Wednesday, January 21, 2009

incredible india

india. it had never crossed my mind that i would end up studying medicine in india though it has been accepted globally that india is a good place to study medicine. but life never fail to come out with lots of surprises right? and here's the surprise i got 4 years back - when i was offered to further my study in my field of choice, surprisingly, in india.

before i can proceed any further, i had to practically undergo 2 years of endless pressure by doing international baccalaureate in kolej mara seremban. and yeay, did that done that. and my journey in medical field started in september 2007, and the journey is even tougher, not because it's medicine, but because it's in india.

india has a lot of surprises. that's why they call it incredible india. i reached bangalore on one fine night and mind you, the airport was nothing like klia *thank god bangalore has a new airport now* and that night when we were brought to our apartment, i remember i was terrified with the traffic. indian drivers are mad. they love speeding and honking. even when they know that they have to stop for a traffic light or whatsoever *obviously they have to stop and just wait la kan* still, they just love the art of honking. it was rather annoying and irritating at first because whenever i was crossing the road, the car from 1 kilometre away will start honking like shit. and for that, i will start screaming and running, for my life. u see, i have this phobia in road-crossing because i was nearly crashed by a car when i was 7 and a bus when i was 10, and a motorcycle last year, in india itself! *okay that will be another chapter!* damn u driver! but i am now very much immuned to this sound pollution. u can honk me as much as u want, i couldn't be bothered anymore. *kdg2 still heart attack la tapi*

done with the traffic. moving on with the language. as we know, india is an over-populated country. and most people from the low-class and some from the mid-class social status are not well versed in english. and the options were to use sign language or to learn their language. to learn their language is obviously not an easy task. u'll definitely hurt the muscles of your tongue. and so, sign language was the only one left. even sign language can cause lots of contradictions that leads to frustration. really. there was this one night when me and izz had to go to the airport, we decided to take an auto *auto is autorickshaw, a.k.a tut-tut* the auto driver didn't even know what is airport. and so we struggled to explain what is airport by using hand gesture.

"flight! aeroplane!", with hand gesture showing as though the plane is landing (ceh dan dan pdhal sendiri buat sendiri je yg paham) i was hoping that those 2 words accompanied with very vague sign language of ours give him a clue of where we wanted to go.

and after some time he was like,

"ohhhh! fly? flight? yes yes come"

totally relieved that he finally get the point. and so we made ourselves comfortable *la sangat* in that auto and headed to the airport. about 20 minutes later, he stopped.

"100 rupees!", he said *i cant remember the exact amount actly*

"where's the airport? where? "

he managed to pull muka pelik.

"airport where? airplane? flight? where? " i continued asking.

"oh fly? flyyy!" and he pointed out to the fly-over.


>> to be continued.


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

aha. comel punya india. flyover? haha.

nak je aku comolot dia tu!

Lutfi Fadil said...

Wakaka...ini seyes punye lawak

elida hanan. said...

haha.this is funny! tp time tu korang sure bengang gile nk mati..

IRA said...

jack : wakakakaka gi la comolot ngan pakcik auto tuuu!

lutfi : haa tu la psl..lawak gile rase nk lempang pakcik auto tu!

elida : sgt bengang dhla time tu baru lg dtg bangalore.still tak tau jln sume. heheh geram kan ngan pakcik auto! dhla charge mahal nk mati.

adia_anarris said...

that's funny ira..ape die ingt korg nak gi suicide ke kt flyover tuh..hahhaha..tah pape jek.

IRA said...

aida : hahahahah kesengalan pakcik auto tu mmg terserlah!

W said...

haha wtf indeed!

mybe u shud a carry a piece of paper in ur purse that is written a translation, english to indian for common stuf like airport, malls, etc, so that u cn just point n show hehe

me n my mom did that msa pegi china where ppl rlly x speak english at all, big language barrier!

IRA said...

w : yeah thought of that! but never really did that before! heehhee maybe i should!

IkieY_sCherzinger said...

kak ira!!

cepat sambung...

nak bace lagik!!

IRA said...

baeklah! working on it!

fairuzsallehuddin said...

lawak gila okay.

no longer as a silent reader. u are such a good story teller, u knw:D

IRA said...

fairuz : hey! thanks for reading :) hehe time dh lame2 n cite balik mmg lawak..time kene tu haihhh..rase geram sgt2..hehe

friskies said...