Friday, August 28, 2009

si byk bunyik.

lil dinosour : youuu, i think u have to scrub ur face la
me : what? why?
lil dinosour : (pointing at the whiteheads)
me : scrubbing won't do much. kene pegi facial la ade this device that will suck them up.
lil dinosour : ha, bila nak pegi T_T

-let's pray that i get to have free facial treatment from mom. if not dear, mari bawak i pegi facial treatment dan selesaikan segala urusan di kaunter pembayaran wahahaha ;p (since it's ur own request kan ;p)

lil dinosour : bila u nak buat kening lagi?
me : threading?
lil dinosour : aah, ni kening mcm nk sambung dah ni T_T

-okay i usually get it done every other month. haisshhhhh sabar la, sakit tau takkk! tak caya pegi threading bulu ketiak u!

lil dinosour : nape u mcm makin gelap je ni?
me : yekeee? sbb td malam i mimpi pegi holiday dkt desert la kot (sumpah tak tipu)
lil dinosour : (laughing hysterically)

-okay seriously, do i have to apply fair and lovely? do i have to, little dinosour??

okaayyyy, semua bf macam ni keeee? hahahahahaha. he's more conscious about my look more than i do! haaiiissshhhh bahayaaaa niiieeee! and that reminds me of something. we had a discussion in kelas agama when we were in KMS (i totally forgot what the discussion was all about, probably something related to marriage kot, bab perkahwinan in subject agama, think so la) okay my class was combined with his class. and our ustaz sofi was asking a few guys bout their 'wanita idaman' and i remember him asking lil dinosour the same question. here goes ;

ustaz sofi : azar syazwan, wanita idaman awak camane?
lil dinosour : cantik dan independent.
ustaz sofi : cantik?
lil dinosour : aah, tak kesah la. yg penting cantik la.
ustaz sofi : ohh yg penting cantik yee (repeating what he said)

i now think that the answer really do justice because he's the one worried about my whiteheads, about my eyebrow, about my skin tone etc etc. erm erm, yela, will pay extra attention on my look like how u want it wahahahahhaa. haiissshh, kalau tetibe ade jerawat batu kat tgh2 hidung, malas ah nak pegi dating, confirm nnti ade org tu byk bunyik wahahahaha dah dah, he's on his way back home sweet home in msia! haisshh, sabar je la ada bf camnie T_T

si byk bunyik. pukul karang!

Thursday, August 27, 2009



still waiting.

waiting still.

waiting again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my baby

YM session with baby ;

me : baby, kalau dapat boarding school, wanna go or not?
baby : NO WAYYY! lagipun mak won't let me go.

woaaahhh! that's a lot of difference! when i was that age (12 years old), my parents were the ones enthusiastic about me going to boarding school. it was an order. i was forced to go to boarding school by my parents, at such a young age.

alrite i understand that a lot of u must have gone to asrama after upsr and survived, shame on me. i refused to go to boarding school after upsr. got an offer to go to one science school in pekan, pahang but to me, it was an offer to hell. i didn't want to go. i wasn't ready. i didn't know how to do the laundry, i can't imagine staying away from parents and i didn't want to separate from my friends.

told ya i was forced. i really was. i gave 1001 reasons why i shouldn't go to boarding school but my parents didn't want to listen to me. i still remember myself menangis melalak like crazy on the stairs sebab mogok tanak pegi asrama masa form 1 but my mom accused me for being degil and mengada and manja, which was so not me hahaahah. (why stairs? i can't remember! but i can still picture drama sadis tersebut)

i was then given an option, to go to the science school in pekan, pahang or to go to sekolah agama in kl. seriously, the option given didn't make anything better, things got worse because i refused to go to both. my parents just don't get it that i want to stay at home and go to daily school like everyone else. and i didn't get it that my parents wanted to get rid of me hahahaha ;p okay la, i was this naughty little girl who used to argue a lot with my mom and do things ikut my immature mind etc etc (i grew up with mak yg sangat sangat garang and i was this girl yg sgt degil according to her so u can imagine how things used to be, maybe that's why she wanted me to go to boarding school)

but hey, miracle happens when u least expecting it. i got appendicitis at the right time, and i had to undergo a surgery for that. i was hospitalized for about a week and the doctor told my parents not to let me do heavy stuffs and not to go for sports. the whole issue about me going to boarding school finally came to an end. i didn't have to go to boarding school, and i was happier than ever ;p. thanks to appendicitis. hahahahaha.

went to boarding school willingly when i was 16. i was ready for a new challenge. and when i say new challenge, i mean it. let's not talk much about the new challenges i had to face in boarding school. to make it short, i survived.

my parents didn't say a word about sending another daughter/son to boarding school after i survived my school years in boarding school. i questioned my mom once about this matter, and the reply that i got was "because u are so much independent than the rest of ur siblings and i know u can survive" aaawwww that's soooo sweeeet! (and she added, "sebab kakak degil so bila duduk asrama u can discipline urself" ooouuuccchhh!) wahahahaha. that's kinda true but the whole asrama thing failed to discipline ur daughter, mom.

everything bout asrama is over and done with. i am now in india and i must tell u living in this poor country isn't easy, gotta be rough and tough to survive ;p pardon me for writing to long. the purpose of this entry is nothing but to wish my baby sister best of luck for her upsr examination that's coming up real soon but i ended up writing an essay about me and boarding school. (the urge to write comes unexpectedly that i kept on writing and writing tau tau je dah panjang)

baby anis, GOOD LUCK in ur UPSR!
i know u can get what u aim for :D all the bestttttt~~~

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

india pun ade satay la beb.

i hate the fact that my eyes get irritated so easily! potong btol ahhh! i hate dealing with mata berair and photophobia siap dengan congested red eyes macam ape je :( huaaa. ade tak orang mata hijau or biru nak derma mata? pls contact me.

and i am forever lempong dan segala lempong when watching action movies. cannot go la. i watched G.I Joe with my boyfriend (yes, with acutely inflammed left eye) only to ask him 'kenapa diorang gaduh2 ni?' , 'what was this all about?' and luckily he layan me menjawab my annoying questions. okay seriously, im not into action movies, at all. i do love watching the stunts and all but without me understanding the whole story line, yes that's me. i can easily doze off watching lord of the ring, i can laugh watching pirates of the carribean without actually faham the story, err i dun watch harry potter but i like transformers because megan fox is the actress, and because bumble bee is adorable. (and because my bf is willing to make me understand the story) okay now u can laugh at me. i dun mind, at all. hahah.

i skipped classes today, the whole day. kasi can ah, i can't always date my boyfriend, balik malaysia nnti pun we have 1 week je together in malaysia tu pun 1st week of raya obviously he's busy and me pun kene ikut my family beraya2 semua so kesian kan kitorang, nak dating pun susah. so terpaksa la dating dekat india naik auto tengok lembu makan rumput and orang kencing berdiri tepi jalan. (tu pun because he's willing to stayback in bangalore for a week, seriously, ade jugak orang nak stayback dekat india because of the girlfriend! wahhh! saya terharu!)

okay la. nak tidur. btw, i ate satay at tasty tangles, 4 batang for roughly around rm16. pergh. betapa exoticnya malaysian dishes! i miss malaysian food so badly! the laksa was blergh. ade ke kuah laksa guna santan semata? aku rasa nak ajar je chef tu masak laksa (wpun tak pnah buat laksa, i yakin i can masak laksa by just referring to the recipe, ewah!) ok la ok la, i've merepek enough. it's time to sleep! got clinical tomorrow morning, but with this inflammed eye of mine, i think i have the privilege to take a day off :) lalalalalalaaaa~~ ciaooo!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

how cantik is cantik?

i get it. u wanna know the definition of cantik is it?
cantik is beautiful, gorgeous, pretty.

one fun question u shud try asking people around u (especially to guys) is this ;

when do u think a girl is most beautiful?

it started long time ago when a guy told me that he finds a girl is most beautiful when she's wearing her telekung. i was like, are u serious? no i didn't mean wearing telekung makes a girl looks hodoh but i didn't think it makes u look beautiful either. i thought it was weird, so i started asking people around. (err not just random people mind u, they'll think i'm a crazy bitch trying to look beautiful in their eyes wahahaha, i asked few close guy friends laahhh!)

so they answered. some of the answers that i can recall are these ;
  1. when the girl is so focused and serious doing her work, like doing assignments and all.
  2. when the girl wears baju kurung sekolah without her tudung on.
  3. when the girl is blushing
  4. after the girl is out from the bathroom, smiling with her wet hair.
  5. when the girl wears white coat with her spectacles on
  6. when the girl is playing sports
see! the answers are numerous, some of which u can't even think of. i dun even like looking at myself after playing some sports (which is very rare anyway) because i think i look dirty and busuk. hahahah. and still some weird guys thought it is beautiful. now u really can't tell the exact definition of cantik because it varies from person to person. the human eyes do perceive things differently, and interpret things even more differently. ( yes, we don't look through buffalo's eyes don't we? -inner joke of the day- ;p )

to me, though i'm a girl, i do like to look at beautiful girls. i think this is a normal phenomenon, a girl loves looking at another hot girl is like so normal. yes we are straight. hahahaha. to me, every girl has their own charm, it's a matter of whether or not the girl let it out appropriately or not and that includes her dressing, attitude, social skills and most importantly, intelligence!

a girl is most beautiful when she walks and talks with confidence! that's what i think, provided, she takes good care of her skin (skin color isn't an issue if u have flawless skin) and is someone who loves to smile :D but anyway, don't have to do any of these because u don't want to impress me right? ;p so get ur muscles to do extra work for some sports, get focused on doing ur assignments and blush as much as u can, someone might think u look hot doing any of these ;p

so guys, when do u think a girl is most beautiful? (i'm hoping for more weird answers LOL)

p/s : the nerding mood doesn't turn out to be so nerdy. i studied pathology for less than 30 minutes, that too in front of this old laptop of mine ;p okay lah will study harder tomorrow! janji!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


okay seriously, i'm so sick of people who can't take jokes. i am very much a cheerful person (well at least i think i am, to some extend) that i hate boring conversation, i hate dull situation, i dunno if there are people who love living in a dull dull situation, anyone?

i think jokes are essential in life. omg i boleh mati kebosanan bercakap dengan orang yg serious all the time and emo bila kau gurau2. orang mcm ni boleh duduk dalam gua sorang2 (ayat abah zaman berzaman) okay bout orang yg serious all the time tu okay lagi la compared to these people yg takleh accept jokes and will go like "pehal kau ni?" when ur intention is to gurau2 merapatkan silatulrahim and to have a good time laughing together with the other person.

THAT IS SO ANNOYING! maybe the jokes are annoying but hello jokes are supposed to be annoying! it's not like i make annoying jokes every minute that u should go and say "pehal kau ni" or phrases yg sewaktu dengannya. and the weirdest part is, ade time u're a good company to joke around and the next day u're this person who can't take the jokes. what are u? at least be constant man. u can't expect people to understand u and ur mood swing and whatsoever. or at least if u're having PMS, u can at least smile or just shut up, i'll understand.

now i'm wishing u all the best living in ur boring world! i wanna have some fun! with some fun people!

p/s : we all have mood swing, but mood swing doesn't mean 'aku leh layan orang mcm sampah sebab aku takde mood'. i officially tak suka these people. thank you.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

wish list (edited version)

i really dunno which model is the best but i'm craving for one. preferably with a personal photographer wahahahah ;p to capture every precious moment of mine and my loved ones. please pleaseeeee i want oneeee!

yes i want pink electric guitar but do take me seriously! playing guitar is already a little boyish so i need something to make me look girlish. (alasan takleh blah!) nah, i just think pink guitars are cute! (pink isn't my favourite color, my fav color is red!)

all credit goes to paan, nadd's boyfriend for introducing this to me! floral ibanez! so la the cun! i want one i want one! canteknyeeee diaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
i've been searching for an affordable eyeshadow set but i couldn't find any. buying an eyeshadow set of unknown brand(or some cheap brand) is a big no no! not because i'm a brand conscious but because i don't want to end up damaging my skin with its harmful contents!

p/s : girls alert! make sure ur lipstick/lipgloss doesn't contain lead because lead is known to cause cancer. some cosmetic brands that are known to contain lead in their lipstick are christian dior, YSL, chanel, red earth, estee lauder, clinique and lancome. click here to read more.


i haven't met the loved ones for the longest time and that SUCKS.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


hi awak! cube teka siapa kite?
A) lanun
B) pekerja dalam terowong
C) perompak

ok la, i'm putting up some more pics as the clues.

me : omg, is that bijih timah or taiks telinga i'm seeing? there's a big bulk of bronze-coloured waxy thingy.

baz : (silent and posing for the camera )

i'm guessing the bronze-coloured taiks telinga is blocking her hearing T_T

now what would be ur answer? the answer issssss :-
D) ENT specialist! ( *ENT = ear nose throat)

ahaha, ok la, actually i'm in ENT posting. not really my favourite but at least the classes are not as boring as those in dermatology posting. the crown-like thingy im wearing on my head is actually a device meant to assist the examination of ear, nose and throat. u know, these tiny cavities really need extra lighting for us to see what's there inside these gua (i meant to say caves)

uh oh, i have an advertisement to make ;


p/s : i think i look horrible in the first 3 pics. but who cares. pictures can be deceiving. hahahah.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

entry bosan tkyah bace

homesick gila babi sekarang. pernah tak rindu sgt sgt kat family especially parents smpai nangis? booo dah besar gedabak pun nangis. cacat gila. cacat gila. cacat gila. tp dah rindu amat nak buat camane? :(

can't wait to finish studying. nak balik malaysia, jadi doctor cool, lepas tu settle down, pergi honeymoon, lepas tu every weekend balik rumah nak jmpe mummy and daddy!

tadi pagi rindu sgt so dah call abah. then dari tghari till malam i tried calling amir but no answer :( yg ade hanye caller ringtone lagu ayat-ayat cinta. hahahah. then i tried calling baby, she answered tp ckp malas2 because she already asleep. lupe plak call td dah pukul 12 mlm. cis. lupe plak budak kecik ni sekolah lagi kan.

pesal sumerang buat cuti sendiri nk balik malaysia niiiii? tergugat jugak keimanan aku nanti. hish. takleh2! ira sila dok kat bangalore diam2 n blajar for ur 2nd ia! dahla 1st ia mcm tahi. ok lah, entry rindu mak abah dan kaum kerabat di rumah.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

deep down

so i've made a vow to myself to improve my attendance! especially in community medicine class i've been neglecting for months and months, and in clinical posting (which is improving so much especially in the last surgery posting) and not to mention in theory classes for clinical subjects on friday. my attendance for practicals is still under control but am not planning to skip any in the near future. ewah ewah.

i mendapat hidayah utk stop (err, i think it's better for me to use the word 'kurangkan' daripada 'stop') ponteng class because i think it's about time for me to get serious in this profession. i need to remind myself over and over again that im not learning to pass my exam but im learning to become a good doctor in the future and help those people who are in need. ponteng clinical is indeed kerugian yg sgt besar because u don't always get the chance to see the patients with particular disease, even if u have, u don't always have the opportunity to discuss the case with the doctor.

and my mom always remind me, being in medical field doesn't mean u need to always read whatever written in the books, what is more important is ur practical and clinical skills. even if u know every facts about medicine, if u fail to apply it accordingly, u won't become a good clinician. and yes, i agree. so there shouldn't be anymore reasons for me not to do the history taking (regardless of the annoying language barrier - how i wish i can speak indian language fluently now)

and another thing that matters, effort. a certain someone said to me few weeks back "kalau ira jadi lecturer/doctor yg buat class tp student ramai tak datang ira rase ape? disappointed kan?" i really was terdiam for a moment and i couldnt agree more. whatever she said was true. the doctors were preparing so much for us but i really take it for granted. whatever classes that are already over, are really over. there'll be no repeated classes for those who bunk classes and whatever i've missed, i will miss. i need to work things out on my own to catch up.

and yes, let's not skip the morning clinical class even if i have test in the evening. skipping morning class doesn't always mean i'll be up studying for the evening test. it only give me extra hours to sleep.

this isn't school anymore. this isn't just about passing exams. passing exam doesn't guarantee u to become a good clinician. i know kesedaran like this datang once in a while and it might fade away after some time but i'm hoping for myself to improve bit by bit. and i sgt sedar with my sifat pemalas mcm lembu yg mmg congenital and therefore i really need a strong motivation to stay rajin and to always have kesedaran like this before it's too late.

a reminder to myself. will remind myself to read this post again and again whenever i feel like ponteng class or whenever i feel demotivated.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

gossip girls

out to celebrate nadia's birthday which is sooooooo last season ;p we were to celebrate her birthday on the birthday nite itself but baz got admitted to the hospital for dengue fever. too bad too bad. the main activity of the nite ; GOSSIP! hahahahaha best gossip girls in my place!

ahahah, the belated bday girl. (so last season okay!)

the petite girls

another activity of the nite ; camwhoring

u know u love us xoxo hahaahah
need to post more pics in the future. my blog is so full of writings. boring takkkk? LOL.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


i swear i was a punctual person! but now i am very much adapted to the people around me. kalau kata pukul 9 pagi, harapan la, tunggu la sampai 9.30 pagi kot. tu pun belum tentu. i sgt respect orang yg respect masa orang lain. dulu i seboleh2 akan siap on time, kalau kata janji nak jumpe dekat klcc pukul 12, pukul 11 tu make sure dah keluar rumah (or maybe earlier) and then i'll end up waiting for my other people to come at 1. marah la jugak kan. kau struggle siap awal2 sebab nak be on time, tp orang lain boleh bantai bangun tido at 12 and meet me at 1. tapi nak buat camane, that is so melayu. boleh kate 90% malays mmg tak punctual. daripada aku sakit hati tunggu orang yg bajet vip, baik aku jadi vip same. life is fair. takkan aku je nak tunggu korang kan? tapi agak2 la jugak, respect k masa orang lain. kalau camni, camane melayu nak maju? malu sket weh.

dasar melayu. tak dengki mmg tak boleh. takde la semua melayu mcm tu kan, tapi boleh kate mmg orang melayu ni akan dengki dekat orang melayu yg lain. kalau kate kau buat bisnes jual karipap, seboleh2 kau dengki dekat makcik senah yg jual karipap jugak. tapi amoi jual karipap kau tanak pulak dengki wpun karipap die lagi laris. kenape tah perangai orang melayu boleh jadi sejijik tu? rezeki tu kan dh ditetapkan, tak perlu kot dengki. contoh lagi satu la yg paling obvious buat kite yg students ni, kau seboleh2 tanak kawan kau lagi cemerlang dari kau, dahla tu, kalau kawan kau tu fail lagi kau gembira buat sujud syukur kot. kalau lecturer bagitau kau topic ape yg masuk exam, kau seboleh2 tanak share ngan orang lain sebab nak biar orang lain tak score mcm kau. wtf weh. hina sungguh perangai kau.

heh. camni ke melayu? dahla tak respect time orang, dengki plak tu. ok la ni mcm agak unfair kepada orang melayu yg punctual and tak dengki. tapi it is undeniable that most melayu are like that. for god's sake if kau one of those yg tak punctual n yg kuat dengki mendengki, cube2 la utk improve. igt tak tension ke tunggu orang? and igt kau boleh jd hebat gila ke if keje asik nk dengki je? buat malu je. boo.

Friday, August 7, 2009

branded little ira

once upon a time when i was about 3-4 years old, i remember i kept insisting my dad to buy me a pair of reebok sneakers. i wanted the shoes so badly that i cried and threw tantrums to him so that he would give up and let me have that pair of shoes. sadly he ignored this little kid's wish because buying a pair of reebok sneakers for a fast-growing kid is not worth the money.

i was sad. but i kept bringing back the topic to him so that my father know how much he break my heart for not buying me what i wanted.

after a week or so, my dad returned home with a pair of sneakers. yes, reebok sneakers. i was beyond happy and that was my favourite sneakers eversince. (hello, other kids my age didn't wear reebok sneakers, no, they don't even know what reebok is)

after years, i came to know that my sneakers was not reebok, it was rikbok. yeah, same pronounciation. that was when i know the right spelling of reebok. oh yes, the trick worked and it became a legendary joke in the family, until now.

the legendary story of branded little ira.

not with my rikbok shoes
now, whenever i go shopping, my dad would say this ;

"pegi la beli baju kat giant jer, standard awak giant jer, dulu pun pakai RIKBOK jee, stylo jugak"

sampai hatimu abah!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


tak sangka
ada competition diantara
kau dan aku

yes you.

being me

one of the hardest things (note the plural) for me is to shop for my college attire. yes, those decent tops and loose pants.

because i can't help buying other fancy tops and skinnies and the next thing i know is that i have no penny left in my wallet. blergh.

i've tried so many times, and after so many times i still return home without any decent tops or loose pants. i'm sorry.

that's why u'll see me recycling my baju kurung and the same old long-sleeved (or quarter) tops i've been wearing for years (yes, some are even 5 years old, i kid u not)

afterall, it's just me being truly me :)