Sunday, January 4, 2009

day 3/4 : the journey to delhi and agra

as promised, i shall now continue writing about my journey to delhi and agra. on day 3, i woke up as early as 3 am only to make sure that i leave my apartment clean and tidy, and of course, to avoid congestion in the bathroom. by 4 am, we headed to bangalore international airport.
arrived in bangalore airport about an hour later. checked in. and we were then informed that our flight to delhi was delayed due to bad weather! argh, we sacrificed our precious sleeping hours for this? haih. thankfully it was delayed for only 1 hour, nothing more than that.

5 am in bangalore airport
the estimated time to get to delhi from bangalore is approximately 2 and a half hours. and yes, after that particular duration of time, we finally reached delhi. and now, another problem came in picture. it's true that the aircraft had already reached delhi on time, but the plane cannot possibly land on the ground because the airport runaway was congested with many other aircrafts. this was all due to the very dense fog attack in most parts of north india. and for this, the plane i was in had to bear the holding time of nearly 2 hours. can u imagine that? meaning, the plane was wandering in the sky for nothing but to wait for its turn to land. yeah, everyone in the plane was getting restless, especially the babies and the older people.

getting restless
within the 2 hours of wandering in the sky for nothing, of course, i can't help myself from worrying about ridiculous things like ; what if the tank run out of fuel, or the sky is heavily congested with other wandering aircrafts and for that, there will be some kind of airplane crash. and mind you, i was not the only one worried about this unnecessary things, my brother too had a scary vision of the worst thing that can happen during that time. thankfully, our plane finally had the green light to land on the ground. otherwise, we would have landed on ahmedabad as other alternative (that was what the captain told us)

i super love abah!
think the misery was over? not just yet. after we safely landed on the ground, we had to wait for another 1 hour and 45 minutes before we were able to disembark. according to the captain again, the parking bay was again, heavily congested with many other aircrafts so we have to patiently wait for our turn to come. oh yes, the situation was getting tense as everyone can't afford to waste any more of their time staying in that aircraft.

somewhere before we reached agra
after 1 hour and 45 minutes, finally, we were allowed to disembark. it was about 2 pm when we got to step our foot on delhi. we were 5 hours behind the scheduled time. how bad is that? and delhi was unexpectedly cold! the temperature was around 5 - 8 degrees. and we were not fully prepared with appropriate clothing! after this, u'll see most of us recycling our sweaters. haih. the hotel guy waited for us at the arrival hall and we went straight to the hotel. we were physically and mentally exhausted that day so we spent the whole day taking a good rest.

what sistes do best, camwhoring
the next morning, we left delhi to agra as early as 7 am. to those who are unfamiliar with the places in india, agra is the place where people from all walks of life come to visit taj mahal. it is 5 hours drive from delhi. on our way to agra, i came across these 2 young beggars. they made a simple performance and expected us to give them some money. poor children. but believe me, these 2 kids have greenish eyes, sgt comel ok! and i managed to capture a video of these 2 kids begging on the road. yg kecik tu very2 adorable.

the siblings minus baby
we finally reached agra somwhere in the afternoon. we decided to go to taj mahal the next day because it is always advisable to visit taj mahal during the morning hours. and so, we have to wait for the next morning to see one of the seven wonders of the world.

tell me, do we look alike?

am not gonna write about taj mahal now :p yepp, will write about it in the next post. that's why u have to keep reading! :D till then, toodles!

p/s : the bad weather/dense fog causes 100+ delays in delhi airport the next day, and even the train scheduled was interrupted. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat buat kami.


Anonymous said...

cepat tulis pasal taj mahal..

IRA said...

anonymous : will do will do! :)

dalilahusni said...

wah! budak2 tu sgt comel la!
airport kat situ kecik sgt or plane yg byk sgt?haha

~riena~ said...

ira....continue.writing more n more..nk bacer lagik heh...
o0o0 yeah.gurl!! u've been tag by me!!!visit my blog ea..

IRA said...

dilos : comel kan kan! hehehe ohh, i think sbb memule tu byk sgt flight delay, so by the time my plane nk landing, plane lain sume pon nk landing at the same time, so that's y laa..sume sbb bad weather! :)

riena : hehe! okkk! nnti kite buat tag tu!

amirah zayanah said...

wooow! sangat seronoook :)
i want to seee :D

adia_anarris said...

omg..poor you..
i could never imagine that the aircraft is possible to wander..
if i were in ur shoes, i would probably have the same thought..scary..
but thank god, u saved after all.

IRA said...

amirah : nnti kite letak pics eh! :D

aida : things like that do occur, kite je tak tau. ehehe yep thank god sumenye okay for us :)

Anonymous said...

keep writing..=)

IRA said...

anonymous : thanks for reading :)