Tuesday, April 12, 2011

London Again! :D

OKAYYYYY punch me in my face for abandoning my blog for 3 months!!!! Gosh, I love this blog coz this is where I pour my heart out but for freaking 3 months, I've been neglecting this blog for no strong reasons. I was just, too lazy to write anything, or maybe, I lost the drive to write.

Sedang memaksa diri untuk menulis. Hahahaha. Okay first things first, I will bore you with my travel updates. Teeheee :))

So I went to London once again :) This time, with different bunch of people. Went there with Sheila and Mary accompanying me from Bangalore. It was a realllllyyyyyy tiring journey okayyy, we took Saudi Arabian Airlines as it offers the cheapest rate so we had our transit at Jeddah for freaking 9 hours :/ Can you believe it?

Okay, firstly, the flight was full with orang2 yang nak perform umrah so you can imagine lah their attire plus they were reciting ayat suci Al-Quran sepanjang2 journey to Jeddah, I ni dahla nak pergi London nak bercuti (aka melagha), baju memang dah sah2 jauh beza dgn orang2 yg nak perform umrah, tudung pun takde pulak tu, so, sangat lah hidup segan mati tak mau. Lebih kurang lah.

In the plane. Orang2 nak buat umrah.

Transit at Jeddah for freaking 9 hours. Can you imagine? Kebosanan tahap moksya tapi redha dengan status kewangan yang miskin maka redha je lah kau kena tahan transit kat Jeddah sampai 9 jam. That's the way to survive. Malaysians bersepah, maka dengan itu, kentois secara terang-terangan dengan takde tudung nye. Dahla shawl pun takde. Hais. Lupe nak set strategy.

Tapi yang bestnya, dapat food and drinks free from the waiters at the airport cafe :P they slipped on a note on the tray, wanted to be our friends. Ceh la. Mesti dah buat mcm tu kat ramai girls but anyway, that's not important, what's important is that, we got free fooooood :))

From the waiters. Wahahahaha

Mary and Sheila
Okay, finally sampai London. Kawan I kat London ni, name die Ameerul, pemalas punya mamat. Bukan nak pick us up dekat airport padahal his uni dekat je dengan Heathrow tapi sebab we arrived at 6am in the morning, lagi la mamat ni liat nk amek kitorang pagi2 buta so redha je lah. But anyway, he did give us the number of private hire cab lah kan, so we dun have to spend extra pennies on the black cab yang mahal tu. Yang lawaknyaaaaa, none of us have UK number just yet!!

So okay lah, since we arrived at London at 6 am in the morning, called the private hire cab and the operator asked for our number, told him lah we didn't have UK number yet so we couldn't give him any number. The operator said, "well, this is a rare case but the cab will be arriving in another 20 minutes, but if the cab isn't there, do give us a call" OK layan.

30 minutes passed by, no cabs. Me and Sheila went back to the public phone booth and as we were approaching the public phone booth, the phone was ringing!! I picked up the phone and guess what, it's the cab driver calling for us! Weh, the phone booth tu dah la jauh from our waiting place, datang semata-mata nak call the private hire cab tu balik, tengok2 the cab driver was calling us. So random and so kelakar we couldn't stop laughing bout it.

Okay sampai Brunel's University, my friend's place. We stayed at his friend's room as he was away visiting his wife somewhere in Sheffield. Floor budak boys, tapi redah saje. Janji free accomodation. Makcik2 cleaner mat salleh pun rupenye kepochi jugak sebok dok tanye2 kitorang siape semua. Bantai je "makcik, saye kakak budak ni". Speaking London, of course.

Settle down. Hari tu jugak kitorang went to Oxford St to do some shopping. But I did not. Sebab I'll be spending 5 days dekat London, later with Farah and Julie so I was just surveying stuffs je time tu. Maka, dengan officialnye, I was their tour guide for the day, and the next day. Gambar dekat Oxford Street tkde sebab semua orang busy shopping.

Next day, sightseeing around London. Sebenarnya dah naik bosan sebab I went there already kan tapi layan saje. Dahla it was raining during our sightseeing day, punah harapan nak picnic dekat Hyde Park. Hais. So, these are the pics.

Big Ben

otw to Trafalgar Square

I spent around 3 days la jugak with Sheila and Mary. FYI, they're from Sabah and between them mestilah cakap in Sabah. Maka dengan itu, I pun dah terikut2 nak cakap Sabah jugak. LOL. Sumpah tak tipu. It feels awkward to speak in standard Malay when both of 'em are conversing in Sabahan. Bantai je la. Hahahaa.

Sheila was busy trying out some shoes
We separated on the 3rd day, they were heading to their friend's house somewhere di hujung London, and I made my way to Baker Street to meet Farah and then straight to Stansted Airport to pick up Julie! On the last day at Brunel's Uni, Merul cooked spaghetti for lunch, haa, boleh la tahan. Janji free :P and he sent me to the nearest tube station and yes, it was our goodbye! Thanks so much to him for the hospitality walaupun die layan tak layan je kitorang tapi bole lah kan daripada takde wahahahahaha. And I was sooooo excited to meet my two bestfriends :))

Will continue writing in my next post :))