Thursday, September 1, 2011

azam tengah tahun saya

i don't think i should wait for the new year to come for me to change for the better kan. so yes, i do need to make a good change, now. i can't wait till new year!

so yep, lately, my temper shoots up so very easily. i get irritated so easily. and when i get so irritated, i'll curse like nobody's business. sickening, i know.

i wasn't a hot-tempered person before. but after meeting a few hot-tempered persons, and the fact that their temper gave a fairly big impact in my life (as i was quite a patient person previously), i've grown to be a hot-tempered girl too. and living in india, it got worse.

i will especially curse like a mad woman whenever i drive around in india (lesser chance to hear me curse if i drive around in malaysia) i get irritated easily hearing ridiculous reasoning from ppl i thought to be intelligent and i can't stand ppl with no manners esp if it involves my time (talk about punctuality) or promises (because i do take promises seriously and i remember every bits of 'em)

but goshhh, i'm getting nauseated from my own self. i gotta ditch that 'panas baran' part of me. what am i gonna be? samseng wanita? hahaha. last time i made a scene at FRRO office (those studying in India know how it's like la kan to deal with kelings) and i really lost my temper that i created a scene in that very office, in front of, well, i must say, quite a big number of foreigners.

well i don't really get angry unnecessarily. cume, when i get angry, i will get angry sepenuh hati yang sampai rasa nak sumpah seranah tu semua. and living in india, i learnt that getting angry sepenuh hati is the only way to make their ppl (indians) get their work done. but i must not get carried away with that. though, well, it's true. if u marah suam2 kuku, jgn harap depa nak dengar, tapi, there must be another way.

well i can't think of another way just yet. but i really wanna be a bit more penyabar. maybe kalau tak dpt ubah serta-merta pun, i'm gonna try my best not to curse like mad, or not to create scene anymore.

coz i'm 24 and a 24-year-old lady should be a bit more patient than this :) so yes. this is my new year resolution in advance.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

me and emily :P

well u can call her my new obsession teehee :P luv luv luv babies! and esp emily!

mana duit gaji anda pergi?

most of people my age are starting to enter the working life. the stressful but (maybe) rewarding working life. hey, we're an adult now! we make our own money, we no longer rely on our parents money (well at least i believe this applies to most of us, if not all)

our starting salary might not be a 5-digit number just yet. so you can't really declare urself a rich man when u just started working 2 months back though you only have urself to take care of (financially). but, do we remember our parents when we got our monthly payment?

i don't know what's the real situation is like for our generation as i have yet to enter the working life (am still struggling with my study years) and being away from my country, i rarely have the opportunity to discuss about working life with my dear friends in malaysia. so yeah, i hv very little idea about this anyway.

but i heard about people who get good monthly payment, but never bother to hand out some money to their parents. where did the money go? party, girlfriend(s), shopping, new phone, new ipad, new gadgets, new whatever, but never to parents who raised 'em up.

we really need to realize the importance. dude, it's not about money. it's not really about helping your parents financially especially if they still have a stable financial status. but it's about berkat.

truth is, our parents never really expect money from us. they raised us up dengan ikhlas dan sabar till we are able to stand on our own, and make our own money. so, tak rasa ke we need to balas jasa diorang? of course, balas jasa can be in any form, but when u're already in that state of having a stable financial income, don't u think giving out a little amount of money to ur parents is a perfect way to show your gratitude towards them?

like i said, maybe our starting salary isn't a really big amount. but it's not the amount that matters, it's the thought and keikhlasan that matters. bila bagi sedikit gaji u dekat ur parents, niatkan utk senangkan hidup dan hati mereka, untuk bahagiakan mereka, untuk balas jasa mereka, cukup dengan banyak mana yang u mampu. tak perlu banyak, coz pahala u bahagiakan ur parents bukan bergantung kepada berapa banyak duit u bagi ur parents.

u might think, "alaa..gaji aku bukan besar sgt, tak payah la bagi kat parents, dorg pun bukan tkde duit" so u might want to spend ur money to enjoy here and there, tapi Allah tu Maha Besar, once u ada terdetik rasa macam tu, besar kemungkinan duit yg u nk saving sangat untuk enjoy tu terpaksa u keluarkan untuk tujuan lain. u know, when God wants to show you something, it can come in any form. contohnye, u dah elok2 tak nak bagi duit dekat ur parents sebab nk saving, tibe2 plak kereta u buat hal, then u need to spend even more money on ur car. see? btw, this is a real life story told by someone :)) and as soon as it happened to him, he realized lah, ini sebab dia berkira sangat nak bagi duit dekat parents, so Allah nak tunjuk, he then have to spend more money on his car.

i've seen some very successful people, they didn't start of big, just enough amount of salary to start anew, but because they're consistent in giving out money to their parents, without being really calculative towards their own parents, they go on doing well in their life and job, u know, getting promoted easily, rezeki pun melimpah ruah, didn't it crossed ur mind that it's all because the berkat they got from doing this?

this is a reminder to us all. and especially for myself. i'm just another normal human being, tak terlepas dari sifat2 kurang baik jugak so when i already wrote this, hopefully i can remind myself better about the importance of this esp when i start working next year.

i can't wait to balas jasa my parents. though money won't be able to really pay 'em for what they went thru to raised me up, but well, that's the least i could do, and i would surely (hopefully) do more for 'em if i could.

oh yes, dun forget your little bro and sisters too. bila dah ada duit tu, belanja2 la jugak adik beradik yg lain. nak jadi lokek sgt pun takkan kemana nanti. maybe they dun appreciate it now, but as they get older, they'll remember what kind of a big sis/bro u are :)

selamat hari raya ppl! :))

Thursday, August 18, 2011

money has never come easy for me

money has never come easy for me. it's funny that most people often misunderstood me as a spoilt rich kid where hundreds of dollars fall easily from the sky and secretly got into my purse (omg I WISH!!) but hahahah so not okay. most of the time, i worked hard to save my own money. yeah u heard me right!

my parents never really pamper us with luxury. never ever. not a single one of us. both my parents came from a decent 'kampung' background so they knew exactly how hard life was back then and from their real life experience, they do appreciate the value of money more than most of the youngsters nowadays. and aware that money could easily spoil one's life, they decided to never pamper us with luxury.

me, on the other hand, was that girl who would only wear branded tops and jeans and bags and everything. let's just say, i was totally immature to think that my inner self confidence comes from wearing those branded stuffs. true. i was that kind of geli geli girl some years back. hahahaha. nah now i'm a mature girl who don't rely on those branded stuffs to boost up my confidence anymore. yeay :)

so what happened when i was still a school girl was, i saved my own money to get what i want. my parents won't get me a Levi's jeans as my birthday present, not even after i beg them to get me one with air mata darah sekali pun. in my dreams lah. and me, i was aiming for Esprit tops, ELLE sportswear, Guess handbags, Nike bags when i was really still a school girl

i would do just about anything to save money. ikat perut, some small little business (i can really go that far haha), did some cheating to daddy saying that the school requires us to pay for this and that (omg daddy i'm so sorry i will make up to this) and lots more. and taraaa, enough money for me to get what i want. with my own effort, no contribution from parents. been doing that since school.

not that my parents are stingy ke apa, but they just hate it when we wear expensive stuffs unnecessarily, so my dad cakap 'kalau kau nk baju raya abah beli, beli dekat jusco je, kalau nk beli yg mahal2 tu, kumpul duit sendiri' get what i mean? time tu saya sangatlah bajet tak suka nk pakai baju2 beli dekat jusco tu whahahaa *slaps forehead!!*

and the moment i accepted MARA scholarship to pursue medicine in India, right that moment jugak la terputus segala pergantungan duit daripada my parents. my parents know the fact that we got more than enough money for our expenses here and for that, he never really offer me money anymore. i totally stand on my own now.

i pay for own flight tix to go back home everytime, bought my own laptop, bought my own handphone, saved money like crazy for both my euro trips, and my ferrari in India ni pun my parents tak support langsung. i do get jealous la when i overheard my friends saying that their parents belanja this and that, offer this and that, belikan this and that this and that when i dun get the same privilege anymore.

truth is, i pernah throw tantrums jugak about this. ahahahaha. coz there was this one time, i get so jealous and feel so fucked-up, why the hell my frens still get that privilege from their parents when i have to stand totally on my own. i kinda complaint a bit to my mom and i end up being scolded afterwards. wahahahah mission failed.

i must know, tak semua orang cara hidupnya sama. my mom's family used to be family yg sangat susah, my granddaddy was just an army and he passed away quite early (before i was born) and their life gets even harder after his death. my dad pulak come from a very big family, 12 siblings, my granddaddy was just a clerk. and during his time studying in Glasgow, he even sent some money back home monthly (from his scholarship money) to help alleviate the family burden.

so yeah. truth to be told, my monthly allowance in India is quite a big amount. but it's all depends on how u control ur spending (gosh i'm terrible at this) but if my parents were to support me with some more money, i bet my spending would be worse. at least with what they're doing now, i can see where my money go - mostly on travelling and car.

though i still secretly wish to be pampered with luxury by my parents (which will never happen anyway), i'm grateful that they taught me to save my own money the hard way. i may not be the best example as someone with the best spending manner, but at least, i think i value money more than most people my age as i work hard to get what i want without depending on my parents :D

so yeah, next saving is for semi SLR camera :/

Saturday, August 13, 2011

the one thing that a good friend can do to piss me off.

care to take a guess?

well i'm not a perfect friend to anyone either, not even a perfect girlfriend one can have. but the one thing that a best friend or a girlfriend/boyfriend should never do is to judge or comment on one's family when the bestfriend/partner actually trust you not to judge them.

it's not just annoying to have a bestfriend or boyfriend who judges your family like they have a better family, it kinda rip off the trust i have for that person too.

well, i don't trust people that easily, and when i do tell my problem to you, it simply means you're gaining my trust bit by bit. it's not simply complaining or seeking for advice from you when i tell you my problem, it's all about having someone to listen to you, it lifts up the burden off your chest just by having a person to listen to you without judging you or your family. don't worry if you don't have the solution of my problem, i don't usually expect that from you anyway.

i'm not gonna give you a real life example for you to be able to comprehend my point here, so here's what i can think of as an example :

siti : babe, sorry aku tak sempat siapkan notes study group kite, aku ade problem la...mak aku...

siti's bestfriend : nape ngan mak kau wei? kau ok tak? cite la...

siti : aku pun segan nk cite...hmmm...mak aku...tiap2 mlm kua pegi clubbing...balik2 pun bau
alcohol aku yg kene buat keje rumah sume..aku tkde mase nk blaja pun..nk
siapkan keje ni sume lg la tkde mase...

siti's bestfriend : OMFG!!! your mom went clubbing??? dah tua2 pun clubbing keee, mak kau
igt dia muda still bergetah eh?

get what i mean? siti told her bestfriend about her situation not with the hope that the bestfriend will come out with a solution for her and she doesn't even wanna hear her bestfriend commenting about how bad her mother is because deep down, she already know that very fact herself and she seriously doesn't need other people, especially an outsider (someone outside her family) to tell her that because no matter how bad her mother behaves, she's still her mother and deep down, no matter how much siti detest her mother for being an irresponsible mom, she still love her and no one can ever talk shit about her mother.

so yeah. same goes la when you cerita 'my little sister lari rumah last nite with her boyfriend', obviously the little sister is at fault for running away with her boyfriend but a bestfriend or boyfriend doesn't need to say 'ehhh bodohnya adik u pegi lari ngan boyfriend die, macam la boyfriend dia bole bagi die makan sedap2 lepas tu'. seeee. you don't fucking need to say that dude.

and you don't ever comment about other parents' way of upbringing. of course, the way my parents brought me up is different with the way your parents brought you up but it doesn't mean my daddy's wrong and ur daddy's right. they have their own reasons for bringing us up the way the wanted to.

i do admit my daddy is the most sporting daddy in the whole wide world, he didn't stop us from doing this and that, and i must say kami adik beradik takde la perfect mana tapi tkde la rosak macam budak yg sepah2 dekat KL tu like durrhh so when a boyfriend or bestfriend told me this 'i don't think ur father did the right thing to bring u guys up the way he did' omagashhh i'm likeeee 'hello who the hell are you to say that nak kene pelempang keeee abis adik beradik kau ape yg bagus sgt dari adik beradik aku haaa celakaaaaa' haaa memang rasa nak lempang smpai kau mampos.

so dear friends, kite semua manusia biasa tak perfect mana. just because u have a perfect family, semuanya baik2 belaka sembahyang cukup, puasa cukup, pakaian lengkap, puasa sunat lagi, it doesn't mean that you have the right to comment on other ppl's family. you just need to draw a line la wei between what u think and what u can actually zahirkan dengan kata-kata.

kalau bestfriend kau tu abang dia perogol, perlu ke kau kutuk2 abg dia dekat dia?
kalau boyfriend kau tu mak dia adalah pornstar, perlu ke kau hina2 mak dia dkt dia?
kalau girlfriend kau tu bapak dia penagih dadah, perlu ke kau caci maki bapak dia dkt dia?

look, some people memang baik dalam perlakuan dia, tapi when it comes to this, they fail so miserably. heh.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Emily Nia Gibbs

so this is my little Emily :) i am officially an auntie u knowwww. so eksaited! she's our new family member, my dad's fav girl skarang ni. habis la i, dah tak jadi daddy's fav girl dah sobsss :( ahahaha my dad hari2 emily this emily that. amboi abah, mentang2 cucu first, nnt aku dah beranak kang tah2 dia tak heran dah pun.

she has grey eyes. seriously adorable. and i seriously can't wait to go back home and gomol2 this little monster. teeheee. auntie misses u emilyyyy! :*

of twitter, tumblr and blogspot.

i'm alive :D teeheee. and tomorrow is our first day of Ramadhan here in Bangalore. Alhamdulillah we are still given the opportunity to celebrate Ramadhan :))

been busy with life, particularly with loved ones. not really busy studying :P gosh i can't imagine the kind of doc i'm gonna be in future. honestly, big part of my motivation to pursue medicine is gone (or hiding somewhere?) it's totally true when they say that medical students are initially highly motivated students, until they realize that they have too much to study/read/mug up. gosh. it's too much, almost unbearable so i just decided to finish this one up first. whether or not to pursue my all-time ambition (well, once upon a time, to be an obstetrician) i'll have to think over.

i decided go on hiatus from my blog for a really long time because i lost the drive to write (though the ideas to write keeps popping up in my brain), and i realized i was emotionally unstable that i could write things that i will end up regretting so the best thing i could do was to avoid writing at all. hehe. u know, i dun really go public when it comes to personal stuffs, especially when it is the bad things, the sadness, the whatever la.

but i'm fine now, but i dunno if i will still write on regular basis. i spend most of my time on the net twitting and tumblring coz somehow i'm allowed to express myself better thru those two social websites.

i'm going back for raya this year. hee. not excited bout celebrating raya in malaysia, but i'm excited about going back, and excited about my sister's upcoming reception. yeah, the one that has been pending since last year because finding the right date for the husband's family to come over all the way from cardiff is really a tough one. finally :)

anyway, i am now a final year medical student. glad. more than glad. but the workload (the amount of stuffs that need to be stuffed into my dear brain) is hmmm. yeah but that officially means i have just one more year to go. can't wait to get out from this bloody country. i sure cherish all the memories here, but gosh, i can't take it anymore that i need to get out asap :D

so di kesempatan ini, i wanna wish selamat menjalani ibadah puasa to all muslim all over the world :) see ya!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amsterdam is LOVE

So here's the bestest part of my vacation with the girls!!! Amsterdam :)))) We spent the nite at Stansted Airport waiting for our early morning flight to Amsterdam. Spending the night at the airport was terrible but it was sure worth the wait! Here are pics of Stansted survivors :D

I was so damn excited that I can finally get out from London, 5 days in London was indeed more than enough, I'm so done fancy-ing London :p so yeah, the flight to Amsterdam took around 1 hour or so. The moment we reached Amsterdam, woooohhhooooooooo!!! Can't even describe the feelings!

But, we were clueless the moment we reached Schiphol airport. Most signboards were written in Dutch! But, survivors don't go panic straight away, hehe, we asked around and went to the information counter blablabla and we were then on our way to Amsterdam Central by train :))

Reached Amsterdam Central, we had to take the tram to get to our hostel and here's the funny part of all. Farah got into the tram first. God knows how she lovesssss walking alone ahead of us as if she's on a vacation on her own. Lepas tuuu, I was about to get into the same tram when the tram lady told me to use the back door. I rushed to the back door but the door suddenly closed and the tram started moving leaving me and Julie outside the tram and Farah was alone inside in the moving tram. Ahahahaha.

It was indeed a critical time lah kan as we just reached Amsterdam we didn't really know how to get around just yet and we were using UK number so contacting one another might be a problem jugak but I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Imagine okay, Farah was inside, me and Julie was outside, we were looking at each other thru the window and we knew exactly dat dalam hati masing2 was like "weh camne ni camne ni ape nak buat?" but at the same time all of us muke tengah tahan gelak. The most we could do was bagi senyuman penuh harapan supaya Farah jage diri and semoga bertemu kembali. Lepas je Farah hilang from our sight, me and Julie gelak gila2 padahal we just lost our friend in a foreign place, xpe, pandai2 la kau Farah.

Farah memang pandai pun luckily she got on the right train so we met again at place we were supposed to get off(Farah, I forgot the name!!). To cut things short, we walked a little bit till we reached StayOkay Hostel which was a bit ceruk but the hostel looked great lah. We were early so we couldn't check-in the hostel straight away so instead of leaving our luggage at the hostel we decided to wait till it was time to check-in because leaving our luggage there means spending a few euros and tell you what, Amsterdam was unexpectedly an expensive place to be so yeah, it's time untuk berkira. Ahahaha. And this is Julie counting her euros while waiting for our time to check-in.

Checked-in. The room was okay, we were lucky that we got a room for 4 so the 3 of us conquered the room and thankfully there was no 4th person staying in the very same room :P After we settled down, we bought our tix to ride the canal cruise. Amsterdam is indeed a very very very beautiful place to be la seriously. I especially love the old town!! The fact that canals are everywhere in Amsterdam really makes it a beautiful place to be. And the people are very laid-back kinda people. You can see most of 'em riding the bicycle, vespa and scooter. Even the girls ride vespa here in Amsterdam. How cool is that?

Oh btw, the Hard Rock Amsterdam pun cool it was facing the canal but sad to say, we did plan to hang out there but due to some shit, we didn't have the time to actually hang out at the Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam :(((((((

The canal cruise lets you have the best view of both old town and new town of Amsterdam. Old town wins my heart laaa! After the canal cruise, we took a stroll at the old town and I was falling even more in love with Amsterdam, with the people, with the housing area, the canals, the environment, everything! It's like, I can really say that I like Amsterdam better than Zurich which I previously rated as my top favourite city :P

That night, I was sooooooo eager to go to the Red Light District!! Not because I'm horny or anything (afterall I'll be seeing girls jugak kan) but I nak la tengok hot sangat ke the prostitutes here ahahahaha. And to be perfectly honest, they're all just like any other ordinary girls standing behind the glass window trying to get some ppl to pay 'em for their service. I actually thought they were naked but no, they're not. They were wearing some sexy lingerie la of course if not how are they going to sell their body kan.

Along the street, there were lots of shops selling sex stuffs ahahahah. We got into a few shops and belek2 some stuffs :P Even the souvenir shops were selling some kinky souvenirs like penis-shaped candies and straw, orgasm keychain (it's a keychain with a button and when u press the button there'll be female voice yg tgh horny 'ahhh ahhh' tu LOL), willy warmer and lots more lah. I seriously thought of buying some for close friends and boyfriend but again due to some shit, we didn't have the time to buy eee geram sangat!

Julie was a bit worried about going out to the Red Light District at night because she was afraid that there were horny guys trying to pick on us ke apa but to me, the place was so lively with tourists and there's really no room for horny guys to do anything. Plus if they're horny pun, the prostitutes kan ade, kitorang ni dahla macam midget dekat sana (except for Farah) so well, not to worry lah.

So the plan for the next day was to go to Keukenhof. Keukenhof is the famous Tulips Garden. Holland is famous for its tulips and they're sooooo beautiful but during our visit, winter just ended and it was only the beginning of spring so the flowers didn't fully bloom so yeah, we weren't lucky enough to get the beautiful view of fully-bloomed tulips.

Lots of things happened in between but I'm not gonna bore you with that hehe so the next day we went to the countryside of Holland, Volendam by bus. Just so you know, Holland is famous for so many things like tulips, bicycle, legal drugs, legal prostitution, windmill, wooden shoes and their signature cheese. So at the countryside, the focus was on the windmill, wooden shoes and cheese!!

This is the famous Holland cheese. OMG sedap like crazy I can really eat it on its own and I sooooo regret laa tak beli cheese ni bawak balik. Damnnnn! They have varieties of cheese like smoked cheese (the one in the pic), herbs cheese etc etc and they all taste soo good they can really make you fly lah. Makan the smoked cheese alone macam makan ayam, no exaggeration, it was damn real. I can really gain whole lots of kilos if I were to stay here enjoying the cheese everyday. Memang obese.

And the view of the Holland countryside is even better. Better in the sense that it's soooo peaceful and pretty and nyaman and harmoni and cantek lahhh. Tak tau nak cakap macamane. The windmills are everywhere, canals are everywhere. Imagine lah rumah kampung semua surrounded by canals, it was soooo beautiful that I wish to migrate to Holland right that moment jugak. And it was so windy and sejuk gila at the countryside. I wish I had more time to adore the countryside.

And the wooden shoes. We went to the wooden shoes factory and see how they actually make the wooden shoes. Ala malas la nak cerita you guys won't wanna know technical stuffs like this cewah. Padahal I pun dah tak ingat ahaha.

And another thing I regret was, I didn't take a picture of myself in the traditional Holland costumes. Well at first I didn't do it because it was quite expensive considering my thinning euros so I was hoping to find a cheaper deal but there wasn't cheaper package than that hmm and I regret that I didn't just turn a blind eye on this! hais.

We had quite an expensive dinner afterwards at the Indo-Chinese restaurant tapi to be frank it wasn't up to my expectation, tak sedap pun sangat baik makan kebab jek tapi we all memang saje nak makan sedap la kononnye isshhh! And because of thissss, we were late ke ape tah but lepas tu ingat nak beli all the souvenirs but the shops sume dah nak tutup eee so I didn't get to buy much things pon :((((( benci sangat benci sangat I didn't get to buy kinky souvenirs and so much other things I planned of buying :(((((

So anyway, other than the sightseeing and stuffs we did try some legal stuffs in Amsterdam which finally make me understand how does it feels like to be Alice in Wonderland hahah the idea of Alice in Wonderland is actually a real damn thing and it felt so good so good so good that you can actually eat and fly (if you get what I mean). It was one hell of experience that I sure gonna miss (wait, I'm already missing it) and don't blame us because we were doing something legal ahahahaha and just for the sake of you know, experience :p So, not gonna tell it in detail here because not everyone can accept this so yeah, let the memories remain in my head.

But the effects lasted till I landed in Edinburgh, Scotland as I did mix the legal stuffs together and holy shit the effects was crazay I really thought I was not gonna be okay ever again. And if you wonder how I terrible I looked like after the mixture of stuffs that I took, this picture says it all.

Damn, I'm missing Amsterdam the most.

Friday, June 3, 2011

London with besties

Sambungan kepada my travel updates wahahahaha. Okay, so after I separated from Sheila and Mary, I went straight to Baker Street to meet Farah, alone tau. Tapi takde hal, rasa macam dah jadi resident London dah time tu wahahaha. So excited dat I met Farah after so longggg, from Baker Street, straight to Stansted Airport naik van to pick up Julie who came all the way from Malaysia on her own. Dalam van tu borak non-stop with Farah, orang lain senyap je but we couldn't stop, too much updates! That's what happened when best friends get together! Kan?

Reunited with Julie at Stansted Airport. So the happy that our vacation is about to start with just 3 of us, what's better than that? We went straight to our hostel yang macam hotel somewhere near the airport as it was already midnight so might as well lepak dekat2 situ je kan. Central London agak jauh from Stansted Airport.

And taraaa, this is our hostel! Best kannn???This picture was taken the next morning. It was quite candid lah I was wearing my contact lens, Julie was brushing her teeth and Farah took the picture. So likeee! Walaupun muka I boleh tahan gemok dalam ni dah la comot ahahaha.

And this is the view outside our hostel. Macam countryside sket.

Then, we made our way to the Central London. The plan was to leave our luggage somewhere at the train station but to our disappointment, we couldn't find the left-luggage service so I called Malaysia Hall and asked whether we can come earlier and leave our luggage first since we're not allowed to check-in the Malaysia Hall until 1pm. The lady answering the phone sounded a bit kerek la, she was like 'awak datang je la dulu, I'll see what I can do' pergh lah. Sabar je lah. Ingat Malaysia Hall tu seblah rumah aku ke? Tapi nasib baik she allowed us to leave our luggage there. Lega kot kalau tak terpaksa jalan terkedek2 bawak luggage dah la berat, I even have backpack kottt! Eeeee hodoh.

Hah, first destination : Madame Tussaud! I myself has never been to Madame Tussaud so of course I was excited bout it. Datang awal2 pagi pun hampa sebab still kena beratur panjang, tapi takpe lah, layan sajes.

But actually, tak banyak patung celebrities in Madame Tussaud. Tapi si Russell Brand ni ade lah plak. I pun struggle la tangkap gambar dengan Russell Brand because a certain someone ni perasan dia same mcm Russell. Ahahahah. Kalau I larat memang I upload all the pics, tapi kalau upload semua pun mcm la orang nak tengok sangat kan. So I main upload je lah ape yg mcm best.

Then, terus nak pegi tengok Big Ben, Houses of Parliaments, London Eye, River Thames etc. Which means, I'll be seeing these things again for the 3rd time. Blueks muntah already. This area name die Westminster, the place where the royal wedding took place. Then jalan kaki to Trafalgar Square sambil gelak2 like crazy. I can't really describe it lah, but when we get together, everything seems to be soooo laughable, lawak nak mati and we can really gelak till we die.

Recorded some silly videos too tapi tak terlarat nak upload all the vids plus they're quite lengthy hehe.

Then my kaki start buat hal. Sakit nak mati. I was having some sort of joint pain on my knee. Annoying gila tapi gagahkan jugak pegi Tower Bridge tapi time ni dah down sket sebab mmg sakit sgt sgt sgt. Nasib baik dah pnah pergi so I didn't even take pics pun dekat sini. Malas and muke pon super chronic already sbb sakit sgt.

Went back to Malaysia Hall to get some good sleep. We got 2 rooms as there's no room that provide accomodation for 3 ppl but we squeezed in all of us in one room. Hehe. Next day in the morning after breakfast nasik lemak worth RM20 at Malaysia Hall, we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of guard etc etc tu.

And then picnic-ing at Hyde Park. The weather was good, not so windy and sejuk like the previous day so I can take off my jacket, for a moment though, lepas tu sejuk balik. Aahahaha. Time picnic ni borak2, gelak2, camwhore2, record video kutuk Julie because previously she had her taik hidung sesat on her nose lepas tu kentut so kuat and berak busuk gila lol.

And here's the Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus.

And lepas tu gerak to China Town.

And believe me masa ni kaki sakit lagi :( it was so severe that I had to spend 6 pounds for NSAID (painkiller) aaa that was freaking RM 30 kotttt!!! Mahal nk mati tapi I really can't afford to ignore the pain that I felt like crying kot sakit sangat. Tapiiii, sampai je Oxford St, not that the pain went away, but I was amazed at myself for the will and strength dat I have to still geledah the whole kedai to find things that I like walaupun tgh sakit gile kaki.

I yang sakit kaki, tapi I was the last to stop shopping till Farah and Julie had to wait for this. This pic was taken just a few minutes before diorang kena halau suro bangun. LOL. Macam pendatang already.

Andddd, that kinda sum up our hols in London. Words can't even describe our holiday sebenarnye, cewah. Lepas shopping ni, kitorang terus rush balik Malaysia Hall amek barang2 semua time ni kaki sakit so Farah la banyak tlg I angkat beg gabak tuuu..thanks sgt to Farah ahahaha. Malam ni kite semua overnite dekat Stansted airport waiting for our flight to Amsterdam woot woot. Malangnye I tak tido pon, Farah je dapat tido baring atas kerusi, me and Julie dah mcm zombie dah. Tapi redha sajes.