Thursday, January 8, 2009

when silence speaks.

i feel so pathetic now.
i spent 1 whole week with myself and only myself.
initial plan was to go to manipal.
and spend some time with my bf.
but i can't be selfish.
his exam is coming up next week.
and if i'm around,
his attention will definitely be on me.
and i can't do that to him.
i'm sorry dear.
i might sound like i've broken my promise to u.
but believe me,
i only want the best for u.

and this whole 1 week isn't fun for me too.
i did absolutely nothing.
i spent most of my time sleeping, surfing the net, ym-ing and watching some movies and series.
and a little bit of cooking.
and i never stop munching my new stock of chocolates.
i even went out to the town all by myself.
purposely shopped for some stuff just to make myself a little happier.
oh happier?

i would definitely be happier if,
i have some happy people around me.
i have someone to talk to.
and i have someone who cares.

someone who cares is really one in a million.


u know i need u. :(
yes you, azar syazwan.

too many people around me but i still feel alone.


amirah zayanah said...

make ur self busy by finding the solution for Rubik kaaayy :))

dalilahusni said...

alololo sis!c'mon! u'll be fine soon...jalan2 la ngn ur fren..buat2 lupe kat die..hee

wanee said...

lma dh x read any blogs l8ly..

seems u need to get ther n soon as he finishes his xm!!

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ouh. this is what we usually recall as the breakdown period. no worries. It'll go off soon.

took me a week plus to get over it, anyway. haha. it sucks to have someone we care dearly one mile too far apart.

by the way hello, you.

IRA said...

amirah : mcm susah laa!tips pls? ;p

dilos : hehehe my friends yg len pon bz ngan diri masing2..hehe ok psni buat2 lupe kat dier ;p

wanee : yuppp u senyap jer dah lame tak update blog kan..why?

jacksparrow : hello u! yup totally sucks! mekaseh sbb memahami :) hehe

wanee said...

yeah, saje je, i dnno malas + this long hols is getting to me. nnti ble smpai melb for sure i'll b actively posting back! =)

BaBbliNg BaR0nNESs said...

Feeling alone in d world is normal..
But u arent,
coz with each step
each breath you take
Allah will be there for you.
Dialah yg mmberi nyawa
Dialah jg akn mgambil balik nyawa
2 bla sampai msanya..

May Allah bless you..

IRA said...

babbling baronness : ye btul! terbaek! :)

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

well what i did when i was down (The Wife left to brisbane for totally ten days je pun tapi rasa macam ten years) was I stayed down for two days. So down, extremely down, let everything out loud. Down puas-puas, says me.

The next day, I woke up as a clown.

Theoretically, putting such extreme condition into ones emotion will somehow, somehow, will turn things upside down.

or you'll go mental la. ha ha ha. *cough. sorry. hihi.