Monday, March 30, 2009

it's not that i can't,
but it's because i don't want to,
and that's why i stand still,
here, nowhere but here.

not this life,
maybe another life,
i'll still stand,
nowhere but here.

like adik like kakak

adik 1 : abah tanak pegi class la sakit tangan

abah : haa sakit ke..

adik 1 : (buat muka sakit sedih pilu dan segala2)

abah : yela2 duk rumah rehat k...


adik 2 : mak malas la nk pegi class byk homework kene buat nih

mummy : tanak pegi class make sure dok rumah buat keje skolah

adik 2 : nak buat la ni

time tgh ponteng - buat sudoku. +_+


pagi tadi, pukul 10am, tapi aku tido lagi :-

adik 3 : (tarik tangan aku tiba2 letak kat leher dia) panas tak?

saya : aaaaaaaa? panas panas. (bole la tak panas sgt tp sebab nk sambung tido kan.)

adik 3 : panas sgt keee?

saya : haaa..bole la (dah tau dah motif pertanyaan)

pukul 12.30, adik 3 tengah tido nyenyak walaupun kelas petang sepatutnye dah start.


amboi adik2ku, korang memang bijak mengambil kesempatan mcm aku. like adik like kakak la kan. patutlah korang jadi adik2 aku. syabas.

senyum sampai esok

life is sure full of surprises. kan?
i just feel whole :)
to meet someone u haven't met for years.

from afar, u can still recognize the smell of the perfume.
and everything.

life is wonderful.

:) life is indeed wonderful.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


i was tagged by elida hanan. pasal kawin2. here goessssssssssssss,

1. How old are you?

22 years and 29 days.

2. Are you single?


3. At what age do you think you’ll get married?

erm? tak tua sgt tak muda sangat. paling ideal 25/26 kot? tapi tak tau, banyak halangan kot? hahaha.

4. Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?

no one knows what the future holds. hope so.

5. If not, who do you want to marry?

orang kacak. hahahah.

6. Who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?

weh, tak pnah pk ni. sape mau? hahaha.

7. Do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?

day 1 traditional wedding. day 2 garden wedding. day 3 beach wedding. okay i prefer garden wedding and traditional la kot nnti kene tuduh lupe asal usul plak kan. ;p yg penting baju kene cantik.

8. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

honeymoon part 1 bora bora island. honeymoon part 2 france. honeymoon part 3 italy.

9. How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

ramai kot. cuz my extended family is really extended! tak campur friends lagi kan.

10. Will that include your exes?

mcm la diorang nak datang kan. tkyah la, membazir nasik minyak.

11. How many layers of cake do you want?

lor? tak terpk. 5 la cantik. kot?

12. When do you want to get married, morning or evening?

urrmmm. bukan orang slalu kawin afternoon ke?

13. Name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding:

lagu jiwang2 la ape lagi hahah. bole buat karaoke set situ.

14. Do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork?knife?

traditional wedding pakai tangan je kan. garden wedding pakai la fork and spoon kot.

15. Champagne or red wine?

sirap limau and sirap bandung la.

16. Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

right after wedding! tak sabar! mau bora bora!

17. Money or household items?

both pleaseeee?

18. How many kids would you like to have?

at least 3. paling ramai 5 kot. the more the merrier. but lagi ramai lagi tinggi cost. tapi, anak tu kan rezeki? cewah. ade bunyi mak orang tak? hahah

19. Will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?

tentulah! pegi sekali je kan?

20. Whose wedding plan would you like to know ?

sape2 yg nak kawin.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

monolog dalaman

sometimes kau tak tau ape kau dh buat dengan life kau. pathetic. sometimes kau tak tau mane pegi otak kau bila kau decide something. sometimes kau tak cukup analyze benda tapi kau dah ckp yes. pathetic lagi. sometimes kau tatau camana nak fix things up because benda tu akan jadi complicated walaupun niat kau adalah utk fix benda tu. double pathetic.

sometimes it feels so good to be wrong.

i wish i can reconstruct my life. first things first, no more india. im loving every inch of my life now. now means here. here means malaysia. i wish #%@F^#$^#&$!@#SFS not to be mentioned here.

bottom line is, i want to reconstruct my life that seems so impossible cos things will definitely get more complicated. maybe kau kena lari jauh2 and start over. tapi mcmane nak lari kalau here is my chosen place? wth.

i'm all mixed up. tak sangka. u guys won't get any idea about this. anything that's on ur mind is not what's on my mind. so u can keep ur assumptions senyap2 ok.

i dont wanna back to india. i need my miracle.

what's inside me?

i will follow my heart
i will follow my heart
i will follow my heart
i will follow my heart
i will follow my heart

pasti bahagia.

Friday, March 27, 2009

the songs that almost kill me.

these are the 2 songs that almost kill me during the muse concert live in malaysia 2007! hysteria and knights of cydonia by muse! muse was amazing amazing amazing gilaaa i tell uuuu!! what's with the statement that these 2 songs almost kill me kan? well i was in the front row during these songs. yes u heard me, i was in the front most row, just a few centimetres away from matthew bellamy the muse vocalist! and the crowd went crazy and i mean, really crazy memang sasau habis tolak2 orang wave mcm gila and since i'm petite (oh statement kedua mengenai diri sendiri petite) and small, at least during that time, memang lemas habis one minute i was at the right end another minute the crowd tolak2 me to another end and i tell ya, i gave up the front row because of that. if not i'm dead by now maybe sebab kena pijak dengan the crowd. i went a little behind *terpaksa* and belakang tu tahap kesasauan tak semoksya front row plus kat sini orang dia tak besar2 sangat so i was safe.

the point isss, RINDU GILA MAU SASAUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was looking at these 2 vids and i was like, perghhhh i was in there and shiittttt i misssss ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT! this kind of thing works best to kiss my stress away! and yes it's proven already. i was still doing IB during this concert and in fact, i skipped classes for this concert and since IB is a real pain in the ass for its students, i took my day free from stress by going to this concert. heaven. told ya it works.

yang geramnye, whenever i'm away from malaysia time tu la ramai plak orang nk buat concerts and when i'm here, none. yeah i went to wyclef jean live in bangalore some time ago but that was in india, it's just different. eventhough time wyclef jean tu lagi ramai mat salleh, niggas and not to mention, indians, i still think malaysian crowd is the best. yes the best so far. or maybe wyclef isn't really my kind of music, i mean, layan la but i prefer something like muse, coldplay, linkin park, gwen, the frays, jewel etc etc. u get it now right?

oh btw, i'm all alone at home. yes. for the whole 2 days. my family went off for a camping ke apa tah and i decided to stay home walaupun my parents dah pujuk i cam gila ajak ikut skali but i just dont want. because they're going with some other families yg i'm not so close with, my sisters and brother mmg dah ade geng diorang, my parents obviously akan geng dengan uncle2 and auntie2 lain and obviously they'll talk about business la apa la obviously not my kind of thing so rather than terkapai2 sorang2 tkde geng kat sana i choose to stay alone at home. the best part is, my parents left the myvi with me!! yeayyyy~!!!!!! i'm all set to berfoya2 with the car to go anywhere and everywhere at anytime of the day lalalala~

later tonight, i'm off for a night out. tomorrow ermm, i've been sms-ing my friends to see if they're free so we can catch up with each other but nothing is confirmed yet. but life is still good even if i'm alone because if there's no one to go out with, i'm off shopping to KL. yes alone. u know, i love going shopping alone since forever. even in india, when i really need a retail therapy, i would rather go alone daripada ajak my frens teman they'll end up getting tired waiting for me in the fitting rooms and going back and forth to the same shops. yes that's me and my shopping style. the only person who fits my shopping habit is baz so it's either u see me going out with her for shopping or u see me going out alone. well in malaysia, i go shopping alone. not with my parents. not with siblings. not with friends. alone is cool enough i can spend hours admiring whatever i want without having to care whether there's anyone yg penat tunggu i ke ape ke. but with boyfriend is a double yes. heheh though he has to cope up with me going from one shop to another shop well, he's willing to kan sayang :p

here's another dilemma. u know i'll be having my first internal assessment after the holiday. yes yes blame the u-know-who for setting up such schedule. i never knew holiday is equivalent to study leave whatever malas nak marah2 kat sini kang ade bebudak yg pro-u-know-what ngadu kang tak pepasal aku kene pape kang kan. ha the dilemma is, my flight to bangalore is supposed to be on 8th of april but thanks to MAS, my flight is being put forward on the 7th of april shiiisshhhh but if i wish to go back a little later that would be on 10th and my exam will start on 13th so i'm totally confused. my dad keeps asking me whether i wanna go back on 7th or 10th. well i think 7th is too early and 10th is a little too late. one minute i wanna go back on 7th to study la konon but another minute i wanna go back on 10th so badly so i'll have more days in malaysia. help. i'm so totally confuse i don't feel like going back at all this place is heaven.

okay la, i need to take a bath. later ya.

p/s : nadd i do miss the simple plan concert tooooo i remember u were the big fan of it kannnn and yes we got featured kat melodi during the concert hahhaaha rindu mau sasau okay, enough said.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

blogging dari rumah yeay!

after being away from home for more than 6 months, i'm finally home!!! i so love! this feeling is great! gosh the journey is so exhaustinggg sumpaaahhhhhhhh lepas ni MAS tlg la jgn mahal sgt i tak sanggup bersusah2 naik tiger airways lagiii kene transit kat singapore nk kene tuka terminal naik bus la skytrain la sambil kene angkut beg yg 20 kg tu tak campur kene tlg angkat beg denin ngan quro yg obviously terlebih2 kg hahahaha nk rush check-in air asia to KL pulak pergh mcm amazing race tapi kalau amazing race partner ngan denin comfirm2 last la kan!

to those yg bakal naik tiger airways tp blom penah naik, warning here, sempit nk mampos dlm tu, drinks and food satu haram tak bagi and jual obviously mahal la kan so demi untuk berjimat cermat, i siap bawak nasik goreng lagi bila dh tutup lampu sumerang dh tido flight attendant pun dh masuk cabin sume ape lagi jeng jeng jeng makan la nasik goreng buatan sendiri ahaha ape salahnye buat perangai kampung sekali sekale kan kan. and always be prepared with sweater sbb blanket mmg dorg tak bagi. ha pastu the flight lands at budget terminal and from the flight exit to baggage claim mak datuk jauh menyesal pakai high heels! oh lupekan, now im home :D :D :D safe and sound!!

changes. yes there are always changes. when i got back, sedih amat. my cats. :( remember atan, vivi and tiger? those are my 3 little cats. vivi went missing. atan dh kurus sgt sgt my mom ckp tunggu time nk mati jer waaa sedih kot? tiger is the only one yg stay healthy. paling sedih tgk atan kurus gila mcm chronic marasmus + chronic kwashiorkor. sian sgttttt :( :( :( hang in there atan, u'll get better in time!

and my 3 little sisters hv outgrown me! masing2 tinggi kot my mom ckp later when they grow up, i'll be the shortest in the family since i'm the only one yg petite and cute kann haha muntah but seriously, as a big sister now i terasa kerdil sbb my sisters dh sipi2 dgn my height yg tak seberapa ni. cis korang. sampai hatiiii!

oh ohhhhhh, my dad is sooo sweeeeeettt okaaayyyy! when i go upstairs, i tgk2 my IB result is hanging on my the wall, my dad framekannn! sweeeet kan kawan2? sgtla terharu thanks daddy i love u mwah mwahhh! and my mom is double sweet sebab masakkan ikan steam for me! lalalala~ it's like a tradition, everytime i come back, my mom will surely cook whatever i've requested ;p bessssttttttt i'm tired of my very own cooking it's so true my mom slalu ckp bila dah slalu masak mmg muak nk mkn makanan sendiri thanks mummmyyy i love u~!

balik, makan punya makan, borak punya borak, then i pengsan sbb penat gila kan tak tido the whole night. have to go out in the evening sbb nk bli contact lense solution bole plak tertinggal kannn! and yes it's been a while and i really rindu this placeeeee and i specifically means my place my hometown my dearest shah alam! i want to forget all about india coz malaysia and india mcm langit dgn bumi jauh panggang dari api ha ape tah lagi peribahasa nak pakai tak tau but the point is malaysia is a place to be walaupun nnti i hari2 complaint mcm cacing kepanasan tapi takpe, sanggup panas dari duduk india yg yucks yucks yucks!

and truth to be told, i sgt rindu lagu2 melayu and cerita2 melayu! like, seriously. though i never was a real big fan of both tapi bila dh lama tak dengar, u know la kan, rinduuuu seeeyyyy. so proud to be malaysian and proud to be a malay lalala~ apekah patriotic? coz excitement is still there. oh tomorrow my family nk pegi camping dkt bukit cerakah together with some other families but then i'm not going kot because cam malas lgpun i need to study for the upcoming exam kan haha alasan nak cemerlang je kan padahal malas nk tido semak2 i wanna sleep on my very own bed! tgkla if rajin i'll join them during the day tapi mlm balik la but then i'm planning to do some shopping ringan2 before shopping hardcore nanti ye la warming up dulu kan nnti kalau tak warming up duit terus lesap.

ok ok, now nk pegi tgk TV see if they have some interesting malay movies or series layan je AF ke raja lawak ke whatever janji melayu yes hidup melayu. enough of merepeking, will update more soon, maybe i should upload some photos kan? nnti la i camwhore dulu lama gila siot tak camwhore mcm dh takde nafsu nk camwhore mcm zaman dulu hahah esok lusa i camwhore la okay! daaa!

Monday, March 23, 2009


housemates. urgently.

bcoz 2 of my current housemates are moving out.

1 room, attached bathroom, 1 big wardrobe and 1 small wardrobe.

perempuan sahaja okay. boleh duduk sorang or share 2 orang. u decide.

dekat shriram sadhana apartment.

please pass around. thanks.

housemates yg tinggal = ira(me), yaya and izz.

p/s : cant believe i actually advertise this in my blog. hahaha. desperate nih.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the guy who is 22 days younger than me is my bf.

encik manis, selamat hari jadi :)
23rd march 1987, tentulah saya takkan lupa hari jadi awak.
tapi saya dan awak sama2 ada class pada hari 23rd march, mintak maaf :(

yeay awak dah sama umur dengan saya, dah 22 tahun :)
jgn lupa pesan saya dlm birthday card yg saya bagi semalam
masa hantar awak dkt airport.

saya sayang awak, awak tau tak?
happy birthday again, sugar!

- girlfriend awak yg annoying -

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i long for a perfect date

i feel empty again. my room is a total mess. but i don't wish to do anything. i just want to munch my whole bunch of chocolates. that's basically what i do when i don't feel good. exactly, i don't feel good because he's away again. expected.

what makes me feel worse is the fact that he'll be having his holiday from 18th august till 19th sept and my holiday will only start on 18th sept. great huh? please lah i need a real getaway with my boyfriend, obviously not in india. my idea of a perfect date is not naik auto with lots and lots of humps on the road, and thanks to the open air auto my hair will definitely be a total mess almost no point in wasting my time in front of the mirror to make a hairdo, and asap2 lori and kereta and the sound pollution and the awful scenery of people peeing by street and the people littering here and there and etc etc gosh i'm so done dating in india please?

i need to be in malaysia together with my boyfriend so very urgently. we'll have a perfect perfect date in our homeland. with him picking me up at my house, out for a casual picnic with some friends, or perhaps a laid-back night out to watch football at mamak. or an evening walk/jog around the lake. we'll have some good delicious malaysian dishes :) :) or simply out for a karaoke yeah u owe me big time sayang u have to sing songs for me! and food hunting at pasar malam, roti john kebab keropok lekor roti goreng karipap pusing, whatever it is and find our own sweet little place untuk makan sampai lebam. i told ya, dating doesn't have to be expensive. it has to be peace and calm, u'll have the perfect date.

i miss having a perfect date with u! remember the beach walk we had back in homeland? i miss that so bad :( i need a real getaway urgently. get me a genie! i need to change his holiday, or mine, so that we'll have holiday at the same time! i guess we're just unlucky. it gets tougher in time, we're so aware of that. i don't know what the future holds of us both, but i really hope it is worth the wait. i gotta be strong. u gotta be strong too baby. no one says long distance relationship is easy. it sure is tough.

this song is really something to me. Jauh by Cokelat. u are so jauh, but who says true love is someone who's 24/7 with u? no one can be sure of that. well at least i'm trying here, jauh is just the distance, what matters most is the feeling. *aaahhh i sound so corny hahah whatever whatever i just spilled it out*

seriously, there's no better video. just listen to the song, don't bother about the video okay.

sporty me LOL

my right forearm hurts a lot. i can't seem to grip things at the moment, too painful to bear. i feel so much like a loser for having this pain, because it was all due to bowling. like hello, orang lain boleh main hari2 tapi maintain tak sakit tangan, i played for less than 1 hour and i end up getting all this pain for days. like seriously, i suck at any games that require hand strength.

main bowling toksah ckp la, i will definitely make myself look like a total fool sebab bola bowling tu berlumba lumba nk masuk longkang kalau i yg baling. cis cis. dulu2 i used to play bowling a lot, walaupun sangat menyedari keloseran diri sendiri, tapi dulu tanak mengaku kalah. and i always came last, and pasti akan menjadi bahan kutukan rakan2 sendiri. terima kasih la atas kutukan ikhlas korang.

tennis too. penat okay main tennis. sebab penat kutip bola. nisbah pukulan bola tennis kepada kutipan bola tennis adalah 1:10. okay itu tak lawak. itu memenatkan dan membosankan orang yg main dengan aku. sorry, i'm not ur best candidate for tennis partner. batu seremban atau tutup botol mungkin boleh. itu favourite games zaman sekolah time ustazah kata 'kamu boleh buat kerja sendiri', ha ape lagi, main batu seremban la, tak pun tutup botol. siap jual batu seremban okay, jahit sendiri *clap2!*

okay batu seremban and tutup botol tak termasuk dalam category sports kot? why so bangga? hahaha. sebab nak jugak highlight benda yg i terer. eh, i WAS not a loser in sports. lower form i sangat active basketball okay sanggup berpeluh berbusuk belengas berpanas berhitam legam demi sports. upper form? cheerleader sudeyh.

though i suck at sports, i look forward to play sometimes. tapi obviously segan nak ajak orang main kalau keje asik nk membosankan orang lain je sebab diri sendiri main cam makcik 50 tahun. maka dengan itu, i tak kire, encik boyfriend, awak kena main bowling or tennis or whatever dengan saya! ini arahan ;p ;p ;p ;p ;p kalau i penat kutip bola i'll pass it to u okay? ;p

eh, tapi rindu kot nak main futsal. tapi kat sini ceruk manekah nak main futsal? oh, i'm not totally suck at futsal and taklah terer pun tapi setakat nak sepak kena kepala korang tu boleh la. hahahah so anyone??? *hah, mane ade tempat nak main pun!*

that sum up my disability in sports. sometimes i do wish i still have that much stamina, skarang lari 1 meter dah pancit apekah?(tolong faham itu hyperbola sahaja, kalau korang percaya itu adalah penghinaan terhina okay) oh how i wish.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

smile is supposed to be infectious

bengang tak bila kau senyum kat orang, orang tu buat bodo atau buat muka? turn off kan? tak kira la kau sapa, mak orang ke, kakak jual kuih apam ke, kakak senior ke, atau makcik sapu sampah ke, luak sangat ke nak balas senyum orang? bukannye setiap kali senyum setiap kali tu kau luak seringgit, seposen pun tak luak. tapi i sgt tak paham kenape orang mcm ni wujud.

aku ni bukanlah suka sangat nak please orang. tapi dah nature aku suka senyum lagi2 kalau orang tu aku kenal, or maybe tak tau name etc etc tapi cam tau la orang tu neighbour ke, makcik library ke atau budak sama tempat blajar. tapi kan aku tension betul kalau aku baik hati senyum, kau buat2 tak nampak atau buat muka mintak penampar. ei, apakah? takde orang ajar kau cara nak senyum eh?

tau tak senyum tu sedekah? (tlg jangan ckp korang tak pnah dengar ayat popular sepanjang zaman ni) dahla kau tak suka menderma, senyum pun nak lokek ke? with each smile that u give, orang akan rasa selesa nak kawan dengan kau, isn't it a good thing? daripada kau buat muka mintak penampar tu, lama2 if u make it as a habit, orang lain pun takut nak berkawan dengan kau.

ah malas nk tulis panjang2. korang ada otak, kau pikir la sendiri. when i say that smile is supposed to be infectious, yes i mean it. sebab bila kita senyum kat orang, orang senyum balik kat kita, infectious kan? to those yg tak senyum balik, maybe immunity level kau tinggi that u don't get infected with my smile. okay, totally mengarut. mood malam ni sengal2 and senget2 sikit, not really in a good mood. gotta catch my beauty sleep.

p/s : aku pun boleh buat muka mintak penampar, even better than u. try me. hoho.

how special is special?

special thing, if u get it everyday, it will no longer be special.
i prefer to have it occasionally.
that's how i maintain the speciality :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'm not friendly.

yes i'm not friendly to any gadgets any electronic stuffs. they're not my kind of thing. be it handphone, laptop, mp4, printer u name it. kalau dh name barang electronic, memangla asik nk rosak jer kalau bagi kat i.

i just got my laptop. rosak. my hard disk was corrupted. haih, banyak pakai duit tuuuu +_+ takpe2, demi laptop kesayangan yg dah 4 years old, sanggup. lepas ni akan cube sedaye upaya utk berkawan baik dengan laptop sendiri.

i can't wait to go back home lalalaaa~~~ oh, bilangan hari pemontengan kelas dasyat amat untuk pathology. tapi, akan ponteng lagi satu practical patho sbb nnti balik msia awal 2 hari sebelum cuti. takpe, lepas ni janji tak ponteng dah. janji ok. yes ini janji manisku buatmu patho.

little dinosour will be back in town lalalaaa~~~ mlm ni dapat makan cheesy wedges kegemaran and crunchie kesukaan! yeay sgt sukaaaaa! will be off to the airport tonite, to pick up little dinosour! yeay, malam ini saye bukan lagi janda sebab boyfriend saye akan pulang ke pangkuan.

okay will write more later! i need to download things for my lappy! ym, torrent etc etc. till then, daa!

Friday, March 13, 2009

how to save ur money?

ok ini ajaib! it's 2.40 am and i'm still up! dah bergolek2 atas katil for hours but i couldn't sleep. maybe insomnia datang kembali. or maybe i miss him a little too much. ergh, malaysia and india sgt jauh okay berjuta2 batu please la pulang sini cepat i can't help missing u tapi sgt malas nk top up sebab 1 hari boleh habis erm agak tak mampu i mintak ampun byk2. okay cukup luahan perasaan kali ini.

seriously, i couldn't think of any better things to do other than blogging, err yes, blogging in the middle of the night. maybe the outcome akan merapu merepek bila bace balik esok pagi. maybe la. so what should i write eh?

oh! referring to the previous entry, i wrote about myself working my ass out to save up some money to buy something i wanted so badly kan? i dunno, i just feel like sharing things i did zaman dulu2 untuk save duit and earn money.

  1. as mentioned, i sangat sanggup berpuasa berlapar walaupun hanya dapat save seringgit sehari i still sanggup okay. budak skolah kot? seringgit amat bermakna!
  2. selongkar wardrobe, kumpul baju2 lame, handbag2 lame, belts and ape2 yg rasenye bervalue, and suruh adik2 jualkan dkt kawan2 diorang. wah, it works tau!
  3. after SPM, i worked in KUMON shah alam mall. i earned roughly around rm600-800 monthly depends on kerajinan mempunch cardkan diri. hari dapat gaji adalah hari bahagia sedunia.
  4. ini desperado gile. pinjam duit maid hahahhahahahahahahha my maid rocks okay! tapi serious bayar balik. kalau mintak duit kat parents nnti diorang tanye nk buat ape and kalau ckp nk shopping nnt kene ceramah 2-3 hari so malas. pinjam duit maid adalah shortcut yg paling digemari zaman form 2, 3, 4, 5. ini maid paling berjasa. mekaseh kak ain.
  5. kumpul surat khabar dlm rumah and jual kat pakcik naik lori tu.
  6. ini tactic keji zaman dulu. bgtau abah skolah mintak bayar ni ni ni. tapi slalu tk banyak dlm rm5-10 camtu je. nak buat camane otak geliga sgt smpai terpk idea ni. abah jasamu dikenang janji orang ganti balik bende yg lagi best2! janji!
  7. ni zaman darjah 2, 3 camtu. jual stickers. mahal kot. satu sticker kecik jual 50 sen. yg bestnye ade je member beli wahahahahaha. untung untung! mekaseh la korang.
  8. ni zaman darjah 3 jugak. amek bekas pringles tu, buat lubang nk masuk duit kat atas, balut bekas tu ngan wrapper cantik2 pastu pass around the class kate ni tabung derma. ok ini hasil kerjasama beberapa orang rakan. kutipan bole tahan. lagi satu tactic keji budak skola rendah. tlg jgn ajar adik korang buat camni ok. as i said, nak buat camane otak geliga lagi skali smpai terpk nk buat camtu hahahahahahahaha mekaseh byk2 kepada yg menderma may god bless u!
  9. kumpul seluar2 and baju2 lama abah n jual dekat kedai bundle my friend punye! skali jual dpt la around rm50-100. siape nk beli baju2 n seluar oldschool bapak2 anda? tak lain tak bukak mat2 indon mmg suke baju2 dan seluar2 lama bapak2 anda!
haaa. so that's how i save money, aahhahahaa and that's how i earn extra money. betul betul ade tactic yg sgt keji untuk dapatkan duit tapi itu zaman kanak2 yg tak dapat membezakan benda baik dan buruk jadi sila maafkan hehehe ;p skarang janji tak buat mcm tu dah. janji. takde mase aku nk jual stickers, atau pegi kutip derma atau ckp kat abah kena bayar tu ini because he'll definitely say "pakai la duit sendiri, duit MARA bagi kan banyak" hahahahah so no chance la.

and why am i still up? and still tak ngantuk? please, i want to sleep now. please.

spoilt brats

money is love. yes u heard me, i love money. $$$$$$$ ~~

i'm not someone who grow up with lots of money. my parents never really pampered us with luxury. they're not like some parents who'll buy anything and everything for their children. sangat tak. because they dun want us to become spoilt brats, and they want us all to feel what it's like to live a hard life. well, not that "hard" anyway (can never be compared to those who really really live a hard life) but at least, we're not those who are used to live goyang kaki, maid buat semua benda and keje diri sendiri just makan, tido, main ps, makan lagi pastu tido.

and because of that, seeing some spoilt brats who refused to do some easy works is really getting me on my nerve. even worse, when these brats shamelessly order their parents to do this and that. how is that possible? aren't we the ones who are supposed to do things for them? eeeeuuuuwwww. these people are just #%@^#$^#&#. i dunno what to say.

and one day when u're starting to earn ur own pockey money, please do remember this, spare some for ur parents. please? my heart just break so much to the fact that some people who earn a lot never bother to give some money to their parents at kampung.

of course, they have excuses. guilty people always have excuses u know. some say their salary isn't sufficient even for their daily expenses. oh? if so, then sell that LV handbag! and that gucci and armani dresses! or cut ur expenses on going to expensive bars and night clubs. they'll say 'i won't have enough money for myself if i spare some for my parents' oh to hell with u. sgt tak luak okay bagi duit sikit jer for parents sendiri, in fact, lagi berkat ade la. i just don't get these people.

and i know a guy, who is just 17. stopped schooling due to some incapabilities, he works in a factory. his salary is hardly around rm300-400 monthly. sikit kan? but he still give some to his mom eventhough hanya rm50 sebulan. sgt mulia kan??? now sila contohi jejaka terhormat ini.

somehow, the richer u are, the more stingy u'll get. u have lots of money, but still u won't use ur own money, instead u'll keep asking more and more from ur parents. get a life laa. where will the money take u? to heaven?

i'm glad i'm nothing like that. when i was a teenager, i didn't get a lot of money from my parents. they just won't give me chance to spend my money carelessly. and when i really want something, i really work my ass out to get it. i will cut my expenses on food and anything possible so that can save up some money. memang sanggup puasa. yes, when i managed to get what i want, sangat puas hati and sangat appreciate! and i know what it feels like to really work for something u want.

but to those yang duit memang turun dari langit, they just won't understand. not until they lost what they have. and if that ever happen, whoah, good luck la okay! selamat hidup susah wahai spoilt brats. by that time maybe aku akan gelak golek golek tengok kau!

p/s : too much money spoils u.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh so random~!

it's been 1 year and a half ;

and still have 4 years to go...i so can't wait!


i'm sorry.
here's the thing ; instead of privatizing this blog, i've created another blog, a private blog.
so this blog will stay the way it is, will not be privatized, at least not for now.
heeee, sorry again! ;p

Monday, March 9, 2009

ira says what?

i've decided, i'm going to privatise my blog in a few more days.
drop ur email if u wish to have an access to my blog.
thanks. :)

p/s : kepada those yg i've linked the blog, fellow friends, followers, whoever, kindly drop ur email okay! or ym me! i just feel the need to get track of my readers lately. so sorry for any inconvenience.

Friday, March 6, 2009

guys are so typical

guys are so typical.

when a guy wants to get to know a girl, he'll be the most most most gentle ever guy living on this earth. he'll do just anything to please the girl. he'll walk u home and walk u everywhere u wanna go, he'll ask for some friends to lend him some money so that he can go for a date and he'll tell u that u look beautiful though u have pimples all over ur face. i'm not saying that these are all wrong things to do. i mean, if he's willing to, why not?

but for most of the guys, these things are temporary. to me, it's okay if a guy doesn't want to walk me home if later he needs to walk double or triple the distance to reach his home. and i won't be complaining if my guy doesn't have money to go for a date, i mean, dating isn't all about the money, it's about spending time together. i don't mind if we have to buy some food at pasar malam because we don't have money. and obviously, he doesn't have to bluff about me looking all beautiful when i am at my worst, i really don't mind. but the point is, why some guys really work their ass out to get a girl, and when he finally get the girl, he'll start turning into a jerk?

some guys treat their girlfriends like shit. this is a simple example. u tell me, is it appropriate to call ur girlfriend by some names like 'bitch', 'bodo', 'sial' and 'murahan' when u guys are arguing and when things get better, u simply say 'sorry' and u'll start calling her 'sayang', 'baby', 'honey', 'bucuk' etc etc. oh senangnya? bila marah panggil 'bitch' bila sayang panggil 'baby' what the tut?before couple berani pulak janji 'i takkan hurt u mcm ur ex-boyfriend buat tu, i jaga u baik2 k syg' tapi lepas couple kau sama je mcm ex-bf perempuan tu what the tut?

that's just an example. there are many more. i have some friends who got beaten by their long-term boyfriends. and some boyfriends who really take control of their girlfriends' life to the extend that she can't befriend with a guy at all. i have some friends whose boyfriends are damn stingy that he doesn't even wanna spend a cent for his girlfriend.

they say the longer the relationship, the stronger is the love. but from what i observe, the longer the relationship, the higher is the tendency for u to take ur girlfriend/boyfriend for granted. that's because u think u've got it all. u think u're not gonna lose ur girlfriend because she loves u so much and that she needs u all her life so u'll start treating her like shit. u'll start to lose respect. yeah the truth hurts but that's what happening most of the time.

why? why do people change so easily? one day u can be so angelic so sweet so kind so gentleman and another day u can turn into a real b*stard who doesn't know how to appreciate people. oh yes i forgot, we're all actors and life is the stage. we're all acting in this cruel world. and some acting doesn't have any moral values and humanity at all.

it's sad to see some relationship breaks into pieces. some used to be the sweetest ever, but end up with a dreadful misery. if u're one of those who are going through the same thing, good luck and be strong! losing a jerk is better than keeping him for the rest of ur life seriously. sumpah tak rugi langsung kalau hilang lelaki tak guna yes there's really nothing to lose babe so be strong and move on!

oh this entry is a reflection of what's going on around me. of course, not every guy is a jerk, it just happened to me that i know a lot of these jerks.

p/s : u really don't know what u have until u lose it. TAKE IT FROM ME! *cube teka ayat sape??!!* hahahahahahahaha

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

nak tau tak?

nak tau tak ape ayat paling annoying dalam alam semesta?


aku pegi class dermatology, doctor ckp go back and read up.
aku pegi class pharmacology, doctor tu ckp go back and read up, will u do that?
aku pegi class pathology, doctor tu ckp lagi go back and read up tonight or else u will forget
paling tak boleh blah, aku pegi class community medicine pon, doctor tu ckp u go back and read epidemiology FAJNLKFTH2PRY219PU41UP2OEUUE`IU390`U42190U4 annoying!!

read up ReAD Up Read uP READ UP read up REAd up reAd UP reaD up GGRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why tak boleh settlekan pharmaco, patho, microb and forensic dulu for a year?
most of my friends blajar these 4 subjects dulu,
bila dah settle baru la blajar clinical subjects.

but here in my place, we have to learn EVERYTHING at once.

later we'll have ENT POSTING, OPTHALMOLOGY POSTING and tah hape2 la lagi
and still we have to cope with pharmaco,patho,microb,forensic.

tak lawak ok.

ok, go back and read go back and read go back and read go back and read $!$!^#$^*&&^*%&#$Q$!$!$!$@%^&%**

thanks for the wonderful phrase, doctor(s)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


everyone is capable of becoming one
angel too can turn into poison
no doubt about it

Monday, March 2, 2009

i miss u already...

it's amazing how time passes by. 1 day can be a really long and tiring day when u have to wait for something or someone to come up. on the other hand, 1 week can be a really short one when u're having the time of your life with your special one. and yes, last week was the shortest 1 week for me.

muka busuk i lepas dance class,
and muka budak kuat tdo yg 10 missed calls pun tak lut ;p

i wish time moves faster when he's away, but i wish time will be kind enough to stop a little while when he's with me. that's exactly what i feel. my little dinosour left for home sweet home last night and i miss him already :(

and today is a long long day. because he didn't return my messages. ran out of prepaid, and he has not yet purchase a new simcard. okay dimaafkan, i mean, i truly understand. but it's weird not to hear from him for hours. i kept sending messages to him. i don't care if it annoys him hahaha that's the aim anyway, if he gets annoyed, he'll have to tell me to stop and for that he will need to buy a new simcard and return my messages hehe :)

he recently regarded me as a clumsy one, which i kinda admit. when i walk, i walk like no one cares. yes sometimes i totally forgot that i am now in india and the fact that the road isn't always straight and smooth. yes jalan kat india memang penuh onak duri dan pancaroba and so when i walk, i tend to tersepak tu lah, terpele'ot la, tersangkut la and terpijak kaki orang la hahahaha and he went heart attack every time. and i still remember his words before he went back last night ; "nanti jalan elok2, tengok kalau ada lubang kat depan, ada batu ke ape, hati2 etc etc" now tell me how can i not love him when he cares even the smallest little thing about me? okay lepas ni i jalan tengok bawah je janji tak clumsy dah! *bole jadi muslimah sejati jalan tunduk bawah*

it's hardly 24 hours since u left but i miss u already. normalkah? take a good care of urself over there and have a blast in malaysia! rinddduuuuuuuuuuuu cepatlah online!

u igt u hensem ke b? ;p
(hensem hensem, bawak balik crunchie utk i k syg?)