Saturday, January 10, 2009

intelligent brain or sensitive heart?

i'm not really in the mood of writing lately. i find myself becoming a little too complicated at times. and that's because my heart and my brain doesn't sync well. totally out of sync. no harmony at all. my heart wants something the brain doesn't approve and the brain tells me to do things that my heart refuses to. complicated isn't it?

i believe this thing happens all the time. and apparently, the one that suffers is me. i hate decision making when it comes to this complicated junction. which one should i trust more? and sometimes, i do prefer a dead end rather than guessing which route is better taken. and most of the time, either route will still cause a little, if not much, harm to my heart. and i bloody hate it.

after almost 22 years of living on this earth, i've encountered much of this complicated junctions in life before. and being me, i usually succumb to my emotional needs. but i did a few times, followed mr. brain. and i personally think that the brain is more reliable than the heart when it comes to decision making. but ironically, though the brain is more reliable, it does however, causes emotional abuse to oneself when decision is made by the brain, especially when the heart doesn't agree with mr. brain.

this confusion is endless. it gets tougher when the heart exerts a really strong feeling and the brain is so precise that it analyzes every single details.

oh dear brain, oh dear heart,
don't you wanna be bestfriends?


adia_anarris said...

let both of them be ur bestfriends
as well as the environment..
if both were unable to give u exact solution to the problem, try and have a look at the environment(all the pros and cons) of the problem, then go back to ur two bestfriends,again!

problem always has the solution..
believe me!

IRA said...

heheh and the problem is how to get to that solution! :D thanks aida!