Thursday, October 29, 2009

language of the heart.

kau tak boleh suruh lidah kau rasa masam bila tertelan garam yang dah tentu masin. PAHAM?
tapi lidah kau boleh kata benci walaupun hati tetap cinta.
maka, hati itu adalah rahsia terbesar buat pemilik.

dia kata dia jatuh cinta bila hatinya disentuh,
aku kata, aku tak rasa kau punya hati untuk di sentuh to begin with.

dia kata, hati aku telah dicuri oleh si cantik rupawan,
aku kata, "wtf? i don't have your heart with me!"

kemana hati telah membawa diri?
sedangkan pemilik hati tidak punya jawapan for that.

dan rahsia pemilik hati is no longer his secret to keep.
but a mystery that is yet to be revealed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


akhir bulan adalah saat yang paling dinanti-nantikan oleh most of the sponsored students dekat sini. sebab this is when duit scholar masuk and kepada mereka yang sentiasa broke, hari duit scholar masuk simply mean 'yeay aku kembali kaya' and maybe la bertahan 2-3 minggu lepas tu papa kedana balik and the cycle repeats. tak kesah la tu kan, duit korang, lantak korang la kan.

aku pun suka bila duit masuk. siapa tak suke duit beb? budak kecik pun tau happy bila dapat duit. bila duit masuk on time, atau bila duit buku masuk (duit buku + elaun bulanan = mcm menang loteri) atau bila rate USD tinggi, memang semua orang pun nak buat sujud syukur dekat ur sponsor. time tu la baru nak mengenang jasa orang yang sponsor etc etc.

kalau duit masuk lambat? fine la maybe la semua orang pun tak suka duit masuk lambat, aku pun tak suka. tapi what's up with these people yang terus kutuk2 sponsor kata bangang la bodoh la tak buat kerja la etc etc. i mean, cukup kot sekadar mengeluh sikit2 or kalau lambat sgt baru la boleh buat report ke apa but there's no need to kutuk the sponsor hello they give you enough monthly allowance and pay ur study fees and everything and bila duit masuk lambat kau nak kata orang tu bodoh bangang bahlul etc etc. like seriously, i think u have a problem.

i bukan nak pro my sponsor or what. i don't have parents or relatives working there so well there's no reason for me to back them up ke apa. its just that, some people so tak mengenang budi and it annoys me to death bila orang ni kutuk sponsor diorang gila gila babi bila duit lambat masuk. it's not like you're starving to death ke apa. cuba fikir la kan, kau ada company and u're the boss yg nak buat amal jariah utk sponsor some students pegi belajar. and the students kutuk kau gila babi bila kau masukkan duit lambat 2-3 hari. marah tak? mesti rasa nak sepak terajang the assholes kan.

there was this one incident where i got so bloody annoyed and marah with my sponsor and i said i wanted to sue them if i could in front of my dad (bukan pasal duit lambat masuk la obviously) and my dad replied "jgn digigit tangan yang memberi". silence. (okay my dad agak suka la kan guna peribahasa2 ni)

that was when i learned my lesson. and yes, the peribahasa really did make me realize to be grateful and not to marah2 whenever duit lambat masuk or anything la, at least tak marah2 irrationally sampai mencarut2 tak pasal2.

oh btw, duit i tak masuk lagi. ok bye.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

girlish talk : MAKE-UP MISTAKES

I've been meaning to write about this long time ago but blame the er, lack of time. I was just too busy doing other things and this blog has become the last thing on my mind for the past few weeks.

You know, there are certain things that I observe every now and then. One of the things that I've been observing, and I'll be writing about, is the obvious MAKE-UP MISTAKES.

I'm nowhere close to a professional make-up artist and I must admit that on my first few attempts of applying make-up, I committed the same mistakes too. It's part of me experimenting the painting on my face. LOL. Btw, let's not look like a clown anymore. Here are some gross mistakes you should avoid when applying make-up.

  1. Choose one between your eyes and your lips! Sometimes, you think putting glittery eyeshadow on your eyes and again glittery lip gloss on your lips gives you double charm. No, totally wrong. If you've decided to have a dramatic eyes, keep your lip colour simple/natural and vice versa.
  2. Applying red lipstick without a lip liner is a sin! Red lipstick tends to bleed so you'll need a lip liner for a well-defined lip.
  3. And of course, red lipstick is already sexy! Keep your eyes simple and don't try to match your red lipstick with a red dress. It'll definitely look err, trashy? (believe me, I've seen one)
  4. Blusher is meant for the apple of your cheek. But, don't go concentrating that area with too much blusher cuz it'll make everything looks unnatural. Here's a simple tips ; apply a little bit of blusher to your forehead, chin and nose for a fresher and natural looking face. (Sikit je tau! Tak suruh concentrate the blusher to the whole of your face!)
  5. When applying eyeliner, be sure that the line doesn't look as if it's hanging! It is supposed to make the root of your eyelash appears thicker, not an entirely separate line to spoil your pretty eyes. Don't do that gross mistake pls!
  6. Applying liquid eyeliner can be a real hassle. But liquid eyeliner is always preferable as it gives better result and less chances for you to have panda eyes at the end of the day! Yes, pencil eyeliner may be the culprit for that!
  7. Lastly, foundation isn't necessary for everyone. If you have a skin that's flawless, you have no reason to hide it with a foundation. But anyway, if u still need to apply a foundation, these are the things to be remembered ; i) the shade of the foundation has to be one shade lighter than your skin tone. ii) remember your neck, it needs coverage too! (or ur neck will appear as if it belongs to a different person)
The look that you wear is supposed to be flattering but any of these mistakes will make you appear otherwise. Before stepping out of your house, check again if you've done something wrong on your face.

And when your make-up is perfect, wear it with confidence :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

grab your chance now

My first round of selling off the beautiful sarees was a success. A real one. The feedback that I got from those people who have seen the sarees that I brought back home was overwhelming. Unfortunately, those sarees were pre-owned as I bought the sarees based on request. So yeah, there's nothing like 'I like this saree okay cop nak beli' because you need to place your order and I'll bring home your sarees. Yes basically that's how it works.

I already got quite a number of saree order since the aunties and cousins rambang mata seeing the pre-owned sarees but I'm here to take a few more order. Mind you, it's limited as the weight of luggage is also limited so place your order quick, or you'll miss your chance.

For further enquiry, leave a comment here or you can IM or e-mail me at

I managed to capture some of the sarees that I brought back during my last holiday. Well to be exact, my little sister did the photography and that's my big sister who is modelling the sarees. So, doubt my taste? Take a glance you people :D



(Gulati's Silk House is selling the exact same one
for RM780 and I sold it for only RM250)





By the way, there are cheaper sarees available here in India. Some are even RM20 but sorry guys, I only have eyes for pretty and high quality sarees. What I am taking into account is good quality, beautiful sarees and your satisfaction. Place your order quick.

p/s : no i'm not turning this blog into a business blog, am just taking an opportunity to offer a great deal to you :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

orang kata.

sayang anak tangan-tangankan,
sayang bini tinggal-tinggalkan,

sayang girlfriend?

Monday, October 12, 2009

serious business

i need to restart the engine now because the classes have started (in fact, they've started a week ago when i was still in malaysia)

i need to throw away all the negative feelings like malas, homesick, skipping classes, benci commed, benci naik auto dan benci kena masak sendiri. +_+

because i have a lot to catch up.

but, i am still considering about beyonce concert though it sounds so unlikely but i MIGHT not think about anything else when i'm determined to do so.

loving life? LOL.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

that guy i miss

do we look alike?


Friday, October 9, 2009

i don't have anyone to impress.

realize it or not, most of us fake it on the net. u fake the way u think, u fake the way u talk/write, u fake the way u express ur thoughts and u even fake ur photos.

people fake it because they are pathetic and because they're not proud of what they already have. faking it makes u look cool so go on faking some more. because u are my source of daily entertainment. lol.

really, i dun have anyone to impress. so, just bear with my words. they can be harsh, they can be wordy and they can be straight-forward. afterall, i am comfortable writing from my heart.

p/s : i know u're not impressed. uh oh, who says i want to impress u?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

keluh kesah bersama kak esah

really, holiday is ending. today is thursday and i'm leaving on a jet plane on sunday! aaaaaaaa. tiba2 rasa berkecamuk. i'm not satisfied with my holiday.

firstly, as expected, i didn't manage to fulfil everything in my list! i had to reluctactly turn down a few invitations from old friends, be it raya open house or just lepak2 nearby. and now that i have less than 3 days to go, lagila i have to lepak indoor if not my mom/dad will start pokpek pokpek kata i never stay at home, always keluar meet people and balik late nite blablabla. they never really mind bila i go out and balik lambat semua but bila tiba je nak dekat hari i nak balik asrama/kms/india then the syndrome perli2 i datang kembali. ha biasalah tu.

dahla out of the blue my dad marah i balik lambat tadi. aaaaaa i'm guessing keadaan still tegang so there's no way i can go out tomorrow. thought of hanging out with farah before i go back to india aaa tapi how lah if only u stay nearby i can la curi kereta jap pegi jumpa but the car is always always always unavailable my dad nak guna la my mom guna la my bro guna la lepas tu even if it's available my parents tahla so kedekut their car. ok, I WANT MY OWN CAR. aaa pathetic gila.

lepas tu the shopping spree. i haven't bought the things which are on top of my list. as expected again, i end up buying things i dun really need like new tops and dresses. i wanted to buy a new bag to go to class but the one i like was rm300+++ so mcm pegi la mampos aku nak spend that much for bag pegi class so i guess i'm just gonna stick with the old worn out mng bag yg i guna since dekat kms and bag bunga2 promod which is already 2 years old. told ya i'm not really into bags so hahah, nasib ah pakai bag buruk.

and when i go back to india, i am officially a 3rd year medical student. aaaaaa. indirect way of saying that i have to work harder. sometimes rasa taknak blaja dah nak jadi penyanyi. bukan sometimes la, everytime down psl belajar i slalu fikir camtu, and now i tak down pasal belajar tp i down sebab dah nak kena balik and start belajar. i wanna do something i enjoy the most. not to say i tak enjoy doing medic, just that the burden is too much sometimes. woorrr dah la ni dah jauh menyimpang pulak keluh kesah kak esah kita ni.

ciao lah. gua penat karaoke dangdut tadi. penat goyang inul senggol senggolan and cubit cubitan. so tolong petik gitar kasi i tidur dgn aman damai yea. tataaa~

Monday, October 5, 2009

6 years and still counting :)

it's the 5 of us - me muz farah nad and ika. the road trip to penang was awesome. not really because of the places we visited, but because we get to be together again. things didn't go smoothly lol, a lot of unexpected things happened.

first things first, the itinerary says that we will make our way out of kl to penang at around 4pm, but we were 5 hours behind the schedule. ika was late because she was stucked with her lecturer (no ika no car no penang) and upon her arrival she was complaining about some weird sounds coming from her car. ok that sound mmg annoying and scary too. so we stopped at the nearest workshop and it was the brake plate (kan?) yg haus and produce the annoying sound so we had to wait for about 30 minutes for the mechanic to change to brake plate.

maghrib was approaching and we went straight to fatin's house in bangi. lepak2 makan2 solat2 sekejap and finally gerak to penang at 9pm! ok lambat tahi. my parents dah bising2 sebab all girls drive long distance malam2, parents penyayang mmg patut bising pun.

2 hours later we stopped at tapah to rest, recharge ourselves and yes, toilet. it was 11 pm when we stop at tapah. lepas tu tukar driver and terus head to the north. i was sleepy gila but couldnt sleep, same goes to farah. so we borak2 and nyanyi2 when muz suddenly bagitau that she just realized there's a persona car following us dari tadi. kitorang went to the right, diorang pun pegi right, went to the left, diorang pun went to the left padahal theres no reason for them not to potong us. then tah camane the persona had to potong us maybe because of the car behind it. realizing the fact that kitorang kena follow with that car yg ada 2-3 guys inside, we slowed down a bit and so did the persona! bodoh gila! semua terus terigt cerita scary nad about her friend yg pnah kena kejar with a group of guys dekat federal highway. gila cuak k time tu. terus tutup lagu, i dah capai kayu kat kereta ika and we slowed down gila babs and still the car pun slow gila babs. bila dah jauh sket sebab kitorang mmg slow down gila almost tak bergerak, we decided to go to the nearest exit which is gopeng sebab nak lari from that persona. seriously, better be safe than sorry.

lepas dah masuk exit ipoh, farah n muz pakai songkok so that people from outside igt diorang laki and tak brani kacau kitorang follow kitorang or what. lawak ok. ada pakcik siap tengok 2 kali to make sure if they're really lelaki. hahah whatever it is, sooo bersyukur that we finally dpt lari from the persona car. shit can't imagine what will happen if tak dpt lari. rompak? rogol? damn those things are scary.

moral of the story is, NEVER stop kat mana2 stop if u're travelling with just girls. u never know. maybe orang2 sekeliling time stop tu get the idea yg kitorang semua girls so diorang berani nak follow. cilakas betul. tapi serious takkan do the same mistake again later in the future. scary ok kena follow!!!! should have brought parang pisau and pistol kalau boleh. hahahah.

then we reached penang at around 2am. spent the 1st nite at wani's house. the next day baru masuk to the pulau. note that wani's house was not in the pulau. then the sightseeing began. bukit bendera, the temples, the fort, the FOOD, the beach and the pasar batu feringgi. semua sekali. layan. with none of us yg familiar jalan penang, semua depends on the map and tanya2 orang. ada apek comel (according to muz farah and nad) siap lead kitorang to the sleeping buddha temple lagi. so comel sampai nad orgasm (nad kata)

and then we concluded that penang drivers drive suka suki diorang je. the next day, ada this one lori simen recklessly hit ika's car. so stupid because the car was static time tu tau2 je kena langgar from the back. bergaduh jugak la after dat and the guy was so rude he even cakap bodoh to us and claimed that hes been driving since the past 20 years which means to say that it wasnt his fault. there's no use of arguing with rude ppl because he refused to pay the damage lagipun mmg rasa nak tumbuk2 cincang2 pijak2 je pakcik tua kurang ajar tuuu!

the accident won't take place if bukan sebab kitorang sesat2 nak cari lorong burma sebab tiba2 lepas balik from the sleeping buddha temple semalam dapat notice kena bayar parking 30 sen. hello boleh je kot set up a booth as counter bayar parking or at least pacak la board kata kena bayar parking so takde la menyusahkan kitorang kena patah balik to the place nak bayar parking. siapa punya idea tah stupid gila. dahla none of us orang penang, so mmg sesat2 cam haram smpai lori simen tu pegi langgar kereta. sampai je lorong burma, muz and me terus pegi cari orang yg letak2 notice tu and i couldn't stop myself from mengamuk to him. hahahah. lepas tu rasa bersalah sebab abg 30 sen (the nickname for him) tu diam je sepanjang2 i marah. sorry bang, i tak tahan ah time tu. hahahah. but 30 sen punya pasal kereta kena langgar, on 2nd thought, mmg patut abg 30 sen kena marah dengan i. i was mean gila kot kat abg 30 sen.

ok. mean girls habis ayat. tak nak igt nanti rasa bersalah. hahahahah. can't deny my habit bergaduh dengan pakcik2 auto dkt india and mane2 orang india terbawak2 sampai malaysia. if not i lemah lembut je kot.

and then off to kuala kangsar sebab nak makan pau sedap tepi sungai. makan2 lepak2 rehat2 kencing2 then terus gerak kl. oh lupa nak ckp kitorang check-in copthorne hotel in tanjung bungah which is just next to batu feringgi. sebenarnya sgt cuak dengan tsunami. dahla before pegi penang ada tsunami in samoa, earthquake in padang and taufan ke apa tah kat phillipines kan. dahla malaysia siap ada tsunami alert tapi tatau kenapa kental jugak tidur hotel tepi laut. pagi2 tu after ika and farah bukak sliding door balcony tuu, asal bunyi ombak kuat je menyirap darah terbayang tsunami sumpah tak tipu. ok gila over kan. tapi serious cuak.

oklah so i dah tulis the highlights. benda2 lain2 masa sightseeing, sesat2 and beratur panjang and lama gila nak patah kaki sebab nak makan nasik kandar malas ah nak cerita. so bersyukur semuanya selamat though pelbagai halangan and rintangan kena kejar kereta la, lori simen bodoh tu langgar kereta la, brake plate kena tukar la, tapi yg penting semua selamat.

aaaa cinta my girlfriends. 6 years and still counting. weh, lepas ni maldives mauuu?

p/s : whatever it is, kalau road trip with just girls, jgn nak gedik2 stop pegi kencing or berak dekat r&r tepi highway tgh2 malam. tahan je kot! and bawak je segala pisau parang kayu perfume pepper spray. just in case kan. we learnt the lesson, and sumpah serik. sanggup tahan kencing 5 liter ok.

p/p/s : more pics in my facebook. and nad, upload pics from ur camera pls?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hibernating? nah.

i'm too lazy and too busy to update my blog. tomorrow lah! kalau sempat! akan active kembali soon! ;p