Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amazing Race : Czech Republic

My trip to Europe was really tiring. We went to 5 countries in total (plus Vatican City) and that includes Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, France and UK.

Our first destination was Czech Republic, yesss, Prague! To be honest, I wasn't so excited about Prague for some unknown reasons. Maybe because Prague is not as famous as Paris or Rome, you know, you get excited about the famous places compared to those which are less famous kan. But believe me, Prague is sooooo much cantik that these 2 places!

First of all, these 2 pretty faces are my new friends yang sangat baik hati for allowing us to stay in their house for the whole, err, 4 days in Prague. Baik kan baik kan? And they are Anis and Mimi.
Anis and Mimi
We reached Prague late that evening. Anis and her boyfriend, Ayee, took us to her house, then went out for dinner and the couple took us for tour around the Old Town and New Town of Prague. Okay seriously, Prague is so niceeee! The weather was pretty cold during our visit and as usual, I was, and never, prepared with that much of warm clothing. Hahaha. Jimat space in my luggage, barangan shopping deserve some (a lot) space in my baggage! So, saya sanggup bersejuk menggigil berketar-ketar badan.

Okay, Old Town of Prague adalah tempat John Mayer shoot lagu Lucky, and we were there! Yippiee! Okay, Emma is a big fan of John Mayer and she insisted us to shoot our version of 'Lucky' video clip but alaa, macam tak sempat so macam tak jadi. Haish! Okay okay, these are the pics of Old Town and New Town of Prague. More to be uploaded in my facebook!

Prague Astronomical Clock,
Old Town of Prague.

Ninot went to Sex Museum!! Report kat bapak dia!!

Prague Castle and the famous Charles Bridge at nite
Tyn Church,
the place where John Mayer shot his 'Lucky' video clip!

New Town of Prague
I didn't expect a tour that night cuz we were already too exhausted. Yelah, flew from Bangalore, transit in London, and straight to Prague, took the bus to her house, went out for dinner, and a night tour. And guess what, I was wearing high heels. Sila imagine ke-annoying-an saya yg merengek (euw, merengek?) kepenatan. Hahaha. Ok ok, cut that craps.

So, met Emma for the first time after we left KMS (after 2-3 years?) and yes, it was excitingggg! Spent the night chit-chatting a little bit though sangat penat tapi we had to melayan this nenek and I swear tiada lagi keamanan di rumah Anis and Mimi after the house being intruded by Emma ;p

Next day, the plan was to go to Cesky Krumlov but the guys were late so went to Karlstejn instead. There's a huge gothic Bohemian castle located on top of the Karlstejn hill. I dunno much about the history though the tour guide had explain a bit about it but I couldn't store 'em all in my memory so hehe, go google lah! ;p

Karlstejn offers a breathtakingly beautiful view to the visitors. To those who owns an SLR, this is the right place of photo shooting. Maka dengan itu, I curi sikit gambar Anis who owns the SLR ;p and for more pictures of this castle, sila rajin google. Blog I haruslah lagi penuh dengan gambar I hahaha.

Bohemian Castle in Karlstejn, Czech.

Closer view of the castle. Credit to Anis!

The KMS-ian reunited! (minus Shahril pls ;p)

The girls!

Me and Emma being irritatingly ____ over
abang (eh?) jual pretzel.

the souvenir I couldn't take home wahahahha
Karlstejn and girlfriends :)

so aman damai (but not with Emma around)

The spent the next day touring around the whole city of Prague. The Prague Castle, Prague Tower, again, the Old Town and New Town of Prague with just girls. Just the 6 of us - Me, Nadia, Ninot, Emma, Zulfah and Nurul. Hey, it's always a lot more exciting when the guys are not around. Kan? To me, it's a big YES! No outing can beat girls-day-out! OK talk no more, these are the pictures.
The Prague Castle (or church?) ;p

At the garden of Prague Castle

Just us :D
Prague TowerView of Prague city from top

MEREMBESSS!! (hanya kami yg faham)Really like the view from here!!

Saya orang kurang upaya untuk melompat cuz
I was wearing high heels.

Old Town at night!

It's easy to get around in Prague. All you need to have is a map and just get on the tram. And setelah diajar oleh Anis and Mimi, we got on the tram without any valid ticket(s) ;p yes, for free. Lucky us sebab tak terkantoi along the way.

And as usual, there are lots and lots more pictures of me and the rest of the girls but I can't be uploading all in this blog hahah, and I am yet to have the time to upload the photos in my facebook. Nanti lah.

Kutna Hora was our final destination in Czech. It is located quite a distance from Prague. The main attraction in Kutna Hora is the Kostnice Ossuary, the bone church. There are a few other attractions but I didn't pay that much attention to the rest cuz they were mainly churches and some ancient buildings, well well, not so interesting kan.

The church is estimated to have around 70 000 real human skeleton in it. The skeletons are arranged in such a way that it kinda give a pretty (spooky sounds better) decorations on the walls, ceiling etc etc of the church.

According to history, the site of the church was actually a cemetery site which was believed to be some sort of holy land lah, so all those ancient people wanted to buried there and the space was a bit limited hence the church. OK, faham tak? I made it really simple if tak faham jugak sila google ;p. 2 movies were shot here in this church and it was once featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Real human bones are assembled together
to beautify (err?) the ceiling.

UNESCO world heritage

Haunted church
Do consider Prague as your honeymoon destination wahahahha okay siap promote tak boleh blah. The best part of Prague is the city itself. It's not that busy and clean. Plus the souvenirs aren't that expensive. And to all the crystal lovers, note that Prague is famous for its Swarovski crystals, and yes, they are beauuutttiiiiffffuullll - menyesal tak beli -_-"

Next destination - Switzerland.

p/s : click to enlarge.

Monday, April 26, 2010

share some happiness.

back after sooooo longggg! so much to update! especially about my crazy trip to europe! yet to find the right time to write it all out!

okay okay, wanna share some happinesss to those who care to share! this means a lot to me! i got distinction for the 2nd MBBS professional exam! along with the other 16 students kot? and the besties got distinction tooo! :) so happy for us! the study group really works eh? :D okay okay, study group commed coming up! lol. doesn't sound so good.

not gonna make a list of those ppl who got distinction! go figure! congratulations to the other 16! and congratulations to those who got honours! it is indeed an honour to pass the tough final exam kan? especially with the tough schedule. we all did it! and i think we all did it really well! Praise to God :)

thanks for all the prayers. it means a lot to me. especially those prayers from mummy and daddy! :)


Saturday, April 10, 2010


PRAGUE, czech republic - done
KUTNA HORA, czech republic - done
ZURICH, switzerland - done
MILAN, italy - done
VENICE, italy - done
PISA, italy - pending
ROME, italy - pending
PARIS, france - pending
UK - pending

still in love with ZURICH.
serious mau pindah zurich!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

zone bebas exam. wooot!

exam is over for real. i bet u guys are getting annoyed already hearing me whining endlessly about the exam! wahahahahha it's overrrr!!!! stucked with exam for months, and now it's really really over.

and so i'll be taking a long long break! yeay! will be away from this blog for erm, 3 weeks! this time, not because of exam, but because of the long long long awaited vacation! it's a reward for studying too hard for my final exam (LOL, too hard?)

if it was too hard and i'll be dead by now. or maybe i'll be one of those in the psychiatric ward. seriously. aaaaaa can't wait for this MBBS thingy to over. but then again, even if it's over, u'll still be assessed once u're a doctor, and u dun wanna be just a random doctor right, so still, you have to think of some field which you can pursue on later in life. talking about life learning process. blergh.

so yeay i gotta say BYEEEE TO INDIA tomorrow cuz i'll be leaving for london for a transit, going straight to prague for a few days. then, off to switzerland (zurich and interlaken), will then make our way to italy yeayyy and then paris, then back to london! hope everything goes smoothly, selamat sampai and selamat balik!

will go with my 2 really gooooood girlfriends, nadia and ninot, plus the 2 guys, joe and shahril! and ini adalah vacation yang memang budget. wahahahahaha. balik nanti pasti papa kedana yo! tapi takpe, kegembiraan adalah hak milik setiap insan ok? tidak kira kaya atau miskin atau papa kedana. so yeah, who cares? ;p

entah bila i can update my blog nanti. uh oh im still wondering whether or not i should bring my netbook. hmm?