Saturday, July 31, 2010


looks like everyone's birthday is approaching. so hey, what do you wish for your birthday, really?

as for me, i never really had a grand birthday celebration. i prefer it to be small and private but meaningful. i don't need a whole bunch of strangers (or friends who come for the sake of coming) to celebrate my birthday coz seriously, number doesn't matter. it's the sincerity that counts.

i'm not the kind of person who gives away birthday presents (or souvenirs) to just anyone. yeah my bad. i only care to give presents to people who are dear to my heart. and i don't just give for the sake of giving, i give what i'd like them to have, or better still, i give things that they are looking forward to have.

seriously, if you think you give present because you have to give, then don't. give 'em presents because u want to, not because you have to. because seriously, it shows and it hurts.

when you're sincere enough to give someone something, you don't just grab anything, but you'll choose carefully. you don't just care about ur own satisfaction (with the fact that u've done a good deed by giving away present to someone) but also the receiver's.

of course, price does matter, unless you're damn rich. don't expect something grand from me, have some mercy with the fact that i'm still a student and i rely totally on the scholarship money. i might not be able to give you that expensive thing u want, but i can give you all the sincerity that i have.

hey, when i was in standard 5, i spent around rm4 to buy a really cute notebook as a birthday present for my close friend. rm4 was really a lot for an 11-year-old girl, mind you. i picked the note book carefully, spending quite some time looking for the cutest possible and bought it, there goes my whole week of saving.

i proudly gave the present worth rm4 to her and before she could thank me ;

"awak, hadiah ni tak sampai rm5 pon kan?"

ahaha i was speechless, yes it's true, it didn't even reach rm5. sentap a bit lah but i ignored it. heheh looking back, nasib baik we were still little kids who say things we don't mean, otherwise i would have hate you for the rest of my life. in case u're wondering, yes, i'm talking about u, kamilah! ;p

but anyway, the point is, price doesn't matter as long as u're sincere.

but i miss those days at school when i used to bring a big paper bag on my birthday as i was expecting lots and lots of presents from friends. hehehe. yes, i went back home with the paper bag full of presents. how cute is that? but that was years ago when i was still that little kid who fancy presents so much ;p

these days, i appreciate presents (yeah keep em coming haha) but i don't think i can ever be fooled by those presents that comes without any sincerity. camane nak cakap eh. it's not that i don't appreciate stuffs, but hey, it's too obvious i just can't ignore that feeling. i think u have to experience it for yourself before you could think that what i feel really does make sense.

p/s : that is why i hate the idea of giving away key chains or things like that as souvenirs because seriously serious, how many of us really do appreciate that? heh. don't lie lah come on, it shows.

Monday, July 26, 2010

the ceremony i missed :(

as promised, these are kak long's nikah pics. tempat adalah my house, buat kecil-kecilan bak kata abah. they're planning on the reception, insyaAllah next year. gambar2 ni bukan official pictures from the official photographer, nak tunggu yg official nye tah bila tah so i'll just upload these pics lah.

ketibaan Azlan Gibbs and his friends

dat's my daddyyyy jadi wali :)

batal air sembahyang teehee

aaawww love these pic!

rasanya tu samping abah! i think so lah ;p

ni gambar paling sadis ok. all my sisters. can u see me dalam webcam tuu??

the newly wed teehee
okay tak sabar nak jadi aunty! nak panggil ape eh? mak ngah? LOL. aunty ira lahhh ahahahahaa. tiba2 rasa nak kawin jugakkkk ;p ;p ;p jom jom!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to attend an event/ceremony in Malaysia when you're abroad?

Well I just did! Apa rahsianya?

Skype sudeyh ;p

Truth is, kak long I baru je selesai nikah dengan lelaki pilihan hati dia ewahhh. So, sekarang saye sudah ber-abang ipar la kan. Congrats to my dearest kak long! Sooooo happy for herrrr tapi sooooo sedih I can't be there to join the nikah ceremony :(( *nangis lebat-lebat* but I virtually attended the nikah ceremony, through Skype. Hahahahaha.

I tak main-main okay. Memula on skype, I pakai t-shirt je. Pastu I nampak ramai gila tetamu at my house, my sis dah suruh tukar baju proper sket. The night before when I was on the phone with my dad pun memang dia kata "nanti aku on skype time kak long punya nikah tapi kau pakai cantik2 sket, pakai baju kurung ke." I thought la he was being funny ke apa but really, semua tetamu pun leh nampak I on webcam so untuk tidak appear selenger maka I telah pun tukar baju kurung ahaha, baju je tanpa kain, pakai shorts sudeyh, calit ar lipstick sket sebab dahla I demam ni ha so muka memang habis pale la kan. LOL.

So, I was virtually there la. Siap borak2 dengan Mak Teh, Ayah Cha, Mak Ngah ha sume lah, bukan korang kenal pun. Semua orang gelakkan I sebab I was not there :(( Suke hati je gelakkan orang, sedih tauuuuu! Abah pun same, he said nak buat nikah jeeeee, nak buat kecil-kecilan jeeeee! DUSTAAAAA!

There's no such thing as kecil-kecilan la when it comes to my family sebab my extended family adalah sangat ramai. My dad je dah ada 12 adik beradik (in fact, my first cousin tu sebaya dengan my mom okay, betapa ramainya ) My mom pulak 8 orang adik beradik. So memang takkan la nak berkecil-kecilan. Family friends lagi.Mimpi lah. Siap berkhemah bagai. Argghhh sebenarnya macam expected la, takdenye boleh buat kecil-kecilan, tapi cam, redha tak balik Malaysia, tapi tadi time skype, cam sedih :(

Oklah, memang nikah je pun. Reception kena delay lambat sikit sebab nak tunggu family belah lelaki attend the wedding. Ohhh, jom I kenalkan abang ipar I (teeheee it does feel weird) His name is John, he's from Cardiff UK, umur I tak sure, 30++ rasenye ahaha okay that's too much of details. Dia dah lama ulang alik ke Malaysia for business purpose, uh oh, he's a chef. So dia dah lama kenal my sister and they started as friends then baru bercinta.

Dia dah peluk Islam about 2 weeks ago kot. Ke last week. I pun tak berapa nak sure, my dad yang tolong settlekan semua. So let's welcome him teeheee :) Uh oh, nama Islam dia adalah Azlan Abdullah. He picked the name himself. My kak long suggested Faisal, but tah dia tak nak. But Azlan does suit him better kot :D and disebabkan the photo I snapped through Skype adalah tidak clear, maka I curi gmbar ni dari facebook kak long I ;

Met him once time dia datang my house hari tu. Teehee he's slowly learning the Malay culture lah, he even makan pakai tangan masa dekat my house tu. See I was always a bit sceptical about dating someone who's not of the same race and religion tapi macam, love just happen kan, you can't decide you won't fall in love with orang jenis macam ni la macam tu lah coz love knows no boundaries. Cewah. So tak nak lah sceptical lagi pasal benda ni hehe.

About the reception, insyaAllah next year when families from both sides are free. Family Azlan aka John pun memang nak sangat attend the wedding. Hehe sporting kan mereka? :D Kali ni they will have to consider me when deciding the date for the reception. Kalau tak I merajuk 10 tahun. Seriousssssssss!

So sape2 yang adik beradik dia ke kawin when u're abroad, you can attend the wedding through Skype. Memang la tak sama macam attend the wedding for real tapi cam okay la gak, I memang siap dengar akad nikah, makcik2 kecoh, anak2 sedara sepupu menangis la apa la semua ahahaha. Teeheee.

Conclusion is, saya sangat happy for my sister. Tak lama lagi bole la I jadi aunty yeay! ;p It feels just like yesterday when we were kids, main lompat2 dari katil double decker, main monopoly lepas tu I merajuk sebab I asik kalah, main batu seremban la, I used to listen to her high school stories and time tu I budak hingusan sekolah rendah lagi so I can't wait to grow up sebab cerita2 dia dekat sekolah menengah adalah sangat best.

I used to be jealous of her sebab dia pakai barang branded tapi I selaku budak hingusan pakai barang Kiki Lala atau KIKO sahaja. I used to curik her branded jeans and tops and buat harta sendiri ahahaha. Used to try on her lipstick and all senyap2 when she's not around lol. Zaman I pakai seluar baggy2 and baju besar2 I used to criticized her why lah dia suka sangat nak pakai baju ketat2 jeans ketat2 semua. LOL. It's amazing eh how time passes by.

We had our bitter times together. We fought, we cried, we didn't talk to each other for some silly reasons. She cursed me, I cursed her too, a lot in fact hahaha but at the end of the day, we do turn to each other because she's my big sister and I'm her little sister and nothing can change that. Ouh I miss you and I love youuuu, Congrats kak long, I'm so so so happy for youuuu and I hope you'll have happy gooooood days ahead :) :) :)

Later I will post up her nikah pictures.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night me and my girls went out to celebrate Nadia's upcoming birthday at Opus. I basically have nothing much to tell about that night, so just enjoy the pictures :)

ini rakan sekelas saya

bersama vocalist saya, baz dan keyboardist saya, sheila

bersama birthday girl, nadia and adik manis saya, ninot

underneath pokok kelapa, i will wait for youuu~

it's almost midnight, time to go home!

happy birthday nadia :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

swinging bowl a.k.a mangkuk hayun

firstly, pardon my language. menulis di bawah pengaruh marah dan tekanan perasaan yang amat sangat. leave as u like, proceed if u want.

ini adalah drama keling agung yang dibintangi aku sendiri. tapi aku bukan keling eh. aku tercampak kat negara keling, tu je.

hari ni, tanggal 16 july 2010, hari ni pagi2 lagi aku dah stress. kol 6 pagi rumah aku dah takde letrik. memang jahanam punya negara. aku tak tau la ape untung diorang dapat with the frequent electrical shortage. memang panas hati gua mendidih2 siap. padahal aku dah set alarm kol 6 pagi nk bangun sebab nak study ophthal. gua exam ophthal siot hari ni, kau boleh bantai takde letrik sampai sejam kan pagi ni. damn it.

tkde letrik, fine, aku bantai tido sampai kol 7.15am. mogok tak nak study sebab tkde letrik. bilik aku dah la memang sentiasa gelap, memang siang2 kena pasang lampu. pegi exam ophthal, dapat pulak Dr. Reena yang akan assess aku. heh, muka dia je boleh buat jiwa kacau. memang tak cemerlang lah. tapi biar lah sume tu. salah sendiri jugak sebab tak pulun. so aku tak sedih sangat. tapi still panas hati sebab takde electric. cilakatos punya negara.

lepas tu balik rumah, keluar balik pergi RTO (Regional Transport Officer, kire macam JPJ malaysia la) dekat Yeshwantpur with Sheila. i went there to collect my permanent driving license. dah sebulan aku buat lesen dekat RTO. memang aku bribe orang RTO, aku bayar lebih sket sebab aku malas nak amek driving test bagai. tak kuasa aku. bukannya aku tak reti drive. dahla nak amek driving test tu nak kena cari masa lagi. aahhh, tak kuasa. i'd rather pay a lil bit more. (ceh bunyi macam orang kaya je) one month back, the RTO guy told me to come on 12th July to collect my permanent driving license without me having to take the driving test. tapi 12th July lepas aku ada exam, so sebab tu aku pergi hari ni, 16th July. aku budget memang semua dah settle. tinggal nak datang amek license je. because that's what he told me.

tempat dekat RTO tu busy sket. kekadang takde parking, so aku ajak Sheila teman. at least dia boleh tunggu dalam kereta if tkde parking. lagipun aku bukannye nak pergi register ke apa, nak collect license je, dalam 5-10 minit siap lah kot. takde la aku rasa bersalah sangat buat sheila tunggu lama2. aku memang tak suke eh drag orang teman aku berjam2 untuk hal aku sendiri. yes, good friends memang takkan berkira nak teman kau ke apa, tapi aku sendiri rasa tak selesa kalau orang kena teman aku tunggu berjam2 untuk hal aku. that's why i prefer to shop alone most of the time.

as expected, memang takde parking. so i parked the car sesuka hati and leave the car key with sheila. in case ada kereta nak keluar, sheila boleh tolong alih kan. so pergi lah gua jumpa mamat RTO ni yang janji manis nak bagi permanent license gua hari ni. sampai2 je, service memang sikit punya cilakatos ah. lembap haram. temperature meter gua start naik dah. hati aku kalau ngan keling ni, memang macam engine yg cepat panas. cepat je aku rasa nak melenting.

tak pepasal aku kena isi form lagi. tak pasal2 pulak kena lagi xerox(photostate) semua residential permit, passport, visa. tak pasal2 dia mintak gambar aku lagi. eh babi btol. hari tu dah bagi 4 keping gmbar kot. lepas tu kalau betul kena bagi another pic, inform la awal2, eeeee memang sakit hati.

rupanya tak dapat pun permanent license hari ni. the actual thing was i need to undergo another fucking procedure to get my permanent license done. bukannya terus dapat permanent license. cakap keling memang tak boleh pakai. dia ye ye convinced aku kata on 12th july memang aku akan dapat the damn license. bangang. cakap pakai bontot tak pakai otak.

first kena isi form, lepas tu mamat RTO ni bawak aku upstairs, kena beratur to get signature orang atasan RTO lagi, beratur panjang ok? lepas tu kena turun balik buat tu ini lalala blablaba macam haram, then tak semena2 the RTO guy kata aku kena amek driving test. aku memang hangen ah. dahla aku nak cepat, sheila was waiting outside, tetibe nak suro aku amek driving test. padahal before this dah deal takyah amek driving test coz i already paid him extra amount. lepas tu mamat celaka ni ye ye insist kata dia tak pernah maksudkan macam tu. kepala hangguk lu.

aku memang menggelegak maksima ok? tengah duduk ni, bila dia sungguh2 insist suruh aku bayar lebih, and that he never said such thing, aku terus bangun, hentak meja and jerit cam perempuan histeria dekat dia. padan muka kau. mata aku siap berair ok? bukan sedih ke apa. sorry lah aku nak sedih2 touching2 dengan keling eh, tapi mata berair sebab aku sakit hati tahap maksima, sakit hati yg maha dasyat yang memang tak tahan gile. silap orang la bai nak cakap keling ngan gua. gua dah masak dengan perangai kaum lu la wei. mamat tu terus terdiam. pakcik kat seblah aku yang tengah register driving class pun dah cuak. mana taknya, tempat tu dah la rata2 lelaki, perempuan memang habis ciput, tak semena2 pulak ada perempuan mengamuk siap hentak meja kan. memang bikin panas.

time tu aku memang tak reti malu. mampos ah nak kata aku gila ke apa. aku dah la papa kedana, susah payah datang buat license, kau ada hati nak paw aku lagi. hoi, duit yang tinggal kat aku ni pun belum tentu dapat support aku smpai hujung bulan ni tau tak?! dahla memang aku dah bayar lebih. memang celaka punya makhluk. tapi lepas aku buat drama, dia terus cool down, terus agree that i don't have to pay extra and i dont even have to take the driving test. tau kau nak cuak ngan aku. heh, nampak sangat motif kau untuk paw aku yang miskin hina ni.

lepas tu aku kena naik atas, amek gambar pulak. hangguk ah aku tak tau pulak kena amek gmbar. aku dahla memang pegi RTO pakai selekeh, muka sikit pun tak tepek bedak, rambut pun tak sikat bebetul. ah mampus. lagi pulak aku baru lepas mengamuk, mamat celaka RTO tu pulak memang kat luar tengok aku amek gambar. tak kuasa aku nak posing ayu depan camera time tgh panas hati. outcome nya gambar aku memang buruk gila. muka chronic habis. muka masam memang tak nak kalah. wakakakaka.

ok settle. so mamat RTO ni pun kata lah semua dah settle, nanti dia post the license to my house. hati gua dah tenang sket. ok lah gua nak ciao balik. tak kuasa nak deal lama2 dengan manusia macam ni. tapi manusia camni memang insaf sekejap je weh, tetiba boleh attempt nak paw aku lagi.

"madam, u pay rs500 for service charge"

saje kan tak nak bagi aku cool down. aku dah lek lok senyap kau saje cari pasal balik. kau nk duit kau paw la boss kau tu bodoh! aku fire dia untuk kali keduanya sambil aku terus ciao. dia cam follow aku jugak, ada hati nk pujuk rayu aku bagi service charge. memang cilakatos yang persistent habis. sepanjang2 jalan tu aku marah2 membebel2, memang dah tak rupa perempuan ah. tengah aku sungguh2 marah, bebel2, ngamuk2, boleh la kan aku terpelecok siap dengan melatah mak nenek. babun betol.

aku rasa mamat tu tahan gelak. celaka. tapi aku memang dah tergelak dulu walaupun aku tengah marah gila babs time tu. lepas tu baru pandai mamat tu nak ikut gelak sama. oh suka kau gelakkan aku terpelecok kan. ni memang situasi paling annoying siot, mana boleh orang tengah marah tetiba tergelak! damn ah! lepas tu terus kau diam tak petik dah pasal service charge. oh, considered done eh sbb aku dh memalukan diri terpelecok depan kau? babi.

it took me about me 1 hour to settle everything dekat RTO. rasa bersalah gila dekat sheila sebab kena tunggu dalam kereta for 1 hour. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa kalau tau sumpah pergi sendiri naik auto lagi bagus. tapi on our way back home, memang tak stop menyumpah seranah keling ni ok? tambah pulak traffic dekat mathikere time tu macam haram, lagi lah handal aku menyumpah seranah. damn ah.

i hate the person i've become. tapi orang2 yang tak pnah deal dengan keling india ni memang takkan get the picture of how sickening it is untuk berurusan dengan keling india ni. sejak dah 3 tahun tercampak dekat india ni, i've become a super hot-tempered person. super duper hyper hot-tempered. heh.

kalau one day keluar paper seorang pelajar perempuan melayu dekat india gaduh dengan orang tempatan bangalore, aku mintak ampun awal2. mak aku pun dah cuak2 kot2 aku get into trouble sebab she actually saw me mengamuk with an indian waiter time dia datang visit me in bangalore some time ago. tell u what, mengamuk is the only way to get the indians do their work right!!! i am still the same nice person whenever i'm home in malaysia. promise.

p/s : sheila pun pernah marah gila sangat2 smpai nangis dpn pakcik auto durjana yang nak paw duit dia tapi tak hantar sampai tempat yang dia nak. seee? i'm not the only person. duduk negara keling ni memang depresi tahap maksima.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

devil may care

how many of us really do care what other people say(or think) about you?
i'd say,
i'm too busy(or very much occupied) to do so :)

aku tak kecik hati kau kata aku,
tapi aku panas hati kau petik pasal family,
tapi takpe lah mungkin juga kau kategori pendek akal,
so aku maafkan.

p/s : tomorrow is my ophthalmology practical exam! the last one to go (for now) woot woot! see you in my next post :D

Friday, July 9, 2010


okay it's 3 am in the morning and i'm still up! what's upppp! just finished watching this seriesss ;


okay this is korean series, tajuk dia OBGYN! obgyn is obstetric and gynaecology to those who don't know! kalau dekat malaysia, they usually call it O&G or pakar sakit puan! totally what i love! i am not usually a big fan of any medical series though i like 'em to a certain extend macam grey's anatomy or house but macam kalau tak tengok pun takpe but this series is a killerrrr!! seriously, it's a must watch for all the future-obstetricians/gynaecologists! and pediatricians also...coz obviously after u deliver, the baby will straight away be under the care of pediatricians kan, so this OBGYN series is very much involved with OBG (O&G) and pediatrics!

i wanna be that woman in this series! am totally inspired!! ergghhh can't get over it! i dunno why lah i am soooo into OBG, the interest was there since i entered medical school lagi and now the interest and passion is peaking so much more like never before! ahahaha. OBG is still my number 1 choice :) sangat nak jadi tolong lah paham!

but i wonder if i can make it that far..danggg! this is by far, my biggest dream ever :) i can't wait to graduate, so i can't further my study in this field, and finally jadi one of the best obstetrician in my country! wooot! dream high kan...everything starts with a dream, so, allow me to have one too teehee!

btw, this series banyak tunjuk obstetric cases, some gynaecology cases and some pediatric cases...ada jugak a lil bit of organ transplantation, neurology cases (2nd love that is!) and a few others! and u can't runaway from love story la obviously kan. of course, there's love story in this series, between an obstetrician and a pediatrician ;p

ahaha, so much of medical thingy. lol. it's true that i whine a lot about taking up medicine, penat belajar lah, banyak exam lah, banyak benda kena hafal lah, class berlambak lah, but at the end of the day, i'll realize that this is what i love! and i'm thankful for that! at least i don't regret taking up medicine. ok lah regret seminit 2 minit sebab cam fed-up belajar takpe kannn?? ;p andddd, siapa tau if ada any other series that involves OBG, do let me know!! hehe :)

another reason why you should watch this series is because, that pediatrician guy in this series is soooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet so down to earth soooo kind soooo cute pulak tu i soooo fall in love with his character! kalau ada laki macam ni depan mata yang nak kat kita, lepas tu kita reject, memang bengong ah! ok lah, enough of my jakun-ness! hahaha

p/s : tengok tau cerita niii! i don't usually make a review of any movies or series but this one is the best! ok lah, maybe sebab saya suka OBG, but stillll! okay shut up ira. good nite semua orang.

p/s : nak try tidur sambil berangan i jadi that woman in the series. byeee!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

potong betul ah...

korang annoyed tak kalau selalu exam? baru lepas exam, exam lagi, exam lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi, dan mati. gua annoyed la exam bersepah sana sini. eehh, nak lari balik malaysia boleh?

aku tau final aku ari tu dah pun 3 bulan berlalu, tapi bebbbb, 3 bulan tk 3 bulan, exam gua hari tu continuous more than 2 months, rehat pun ciput2, sekarang sudah mau exam balik. eh, penat boleh?

kali ni, sumpah malas. ni dah cukup last minute, tapi tak start sungguh2 pun lagi. stakat bukak buku lepas tu layan chatting. apa kau bajet kau cemerlang gemilang nak buat camtu? (kepada diri sendiri) arrgghhh, stress lak pikir. nak sambung tido ah camni.

oh, and dengan bangganya, aku ingin meng-upload gambar nadia sedang drive dengan penuh dedikasinya di bangalore yang traffic macam harem. ah, sini kalau orang jalan kaki on the road tuuu, memang macam jalan mak bapak datuk nenek moyang dia punya. punya lah tengah2 alam kau jalan, dulu2 aku rajin gak hon sebab tanak kasi orang tu nyawa pendek kena langgar ngan aku, tapi sekarang aku rasa ringan je nak langgar sorang2. (eh eh mintak jauh, saje je cakap macam poyo, tapi kegeraman aku tu adalah tidak poyo, itu adalah ikhlas dari hati yg tulus murni)

hari tu aku panas hati betul makcik 2 orang jalan tengah2 jalan, time tu aku drive sorang2. aku hon lek lok dia buat selamba dek dia jeee. macam cibai wa cakap sama lu. aku hangen, aku bukak tingkap, jerit macam keling kat dia. itu pun dia boleh buat muka tak bersalah. kalau cantik takpe gak! ini muka pecah lepas tu nak buat muka toya. ah, hangen hangen. hoh kau. aku pun dah adapt jadi keling. naseb la. kesian parents aku, penat membesarkan aku dengan nilai-nilai murni gadis melayu, bila tercampak kat india, terus switch jadi anak keling. (eh eh asal aku kutuk diri sendiri!)

oh, peringat umum untuk nadia yang dah terer drive. lepas ni leh la kita take turn untuk ponteng ye. kau jangan nak ngelat! hahahah.

ok ah. aku nak pergi cs beli chocolate banyak2.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

that guy I wanna make babies with ;p

Okay I'm not as horny as the title sounds hahahah.

Lately, my mom has been talking much about marriage with me! Erkkk! Yes, dulu I yang selalu gatal cakap pasal kawin with my mom, but it was just a plain conversation but apparently, my mom thought I was serious bout getting married soon and siap bagi green light kot she said if I really do wanna get married now time tengah belajar, she has nothing against it. Whooaaa.

Before kawin, kena reality check dulu. I have to be sure that the guy I'm marrying is really someone worth spending my whole life with. Kalau tersilap kawin dengan laki ala-ala Jejai ex husband Nora Danish who is now dating Fasha Sanda and at the same time pergi announce dekat the whole world yang Tiz Zaqyah nak date nak dengan dia, kan naya. OK kantoi baca gossip artis hari-hari wakakaka.

OK hari ni bukan gossip artis popular, bukan juga pasal artis suam-suam kuku. Hari ni gossip pasal diri sendiri je.

So, who is that guy I wanna make babies with? Jeng jeng jeng!

  1. Tak panas baran. Not a good match cuz I can no longer tolerate dengan orang panas baran. Sebab kalau orang tu jenis panas baran suka pakai kata-kata kesat, sorry beb, gua punya kosa kata kesat pun tak kurang hebatnya, just don't let me use them all. Kalau orang tu jenis panas baran suka terajang girlfriend/bini, errr, I have pepper spray with me all the time ;p hahah (Nanti lah, aku dah lama berazam nak amek self defense class sebenarnya ;p)
  2. Someone who mean what he said, and do what he promised to. Sebenarnya this is really lacking in most guys nowadays. Cakap ikut suka jeeee, janji apa yang dia cakap tu sedapkan hati aku time tu, dia cakap, tapi when it comes to fulfilling what he said, he failed miserably. INI PANTANG YG MAHA BESAR BAGI AKU. I am that girl who will remember every promises made to her(me lah), and I will feel so sedih so mad so frustrated if whatever yang you promised tu, you tak buat. Walaupun benda kecil. I take your every word seriously.
  3. Someone who will say sorry when he knows he has to. And orang yang kenal aku closely will know that I am not that kind of person yang berdendam and suka drag a fight lama2. A sincere sorry will do. And pls, I pantang orang tak cakap sorry lepas tu buat-buat like nothing happened. IT'S NOT OKAY AT ALL.
  4. Punctual. I don't mind waiting, but I hate to be the only person who has to wait and wait and wait. INI JUGA PANTANG. But judging from our culture, the malay culture, punctuality is hard to instill, really. But tolonglah punctual when going out for a date with your girlfriend. Sebab tahu kah anda wahai boyfriend2, girlfriend anda sanggup bangun awal, spend nearly an hour depan meja solek, and another 1 hour trying out baju, just to go out for a date with you. So, it's a big turn off when the boyfriend is late for a date! (Sila baca 3 kali sebagai menunjukkan betapa pentingnya punctuality in a relationship)
  5. Not a party animal. It's a real no-no. If I have to choose between a party animal and a nerd, I'd rather choose the nerd teehee. Alcohol and drugs are not okay with me. Ini boleh meruntuhkan rumah tangga. Social smoker is fine.
  6. Educated and can really make money out of it. Before tuduh I sebagai materialistic, I am here to say that I am being realistic. Takde perempuan yang nak kawin and be the only person who will contribute financially to the family. Not to say that I won't contribute, but the guy has bigger responsibility on this. Kan girlsss? ;p
  7. Speaks English fluently. English yang terabur is a turn off. And I super adore guys who are good at words coz I'm a sucker for beautiful words, be it written or spoken. OKlah, spoken geli sikit kot. Haha
  8. Someone who is able to protect me(and the family) from anything and anyone. Ciri-ciri sebegini is well seen pada hero cerita Hindustan. Yes, I want someone exactly like hero cerita hindustan. Someone yang juga tough dan kuat. Jangan pulak kalau perompak masuk rumah, the husband menyorok belakang I. Kalau camtu, I will terajang the husband first, baru the perompak.
  9. Romantic and sweet walaupun dah 10 tahun together. Tidak memerlukan ulasan yang panjang lebar. I'm a sucker for this, enough said.
  10. Someone who is willing to layan my interest and make effort to like it as well. Opposite attraction is common, but common interest is crucial. So, if your guy loves football, the girl kena lah make effort to at least like it as well. And if I love travelling, the guy kena lah willing to teman I travel. Tapi kalau willing to go travel with me, tak payah nak merungut all the way time travel, "penat lah", "banyak habis duit lah", "tak best lah". Tak sincere langsung kot. If you're not willing to adapt, then you're not willing to be with me. Well said, I guess.
  11. Someone who is able to guide me. Semua orang pun nak laki macam ni. Kalau laki tu hanyut, mintak maap lah. Selamat jalan romeo.
  12. Someone yang hebat kemahiran hidup. Okay seriously, a guy needs to have some basics on how to fix things. It's a must. You should be able to change the light bulb (wakakak ok tipu, ini aku pun boleh buat), do a little bit of plumbing, errr, sedikit aktiviti pertukangan ke, reformat the laptop ke, wiring ke, engine ke, anything lah. Alah, I don't know much. Afterall, it's a guy thing. Tak macho lah kalau tak tau. Haha.
  13. Someone yang tidak mengamalkan white lie. Eh, cannot tahan lah this one. If you think white lie can save a relationship, to me, white lie can ruin a relationship! I prefer to face a cold truth than a white lie. And pls eh, pantang kot orang cakap tak serupa bikin. "Jap sayang, lagi 5 mins sampai, I tengah nak masuk parking" padahal still on the road! WHOAAHHHH! Ini bikin panas ye masss!
Heee. Boleh je nak tulis banyak lagi sebenarnya. Haha. But the rest are the minor-minor things that I can tolerate kot. What I listed are what I really am looking for in a guy, for a serious relationship that is. Not that I am still looking ;p Me available nehi hai. Eh eh pepandai cakap hindustan.

Lately, adalah sangat ramai my friends + old friends yang kawin and tunang. Honestly, I sedikit jealous. I so adore guys who are not afraid to take your relationship to the next level. Meaning, he's not afraid to commit. Coz to me, if a guy really want you, he'll do just anything to prove it. Bukan bagi alasan berjela. Ini tak, pandai bercinta, pandai berdating, pandai menggatal, but when it comes to marriage, the guy freaks out. Eleh, ramai je macam tu.

Seriously lah, if freak out sebab tengah belajar and still takde duit, I can understand. But if dah stable semua and still freak out, you just show the real you. There's really no point of spending another day with a guy like that. Eh eh.

sweet little thing ;p

Soooo, have a good day everyone :D