Saturday, September 26, 2009

i demand for a longer holiday

1 week has gone, and i only have another 2 weeks to stay! shooott! i haven't met so many people and i haven't done so many things. don't tell me to compress things up in 2 weeks time because that's impossible! damn, do i have an option anyway? NO!

beyonce live in malaysia in 25th october damn itttt i wanna goooo!!!!! beyonce kottt??! shes hot shes classy shes gorgeous and i definitely wanna see her performing in kl :( dad didnt stop making fun of me because i won't get the chance to see her performing in kl since i'll be in india by then! aahhh sad sad :( :( :(

don't ask about raya because we didn't celebrate it as much. raya is just another day to us so yeah, i know everyone's posting their raya pics, unfortunately i dun have much raya pics to share. camwhoring during raya day isn't our family tradition. lol.

okay let's talk no more.
the ex-schoolmates! the yellow guy was my schoolmate in primary,
and the white guy was my schoolmate since tadika up till secondary!

it's almost impossible not to have a mamak nite out when u stay in shah alam

and it's even harder not to shop

kesian, orang pergi beraya i berfish spa dekat rumah

winding up

because i don't have raya pics to share, so i snap this. i now have somethng to share. lol.

sarah got her new guitar which is so unfair! dad never bought me a goood guitar.
yeah i have the kapok one but still, she got a wayyyyy better one! tak aci!

ada pakcik berlagak rockstar. eh. pakcik ni la my dad. say hi to uncle tarmizi!

see, they left the kapok guitar for me. tak aci. tak aci.

MY EX-BEDMATE!! finally reunited! after a year?

zayani and her new sareee cewah!

that's about it. no, i'm not done yet so i demand for a longer holiday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

nasib orang tkde kampung

sisters minus kak long

the 2 handsome guys with my baby sis :D
yo yo selamat hari raya yaawww!

mummy yg mengamuk di pagi raya sbb
kitorang bgn lambat ;p

sebab bosan beraya dkt rumah,
maka camwhore di rumah sendiri.

aaaaa cpt la i nak pegi open house korang2!
hargailah kampung2 anda sebab beraya dkt bandar
sangatlah bosan nak mati. haish.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


"sahaja aku tak puasa kerana aku seorang musafir dari india ke malaysia"

location : bangalore international airport
time : 10 minit sebelum niat

me : mak, esok tak nak puasa la saye kan musafir ni. esok
smpai umah nak makan terus ek.
mak : yelah tu, niat musafir nanti jangan lupe ganti.


esok paginya aku melantak laksa superb mak


Thursday, September 17, 2009

i love kuah kacang mummy sgt2

see i'll be reaching KLIA on saturday morning woot woot! dad is coming to pick me up and amir will be there to carry my luggage which is worth 35kg teeeheee! damn i can't reduce the weight no more. i always have this feeling of insecurity (ceh?) if i don't bring 3/4th of the wardrobe with me lol. yesss 35kg isn't even half of my wardrobe. too much sampahsarap in there gotta make time to clear up those things. thought of letting go some of my dresses (that includes some unused dresses) but i dun have space for them in my luggage. the sarees are taking too much of weight this time. gosh.

alrite raya day falls on sunday and i officially have 24 hours (or less) to prepare myself for raya! it's not like i want to put up the curtain or prepare the rendang and kuah kacang. i'm talking about myself! ek eleh poyo je kau ni ira. but weh i need errr, new hairstyle, whatever that is, i'm still thinking weither to perm it, chop it (very unlikely though), color it or do some streaking on my hair. thought of putting up some pics of me with different hairstyle but the external harddisc is already in the big luggage so malas la.

but i doubt if i have enough time for that cuz i'm gonna meet someone to pick up something lol on the same day. u know, this online shopping thingy, yes, i meant to say COD. hoh i already did my pre-shopping spree thru the net. warming up beb.

can't wait to reach home it's been ages! never thought i can go thru months without going home. i thought i was spoilt i couldnt make it but i actually did it wooohooo. parents must have been proud of me cewah puji diri sendiri. off to bangalore airport tomorrow lalalala~~

btw, i'm wishing all muslims 'selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir batin' :)

this is why u shouldn't promise things to kids lol

i baru 22 years old, i student lagi, i kena bagi duit raya keee??

baby anis : akak nak bagi duit raya kat kitorang berape maaa?
me : hahhh asal akak nk kene bagi plak? mintak abah la!
baby anis : hari tu akak janji nak bagi.
me : bile maseee??
baby anis : ade akak ckp nak bagi ari tuuu!

okay i seriously can't remember myself janji dekat adik tercinta nak bagi duit raya. maybe i did, unconsciously. this is the reason why u shouldn't janji bukan2 dekat budak kecik! they will surely remember okay!! and when u lupe, nanti mule la diorang kata u tipu la janji palsu la poyo la dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

and i was exactly like that when i was little! my parents janji la pape pun i will igt sampai bila2. janji nak beli gula2 20 sen dapat 5 pun i will ingat and tuntut. janji kalau pegi cabut gigi dekat dentist abah bagi seringgit untuk setiap gigi yg kena cabut pun i mesti tuntut. atau if abah kata 'esok kita pegi jalan dekat jaya jusco' (weh masa kecik pegi jaya jusco best kottttt!) pun esoknya pagi2 i kejut abah suruh bawak kitorang jalan2 pegi jusco pdhal his 'esok' means 'esok lusa or bila2 nanti' to him.

see, jangan silap ckp weh dengan budak2. they'll remember forever. nanti tak pasal2 anda dituduh macam2. so macamane ni? i kena bagi duit raye ahh nii? ok, sorang rm2 okay adik2ku sayang? lol ramai gila adik aku.

p/s : kan i dah kata i pening packing2 ni, berat luggage i 34 kg beb! max 20 kg kot.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

don't u ever

don't think ur words can melt me,
don't think ur smile can fix me,
don't think flowers can buy me,
just don't think u can play me!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

raya fever

okay enough of mourning +_+

instead of revising for my practical exam, i lagi busy packing barang nak balik malaysia and plan my holiday in malaysia. ceh. terpaksa weh. kalau packing lambat2 nanti i demam sebab pening tatau mane satu nk bawak balik mane satu nak tinggal sebab kalau boleh nk bawak balik satu wardrobe. typical perempuan hoho.

3 weeks of holiday is definitely tak cukup. i dah plan so many things tapi i doubt i can fulfill every plan sebab 3 minggu je kot helllooooo! nak beraya rumah sanak saudara lagi dah abis 2 minggu begitu saja. sigh. rasa nak extend lagi seminggu sumpah tak tipu. cis padahal kau cuti 3 minggu pun sebab dah extend seminggu kan, ira! tak beragak btul kau ni ade hati nak tambah lagi seminggu, nak kena terajang dgn prof sudha ke?

i've been telling mom balik ni nak pegi sini,sana dan situ with my friends and she was like 'dah tu bilanya kau nak duduk rumah?' errr. will make time for that i swear! told u 3 weeks is not enough. haish. dahla i bercita2 tinggi nak shopping sampai lebam tapi bila tah? i have loads to buy gheeee. i need to restock everything especially my high heels +_+ i dah sgt kekurangan practical high heels for everyday use. my current high heels are not that practical some are too tinggi, some buat sakit kaki, some are too fetish. heh, byk la alasan aku kan. cakap nak tambah collection sudeyh.

this bulan puasa is the most hambar bulan puasa ever. makan berbuka, supper and sahur i sangat tak terurus. tambah plak exam, bila exam mmg we housemates stop take turn utk masak so pandai2 sendiri la cari makan. i mmg malas masak kalau puasa ni apatah lagi kalau ade exam so heh, hari2 order tak pun makan luar or i'd rather berbuka with maggi kalau kemalasan bermaharajalela. haahahhaa. sahur? mmg tak la. awal2 dulu bangun la gak sahur minum air and mkn kurma. now that stock kurma dah abis, harapan la bangun sahur.

malas nak pk anything yg berat2. just mau pulang ke malaysia dengan selamat. baju raya i dah memanggil2 suro pakai! hahahahaah.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

some things just don't go ur way

so the exam is PARTIALLY over. yes the biggest, scariest and the most torturing portion of it is over! we still have practical exam left next week and then i'll be on my way home for raya!

this week is the most stressful week after so long. so stressful that i went totally blank while answering my patho paper. anything and everything i read a few hours before the exam and the night before just went off. i can only see fragments of what i've read and that's just - sad. sad because i can't recall anything, let alone to reproduce those things on my exam paper. T_T

and i now believe that some people do go blank during the exam, which i thought was just some lame excuse made by some lame students. sad to be true, this is my first bitter experience of losing every data that i've stored in my brain, not being able to recall anything and end up just staring at the paper. and i did try to peep at my friends' exam paper but heh, didn't get much anyway so no worries. my attempt to cheat failed miserably. hoho.

even the most hated subject never did this to me. i was really sad almost at my lowest point but mom says this is just another dugaan from Him. u don't always get what u want, and things don't always go according to ur plan. it's all depends on Him. yes, i believe it now. and i'm ready for the worst. hoho.

"experience tu kan berharga, tapi kena jadikan pengajaran. mcm bercinta, pernah ada boyfriend lepas tu gaduh besar, pengajaran jugak untuk tak buat the same mistake, sama la macam belajar, biasalah if tak boleh jawab tu, kalau asik boleh jawab je tak boleh jugak, experience mcm ni yg akan prepare u for the future. nobody stays on top for too long"-mummy

err, as if i was on top? mmg tak!

how can i not love her words?

p/s : so mentally exhausted, anyone knows how to feed the brain??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

puasa yang yok

nasib baik aku tak bukak pose hari ni. dah hampir dah. mlm tadi start landing atas katil pukul 11, malangnya tertidur dalam pukul 4 gitu. kire sendiri la bape jam aku golek2 atas katil tapi hampeh tak tidur2. tension tahu tak?

salah sendiri sebab the past few days mmg tidur lambat. nak tau ke aku buat ape? ha ni kan bulan yg mulia, kalau tidur lambat tu mesti la beramal ibadat kan kan ehem ehem plis percaya. tp sebab nk gak pegi clinical pagi tadi (heh ni sifat mulia semua pelajar yg mmg determine nak pegi class) tu yang aku paksa gak tidur pukul 11 tp my circadian cycle dah mcm haram so harapan la kan. tapi, aku pegi clinical beb, jgn tak caya.

kat opd mula la pening2 rasa nak pitam lagi2 kalau kene diri lame2 dengar doc ckp itu dan ini nasib baik aku tak pegi masuk OT kalau tak aku yg pengsan sebab kne diri lame sgt dah la perut kosong. time tu dah dengar bisikan2 setan suro bukak pose. dahla suro bukak pose, siap suro aku pegi beli mcd banyak2 bawak balik untuk santapan berbuka aku di tengahari. setan setan, kau mmg tkde keje. eh, bukan setan kene ikat ke bulan puase? dah tu sape yg bisik kat aku?

tapi kesian kat setan, aku tak bukak pose pon! blueks! try again tomorrow eh bongkak plak (jgn dow goda aku suro bukak pose nnti perut i tergoda) aaahhh, lagi 10 minit nak berbukaaa! weeeee!

kalau time kanak2 dulu2 puase penuh sehari msti abah bagi seringgit. tapi dlm sebulan tak pnah dapat rm30 T_T tak pernah. haih, sekarang dah besar lagi la tak boleh nak penuh sebulan kan. hari ni berbuka nasik dengan tomyam ayam saje. aaaahhhhhh jgn dibayangkan apa yang mak masak dekat rumah nanti i sedih (-_-")

lagi 2 weeks mau pulang ke kampung halaman. sehari sebelum raye wooo. nantikan kepulanganku okeeyh! daaaa!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mirror mirror hangin' on the wall

byk jenis cermin dalam dunia,
ada cermin buat kau nampak gemuk,
ada cermin buat kau nampak pendek,
ada cermin buat kau nampak keding,
ada cermin buat kau nampak cantik,
ada cermin buat kau nampak gelap,
ada cermin buat kau nampak hodoh.

tapi, cermin mana satu yg tak tipu kau?

so now, can you relate?