysia haven't seen any of that before hahahaa. consider me lucky! *yucks muntah*

and tell me how can i not be rude living in a place where people never keep their promises. u see, when an indian says 2 minutes, that means 2 hours. and when they say tomorrow, that means next week. and tell u what, i have no doubt in cursing and arguing with these people in public because they truly deserve one. last year, during the hassle of buying flight tickets to malaysia, i called MAS office in bangalore, asking the flight fees etc etc. that lady at the other end of the line said that if we come to MAS office that very day, we'll be able to get this much of flight fees and so, me baz and izwan rushed to the MAS office by auto. and when we reached there, the lady at the counter said they don't issue flight tickets in the office. WTF? we explained to her that we've already made a call beforehand and that the previous lady said this and that but she didn't believe us. she said we probably had call the wrong number. to prove otherwise, baz called the number immediately and we all heard the ringing sound. we all rushed to the back of the MAS office to see who was answering the phone call. and yes, we saw a lady answering the call.

"did u say that they can buy the flight tickets here and that the flight fees is this much?" the lady from the counter asked the lady who answered the call.

"no i did not", the operator lady replied.

"are u on the phone? some malaysian students called u?" the counter lady asked her

"no i'm not on the phone", that bloody lady said

"u say hello now! say now!" baz was about to lose her temper.

and finally she said hello reluctantly and her voice was overheard through baz's handphone. how can she said that she wasn't on the phone? and that she had not receive any call from us? and she denied saying those bloody things to us? what a total scum!

baz and me couldn't control our anger anymore. i was so totally angry that i blurted out every single dirty words that i have in my vocabulary. it was a total waste of time, money and energy. and that bloody operator was responsible for that. i regret for not letting her taste my powerful kick in the ass *at least powerful enough to kick another person of the same gender*

and that was not the only incident where u can find me turning into a rude person. many times indeed. with the bank manager in vijaya bank, with pakcik samsung, with pakcik auto *many many times indeed* , with the waiters in quite a number of restaurants and the list goes on and on. in fact, i was about to lose my temper to a waiter in a restaurant when my family came over. my parents advised me to be careful with my words and the way i deal with the local indian people because they are worried if i get caught in any serious trouble afterwards. but after 1 week of staying in india, my dad finally said this ;

"tak larat la abah nak deal ngan orang india ni. cakap banyak kali pun tak buat2. intan** je la pegi ckp ngan diorang. abah malas dah, patutla intan garang gile ngan diorang", seeeeee! even my dad can't take it anymore. i'm not rude for nothing. haih.

life is tough when u're staying away from the family, especially when u're in another country. honestly, this is my real first time of staying so faraway from family but thank god, i managed to go through this, though i constantly get annoyed and angry with the local people.

but experience makes a person :) He has his reasons for sending me here, i believe in that. actually there's a lot more to share, but maybe i stop here. who wants to know that much about india anyway? hahahaha. see ya!

**intan is my nickname at home.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

incredible india

india. it had never crossed my mind that i would end up studying medicine in india though it has been accepted globally that india is a good place to study medicine. but life never fail to come out with lots of surprises right? and here's the surprise i got 4 years back - when i was offered to further my study in my field of choice, surprisingly, in india.

before i can proceed any further, i had to practically undergo 2 years of endless pressure by doing international baccalaureate in kolej mara seremban. and yeay, did that done that. and my journey in medical field started in september 2007, and the journey is even tougher, not because it's medicine, but because it's in india.

india has a lot of surprises. that's why they call it incredible india. i reached bangalore on one fine night and mind you, the airport was nothing like klia *thank god bangalore has a new airport now* and that night when we were brought to our apartment, i remember i was terrified with the traffic. indian drivers are mad. they love speeding and honking. even when they know that they have to stop for a traffic light or whatsoever *obviously they have to stop and just wait la kan* still, they just love the art of honking. it was rather annoying and irritating at first because whenever i was crossing the road, the car from 1 kilometre away will start honking like shit. and for that, i will start screaming and running, for my life. u see, i have this phobia in road-crossing because i was nearly crashed by a car when i was 7 and a bus when i was 10, and a motorcycle last year, in india itself! *okay that will be another chapter!* damn u driver! but i am now very much immuned to this sound pollution. u can honk me as much as u want, i couldn't be bothered anymore. *kdg2 still heart attack la tapi*

done with the traffic. moving on with the language. as we know, india is an over-populated country. and most people from the low-class and some from the mid-class social status are not well versed in english. and the options were to use sign language or to learn their language. to learn their language is obviously not an easy task. u'll definitely hurt the muscles of your tongue. and so, sign language was the only one left. even sign language can cause lots of contradictions that leads to frustration. really. there was this one night when me and izz had to go to the airport, we decided to take an auto *auto is autorickshaw, a.k.a tut-tut* the auto driver didn't even know what is airport. and so we struggled to explain what is airport by using hand gesture.

"flight! aeroplane!", with hand gesture showing as though the plane is landing (ceh dan dan pdhal sendiri buat sendiri je yg paham) i was hoping that those 2 words accompanied with very vague sign language of ours give him a clue of where we wanted to go.

and after some time he was like,

"ohhhh! fly? flight? yes yes come"

totally relieved that he finally get the point. and so we made ourselves comfortable *la sangat* in that auto and headed to the airport. about 20 minutes later, he stopped.

"100 rupees!", he said *i cant remember the exact amount actly*

"where's the airport? where? "

he managed to pull muka pelik.

"airport where? airplane? flight? where? " i continued asking.

"oh fly? flyyy!" and he pointed out to the fly-over.


>> to be continued.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

sorry for the delay!

riena, i tak menyepi la hehehe sorry i know u dh tagged i lame dah tp baru nk buat nih. u tagged me 3 times and i'm thinking of doing all 3 tp since 1 tag tu kene upload pics byk2, i buat tu nanti eh cuz now cam tak sempat. hehehe :D


7 Ciri Lelaki Idaman Saya

- handsome comel good looking hot cute macho dan yg sewaktu dengannya.

- sweet and hopeless romantic hahahah okay sile gelak.

- athletic and tak malas bersukan mcm saye

- smart intelligent dan yang sewaktu dengannya

- ade pegangan agama yg kuat (at least kuat dari saye la heeee)

- someone who can make me laugh out loud and listen to my silly stories and never underestimate me

- sabar loyal and believe in me

7 Lelaki yang pernah saya minati

omg perluke jawa
b? hahahahah soalan ni cacat ok.
- azar syazwan

- azar syazwan

- azar syazwan
- azar syazwan
- azar syazwan

- azar syazwan
- chuck bass in gossip girl. (awak jgn jealous ye!)

7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati

- tak lalu makan n rasa kenyang sentiasa sbb over excited kot?

- usually akan set alarm awal2 untuk bgn awal and bersiap awal gile smpai make up cair seblum kluar rumah. ok sile gelak.
- rase nak senyum sampai esok pagi sbb happy
- heart rate pasti naik sebab excited

- sesi mencuba2 baju akan berlangsung dengan galaknya
- no idea
- no idea

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang

- bora bora island and any beaches. i have this great admiration towards beaches. bukak lagu island in the sun lepas tu bole slow dance. sgt sukaaa! - honeymoon part 1

- italy - honeymoon part 2

- dinner on a cruise :D
- kampung yang bebetul kampung. ade sawah dusun sungai dan yg sewaktu dengannye. i never really had a real kampung and i've no experienc
e living in kampung. mcm seronok je just lepak2 dekat kampung. yes i wanna go there with my special one.
- tree house. been wanting this since i was a little kid. comel kan ade rumah atas pokok utk lepak2. mahuuu!

- no idea. i wanna go anywhere and everywhere with my loved one.

7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang
kalau saye kaye raye, saye bagi je semua yg die nak. stakat ni tak mampu yg grand2 so rasenye malas nk list down.

7 Lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang

- hey there delilah by plain white t's (lagu ni sgt sesuai ok)

- baby love by nicole ape tah name dia

- u make me wanna by blue

- for u i will by teddy geiger

- i wanna be with u by mandy moore

- with you by jess simpson

- with you by chris brown


1. Take a recent CUTE photo of yourself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that photo.
4. Post this instructions with the photo.
5. Tag 10 people to do this.

this picture is taken around 2-3 weeks back. but this is the latest pic of me, apart from pics of me and my family in delhi and taj mahal(which i've already posted) i was wearing my boyfriend's basketball jersey :) and yeay, as u can see, that's my name and 69 means 6th september :D

so i'm going to tag :-
- acap
- lutfi
- sho
- hafiz akagi
- mighty jacksparrow

(saje tag the boys hahaha padan muke korang! sila buat! and jgn la plak list lelaki idaman korang k..nak buat aksi gay sile kaver2..tuka la lelaki jadi pompuan kot ;p selamat maju jaya!)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

my perfume and my study

femme by hugo boss. my dearie got me this some time last year and i've been using this perfume ever since. and now this perfume of mine is about to finish. i was thinking of getting myself a new bottle of this. but not until i found out that hugo boss is another israeli product. *damn* i am definitely not gonna buy this. that's the least that i can do to help isn't it? i'm not gonna die if i don't buy this perfume for myself, but if i buy this perfume, that means i'm helping the israelis to kill the muslim population in palestine. i'm not that mean. i'm not sure if we help much by not buying the israeli products, but we're not in the position to give a big help either. well sometimes, little things that we do means a lot to someone else. we'll never know and there's no harm in doing so anyway. so why not?

oh btw, i have a date with myself tomorrow. yeay shopping date! the top list is surely to find a brand new perfume! errr, i know, i got class tomorrow(hello, tomorrow is monday for god's sake!) should be concentrating more on study, not anything unnecessary. but i can't help being myself. honestly, it's been 4 months since i entered my 2nd year of MBBS but seriously serious, i don't know what i've actually learnt for the past 4 months. scary isn't it? but what's scarier is that i'm not scared at all. get what i mean? hahah forget it if u don't. if you ask me anything about pharmacology or microbiology, i'll give u craps. i'm all interested in forensic medicine and clinical subjects. pharmacology and microbiology can kiss my ass! who wants to deal with drugs and minute organisms?! i don't want. well, sape suruh kau amek medic kalau tanak blaja pharmaco and microb, baik kau pegi menternak kambing. yes, please tell me that, i deserve that. hahahah.

and last week, i had a class on pathology study case. i did not study at all. not even a line in pathology book that i've read before attending the class. and yeay, i managed to make myself look like a total fool when my lecturer asked me questions. twice. yeay people, twice. but today, i'm still me. no progress in my study at all. erk.

fine, nak bukak buku la ni. *blueeekkkk!!*

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

whatever la mangkok

malam ini dingin
sedingin hatiku sayu
makin layu

ucapmu itu
aku terhiris
aku lagi terguris
tak tertahan ku merintih menangis

ku tahu kau tahu
mekar kasihku masih untukmu
rinduku tiada pernah tercemar
kau rasa dalam samar

doamu terkirim buatku
bahagiaku ukir senyuman dibibirmu
lalu kau terbang hilang
aku terkaku tak terhalang

aku sakit
hati tertusuk
jiwa tercarik
aku merintih

pergimu abadi
namun kau kunanti
1000 tahun aku tak peduli
kau tetap di hati.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the most powerful weapon

serious boleh nangis tengok semua video2 ni.
bole search some more in youtube.
we can't do much at the moment.
tapi kalau dpt doa untuk diorang pun dah cukup bagus.
sebab doa is the most powerful weapon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

happy birthday nadia ismail.

ini kawan baik saya! nama dia nadia ismail. panggil saja dia nad. kami ditakdirkan bertemu pada tahun 2003 di sekolah menengah sains seri puteri. kami ditempatkan di kelas yang sama iaitu 4 cattleya (cattleya tu sejenis orkid)

di awal perkenalan kami, saya hanya kenal dia sebagai salah seorang budak sekelas saya saja. tak lebih dari itu. masa tu saya tak pula teringin nak tegur dia and berkawan baik dengan dia sebab dia sangatlah selekeh lagi selebet pakai tudung pun senget benget. selain dari itu, dia juga mempunyai suara yang sangat annoying, yang macam suara doraemon tu. ha, annoying kan? dia juga seorang yang teramatlah pandai dan selalu jadi top student. maka dengan itu, seganlah saya nak berkawan dengan orang yang pandai lagi selekeh macam nadia ismail ni.

kalau diminta recall bila the exact time saya mula rapat dengan nad, i seriously can't recall. tapi selepas kelas2 tingkatan 4 were reshuffled, saya dan nad duduk next to each other. mungkin dari situ kot kami mula rapat. mungkinlah. any idea nad? bila dah rapat, barulah saya tau the real nad. seorang yang fun, gila-gila, sangat carefree dan juga agak spoilt. saya masih ingat nad pernah menangis macam orang gila sebab kami kena mop dorm. cacat kan? walaupun begitu, dia sangat mementingkan pelajaran dan kami pernah berjanji untuk terjun bangunan kalau tak dapat 10A1 dalam SPM. almost everyday kami berjanji begitu dengan muka yang serius lagi bersungguh-sungguh. ingat tak nad? tapi bila result SPM keluar, masing2 pun lupa janji kita dulu2 tu. ni semua salah EST kan nad? ok itu valid untuk nad sahaja.

masa tingkatan 5, kami memang rapat gila. masa tingkatan 5 juga, kami berdua sangat dibenci oleh reban(nama lain bagi warden2 kami) oh kalau nak cerita tentang kisah unggul reban dan kami, it will be another long story. tapi banyak perkara yang kami tempuhi bersama2. to make it short, saya sangat bersyukur lagi beruntung mempunyai kawan seselebet dan secaring nad. time di sekolah dulu, bila saja saya down tertonggeng tak kesah la pasal pelajaran atau perangai reban yang annoying, dia mesti ada untuk menceriakan hari2 saya di sekolah. terima kasih nad!

and pada hari ini, iaitu 13 january 2009, nad akan menyambut hari jadinya yang ke-22, walaupun dia sebenarnya dilahirkan tidak cukup bulan. kan nad? happy birthday nad! walaupun kau jauh di mata, tapi kau tetap dekat di hati! :D bagus juga kita berjauhan, tak perlu lah aku carikan birthday present untuk kau hahahahahaa. love u bitch! and happy 22nd birthday once again! omg 22 is a big number! damn, we're growing too fast kotttt? hope u have a blast on ur buftday!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

intelligent brain or sensitive heart?

i'm not really in the mood of writing lately. i find myself becoming a little too complicated at times. and that's because my heart and my brain doesn't sync well. totally out of sync. no harmony at all. my heart wants something the brain doesn't approve and the brain tells me to do things that my heart refuses to. complicated isn't it?

i believe this thing happens all the time. and apparently, the one that suffers is me. i hate decision making when it comes to this complicated junction. which one should i trust more? and sometimes, i do prefer a dead end rather than guessing which route is better taken. and most of the time, either route will still cause a little, if not much, harm to my heart. and i bloody hate it.

after almost 22 years of living on this earth, i've encountered much of this complicated junctions in life before. and being me, i usually succumb to my emotional needs. but i did a few times, followed mr. brain. and i personally think that the brain is more reliable than the heart when it comes to decision making. but ironically, though the brain is more reliable, it does however, causes emotional abuse to oneself when decision is made by the brain, especially when the heart doesn't agree with mr. brain.

this confusion is endless. it gets tougher when the heart exerts a really strong feeling and the brain is so precise that it analyzes every single details.

oh dear brain, oh dear heart,
don't you wanna be bestfriends?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

when silence speaks.

i feel so pathetic now.
i spent 1 whole week with myself and only myself.
initial plan was to go to manipal.
and spend some time with my bf.
but i can't be selfish.
his exam is coming up next week.
and if i'm around,
his attention will definitely be on me.
and i can't do that to him.
i'm sorry dear.
i might sound like i've broken my promise to u.
but believe me,
i only want the best for u.

and this whole 1 week isn't fun for me too.
i did absolutely nothing.
i spent most of my time sleeping, surfing the net, ym-ing and watching some movies and series.
and a little bit of cooking.
and i never stop munching my new stock of chocolates.
i even went out to the town all by myself.
purposely shopped for some stuff just to make myself a little happier.
oh happier?

i would definitely be happier if,
i have some happy people around me.
i have someone to talk to.
and i have someone who cares.

someone who cares is really one in a million.


u know i need u. :(
yes you, azar syazwan.

too many people around me but i still feel alone.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i'm such a cry baby. benci.

saya malu betul dengan diri sendiri. tak lama lagi, i'll be turning 22 (argh semakin meningkat dewasa, sangat tak sesuai dengan saya yang masih comel ini-hahah muntah!) tapi saya still menangis bagai nak rak setiap kali berpisah dengan keluarga. sebenarnya sangat benci bila nak berpisah dengan family. selalunya, mak dan abah relax je, they never get emotional bila hantar saya pulang ke india. malu tak? mak abah sendiri pon tak sedih hantar anak dia balik india tapi saya pulak yang lebih2 tersedu-sedan. hahahah. malu gila. kadang2 tu, mak siap ckp "ish ape nangis2 ni, malu la" sambil gelakkan saya. pastu abah pun join mak utk gelakkan saya. ye, sila gelakkan saya ramai2. hisshhh tension tau bila mak ckp macam tuuu, orang tgh nangis ni bukan nak pujuk, lagi nak malukan anak sendiri ade lah. sila sabar ye ira. nak buat mcmane kau ade mak and abah yang kental kan.

bukan tak cuba mengkentalkan diri utk tidak menangis bila berpisah dengan family. dah cuba. sedaya upaya juga ada. tapi mesti nangis juga. kenapakah? nanti mesti pakcik2 guard yang jaga gate2 dkt airport tu tanya, kenapa awak ni? ada orang kacau awak ke? ye ini tak tipu. baru2 ni masa kat delhi airport pun begitu. pakcik guard yang jaga check-in gate at the airport tanya saya, apa kena nangis2 ni (of course la in english kan) pastu tanpa fikir panjang saya jawab "oh my family has to go back home and now i'm so sad" and pakcik tu dengan berjayanya buat muka kesian and let me in. 2 minit kemudian baru tersedar, jawapan tadi tu sgt pathetic and memalukan. ye, sangat malu dengan diri sendiri, malu jugak dengan pakcik guard yang jaga gate airport tu.

masa dalam flight pun sama. emo tak habis2. saya pulak gatal2 pergi tengok gambar2 dalam camera. gambar di bangalore, gambar di delhi and taj mahal. semua muka happy. i mean, sangat happy. pose bongok2 pun banyak. sambil tengok gambar2 tu, saya tergelak2 sambil air mata terjurai2. gila emotional tak? nasib baik flight tu kosong. 2 kerusi sebelah saya pun kosong. ok nasib baik. kalau tak mesti kena interview lagi. 10 minit lepas tu, mula pening sebab nangis banyak sangat. memandangkan 2 kerusi kat sebelah kosong, jadi apa salahnya kita gunakan space yang ada. betul tak?

apa lagi, tidur baring la.

and ternyata, tidur sangat menenangkan jiwa. selepas bangun tidur tiada lagi drama menangis lakonan diri sendiri. tapi pasti bersambung di masa akan datang. argh, benci diri sendiri.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Taj Mahal, the monument of love <3

note the inlay work of art - taj mahal
finally dear, taj mahal is here. i visited the famous taj mahal on 31st of december 08, the last day of the year. taj mahal really does wonders to me. i'm not trying to exaggerate things but really, taj mahal has mesmerized me with its bewitching beauty! it is simply fascinating. so what makes taj mahal one of the seven wonders of the world? if u ask me, i would say, the combination of its great architecture and the love story that lies within taj mahal makes it stand as the wonder of the world.

i super love mummy :)
let's start off with some basic facts of taj mahal. as told by my tourist guide, taj mahal was built by Shah Jahan (the 5th Mughal emperor) in 1631 and it was completed 22 years later. Taj mahal was built in memory of his 3rd wife, Mumtaz Mahal. yes, he had 3 wives altogether and Mumtaz Mahal was his favourite (biase la kot, kate bini muda kan? ;p) Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child and during her last moments, Shah Jahan promised to build a love monument as a tribute to his beloved wife. and so, taj mahal is the monument in which the tomb of Mumtaz is placed.

love it when we get together
taj mahal was entirely built by white marble with inlay works of semi-precious and precious stones. in a glance, people might think the decorations on the wall of taj mahal was painted to give its colours, but the truth is, they are the semi-precious and precious stones that give out the colours of the decorations. no wonder taj mahal took 22 years to complete. it was a wonderful work of art, truly magnificent.

my 3 annoying but adorable sisters - agra fort
opposite taj mahal is Yamuna River. it is believed that on the other side of the river, black taj was to be built there. now what the hell is black taj kan? i'm sure most of us have not heard anything about black taj. black taj is another monument that resembles Taj Mahal, this time for Shah Jahan. instead of using white marble, black taj was made up by black marble and so its name. however, the mausoleum failed to be completed because Shah Jahan was then toppled by his own son, Aurangzeb.

picking up taj mahal?
since Shah Jahan's attempt of building his own mausoleum (black taj) failed, he was then buried next to his wife's tomb in taj mahal which is already centrally placed, by his son Aurangzeb. that explains the asymmetric nature inside the taj mahal. the position of his tomb is such that it looks a little offset from the center. meaning, both tombs are now placed in taj mahal.

the jewellery shop in agra. bye bye money.
now about the mutilation myth of the craftsmen that involved in the construction of taj mahal. it is famously believed that Shah Jahan got the hands of all his craftsmen cut off and mutilated so that they can never build any other monument as beautiful as taj mahal. gila kan? again, this is what the tourist guide told me.

very foggy and very cold - morning hours in taj mahal
i wrote enough about taj mahal. from the basic facts till the myths about taj mahal, maybe i left out some other facts. well, i can't managed to remember every single fact because my attention was more on seeing taj mahal rather than digesting everything that has been told by my tourist guide. but still, i never knew such details about the story behind taj mahal. i must say that the story really is interesting. mumtaz mahal sure was lucky to have someone who loves her entirely!

taj mahal the love monument, i want one!!
after visiting taj mahal, my tourist guide brought us all to this one marble shop. they make souvenirs like plates, frames etc etc from marbles with inlay work of various stones. yeah, just like what we've seen in taj mahal. they even make tables etc etc from that. the price? u dun wanna know. mahal gile. and they said the craftsmen who made all the souvenirs are the descendants of those in past(those who constructed taj mahal) we stucked in there for hours, and my mom bought quite a number of things. bravo again. my dad? he was praying hard that my mom doesn't get into anymore shops after this. hahahah.

at the agra fort, the ancient palace
done with shopping, we headed to agra fort. agra fort is an ancient palace in which the great Mughal emperors used to lived (Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan and his son, Aurangzeb) the fort was extremely huge and i must say, it looks really strong too! lots of things i can tell about this fort, but without the right pictures to accompany my story, i'm sure it'll be a boring one. so let's just skip the details of this fort. just one really interesting thing to be highlighted is ; there's a tower with marble balcony in this fort, where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son. the tower has a clear and excellent view of taj mahal. according to history, Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son because his son did not agree with his father's act of using public money to build taj mahal and also black taj. initially, i thought Aurangzeb was being mean and cruel for prisoning his own father, but as a king that follows islamic law, i now think that Aurangzeb did the right thing. moreover, considering the nice tower that overlook taj mahal, the punishment doesn't seem that harsh anyway. it was more like a house-arrest, rather than being in the prison.

side view of taj mahal

finally baby, had our lunch in the nearby muslim restaurant. its mutton and chicken biryani was the best best best i ever had! rasa nak order another plate but the price was ridiculously expensive so abaikan. the video below is captured in that restaurant, these 2 performers gave a welcome and goodbye performance as the customers walk past the restaurant. yeah, u can see me and my sisters joined the dancing. hahahha. next, i thought we were going straight back to delhi but nope, got stucked in jewellery shop. hahaahahaha. i can't believe my mother turned into such a shopaholic during her stay in india. oh yes kerugian besar di situ. luckily, my dad refused to get into this carpet shop in agra, but not in delhi, they finally bought a carpet in delhi! hahahahaha. and sila imagine, angkut carpet bawak masuk flight. ye, sila imagine.

i hope u gain something from this entry. more pictures are available in my facebook. i've shared almost everything that i know about taj mahal. overall, my visit to taj mahal is gonna be a memorable one because i've never seen any building as beautiful as taj mahal. and i do believe there's something very mystical about taj mahal ahahaha yes i may sound ridiculous now but i dun care. seeing taj mahal from afar is like seeing another world full of fairy tales, take my words! oh am so gonna miss this monument of love. now, enjoy this video :)

rajashtan dance

Sunday, January 4, 2009

day 3/4 : the journey to delhi and agra

as promised, i shall now continue writing about my journey to delhi and agra. on day 3, i woke up as early as 3 am only to make sure that i leave my apartment clean and tidy, and of course, to avoid congestion in the bathroom. by 4 am, we headed to bangalore international airport.
arrived in bangalore airport about an hour later. checked in. and we were then informed that our flight to delhi was delayed due to bad weather! argh, we sacrificed our precious sleeping hours for this? haih. thankfully it was delayed for only 1 hour, nothing more than that.

5 am in bangalore airport
the estimated time to get to delhi from bangalore is approximately 2 and a half hours. and yes, after that particular duration of time, we finally reached delhi. and now, another problem came in picture. it's true that the aircraft had already reached delhi on time, but the plane cannot possibly land on the ground because the airport runaway was congested with many other aircrafts. this was all due to the very dense fog attack in most parts of north india. and for this, the plane i was in had to bear the holding time of nearly 2 hours. can u imagine that? meaning, the plane was wandering in the sky for nothing but to wait for its turn to land. yeah, everyone in the plane was getting restless, especially the babies and the older people.

getting restless
within the 2 hours of wandering in the sky for nothing, of course, i can't help myself from worrying about ridiculous things like ; what if the tank run out of fuel, or the sky is heavily congested with other wandering aircrafts and for that, there will be some kind of airplane crash. and mind you, i was not the only one worried about this unnecessary things, my brother too had a scary vision of the worst thing that can happen during that time. thankfully, our plane finally had the green light to land on the ground. otherwise, we would have landed on ahmedabad as other alternative (that was what the captain told us)

i super love abah!
think the misery was over? not just yet. after we safely landed on the ground, we had to wait for another 1 hour and 45 minutes before we were able to disembark. according to the captain again, the parking bay was again, heavily congested with many other aircrafts so we have to patiently wait for our turn to come. oh yes, the situation was getting tense as everyone can't afford to waste any more of their time staying in that aircraft.

somewhere before we reached agra
after 1 hour and 45 minutes, finally, we were allowed to disembark. it was about 2 pm when we got to step our foot on delhi. we were 5 hours behind the scheduled time. how bad is that? and delhi was unexpectedly cold! the temperature was around 5 - 8 degrees. and we were not fully prepared with appropriate clothing! after this, u'll see most of us recycling our sweaters. haih. the hotel guy waited for us at the arrival hall and we went straight to the hotel. we were physically and mentally exhausted that day so we spent the whole day taking a good rest.

what sistes do best, camwhoring
the next morning, we left delhi to agra as early as 7 am. to those who are unfamiliar with the places in india, agra is the place where people from all walks of life come to visit taj mahal. it is 5 hours drive from delhi. on our way to agra, i came across these 2 young beggars. they made a simple performance and expected us to give them some money. poor children. but believe me, these 2 kids have greenish eyes, sgt comel ok! and i managed to capture a video of these 2 kids begging on the road. yg kecik tu very2 adorable.

the siblings minus baby
we finally reached agra somwhere in the afternoon. we decided to go to taj mahal the next day because it is always advisable to visit taj mahal during the morning hours. and so, we have to wait for the next morning to see one of the seven wonders of the world.

tell me, do we look alike?

am not gonna write about taj mahal now :p yepp, will write about it in the next post. that's why u have to keep reading! :D till then, toodles!

p/s : the bad weather/dense fog causes 100+ delays in delhi airport the next day, and even the train scheduled was interrupted. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat buat kami.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

what does 2008 means to you?

maybe i'm a little too late to wish happy new year, but happy new year anyway. i didn't celebrate the new year. instead, i was sleeping happily in my hotel room coz i was too tired and sleepy to even open my eyes. yeah, travelling really is exhausting.

but i am welcoming 2009. i'm not gonna make another list of never-will-be-fulfilled new year resolutions. i dun see any relevance in that because if we really wanna change, if we really want something, there's no need to wait for the 1st day of the year to make a change. but different people look at things differently, so there's no need to argue anyway :)

btw, 2008 is over. so what does 2008 means to you? to me, 2008 is not really a significant year of my life though it is the year that taught me a lot about being a grown-up. there are not much of major events that took place in 2008, as far as i remember. however, there are some to be cherished, and to be remembered ;

1. car accident in klang (otw to meru) - 3rd january 2008

sile gelakkan saya. hahahh. this was my first ever car accident, after a few years of holding a full driving license (not that bad la kan? ;p) the accident took place just before the toll to meru. this is all due to my attempt to find a shortcut to my house and to skip the toll. i was kinda lost because i usually follow another route, just when i was wandering around, my mind gave a sudden impulse to make a u-turn just before the toll and unfortunate for me, the speeding lorry behind my car made an emergency brake and finally hit my car. i thought i was gonna die! i had a major tremors as soon as my car was crashed by the lorry. and the lorry was terbalik sideways ( i hope u can imagine) but thank god the driver was still alive. and of course, my car was badly damaged - cermin blakang pecah, roof kemek, blakang mmg kemek hancur, pintu takleh bukak etc etc - and i bear all the cost of damage. thanks to duit MARA. hahahha. all in all, it was a 'wonderful' experience.

2. my birthday with my dearie

lucky for me, my boyf was there to celebrate my 21st birthday together with me. he rent a car and took me out for dinner on my birthday night. then, we spent the rest of the night looking at the stars from the rooftop :) presents? he got me a dress, a limited edition body butter by body shop, a cute keychain and a watch by guess. thanks dear :)

3. mumbai trip

this was a really adventurous one. there were 4 of us, me, nana, baz and sanjay. we went to mumbai by train which took us nearly 23 hours and back to bangalore, still by train. a total sum of 46 hours in train, cool enough? we went there all on our own, no tourist guide no nothing :) and still, we had the best time of our life in mumbai. we met lots of interesting people ; jamie the mexican guy and nilesh the orthopaedic specialist whom we hang out with for the whole 2 weeks in mumbai.

4. the mystical taj mahal

on the last day of the year, 31st december. more about it in the upcoming posts :)

other things happened to me in 2008 are tiny little things which you dun wanna know. all in all, i hope 2009 brings more surprises and happiness to me, and to all of us. happy new year to all once again :)

day 2 : shopping + baby's leaving :(

very very late update! i know! i just got back from delhi last nite. taj mahal was fascinating, mesmerizing, mystical, beautiful and wonderful. just like what we usually see in fairy tale. okay, that's all about taj mahal, i'm gonna write more about taj mahal when the pictures are ready to be uploaded :D

day 2 has nothing really interesting to be highlighted. just a continuation of day 1, yes, shopping. the girls shopped for earrings, bangles, indian skirts etc etc. my mom bought skirts for herself and also her friends. yeah, they're still very young at heart hahah. however, my mom prefers commercial street. she finds MG road a little too boring, maybe because MG road is packed with branded outlets which can easily be found in malaysia.

at the end of the day, my baby has to go home :( sad sad. after having dinner at my apartment, he had to make a move, to catch up with the bus to manipal. hmmpphhh. and all of us went to bed early because we need to go to the airport as early as 4 am in the morning the next day.

these are some of the pictures of day 2. enjoy!

in front of my apartment

jahanam la bilik akuuuuu.

auto ride - amir, kak long and little dinosour!

dinner at my apartment

daddy, aisyah and baby

the girls looking for earrings

me and little sister aisyah

auto ride

little dinosour!