Thursday, September 1, 2011

azam tengah tahun saya

i don't think i should wait for the new year to come for me to change for the better kan. so yes, i do need to make a good change, now. i can't wait till new year!

so yep, lately, my temper shoots up so very easily. i get irritated so easily. and when i get so irritated, i'll curse like nobody's business. sickening, i know.

i wasn't a hot-tempered person before. but after meeting a few hot-tempered persons, and the fact that their temper gave a fairly big impact in my life (as i was quite a patient person previously), i've grown to be a hot-tempered girl too. and living in india, it got worse.

i will especially curse like a mad woman whenever i drive around in india (lesser chance to hear me curse if i drive around in malaysia) i get irritated easily hearing ridiculous reasoning from ppl i thought to be intelligent and i can't stand ppl with no manners esp if it involves my time (talk about punctuality) or promises (because i do take promises seriously and i remember every bits of 'em)

but goshhh, i'm getting nauseated from my own self. i gotta ditch that 'panas baran' part of me. what am i gonna be? samseng wanita? hahaha. last time i made a scene at FRRO office (those studying in India know how it's like la kan to deal with kelings) and i really lost my temper that i created a scene in that very office, in front of, well, i must say, quite a big number of foreigners.

well i don't really get angry unnecessarily. cume, when i get angry, i will get angry sepenuh hati yang sampai rasa nak sumpah seranah tu semua. and living in india, i learnt that getting angry sepenuh hati is the only way to make their ppl (indians) get their work done. but i must not get carried away with that. though, well, it's true. if u marah suam2 kuku, jgn harap depa nak dengar, tapi, there must be another way.

well i can't think of another way just yet. but i really wanna be a bit more penyabar. maybe kalau tak dpt ubah serta-merta pun, i'm gonna try my best not to curse like mad, or not to create scene anymore.

coz i'm 24 and a 24-year-old lady should be a bit more patient than this :) so yes. this is my new year resolution in advance.