Saturday, January 3, 2009

what does 2008 means to you?

maybe i'm a little too late to wish happy new year, but happy new year anyway. i didn't celebrate the new year. instead, i was sleeping happily in my hotel room coz i was too tired and sleepy to even open my eyes. yeah, travelling really is exhausting.

but i am welcoming 2009. i'm not gonna make another list of never-will-be-fulfilled new year resolutions. i dun see any relevance in that because if we really wanna change, if we really want something, there's no need to wait for the 1st day of the year to make a change. but different people look at things differently, so there's no need to argue anyway :)

btw, 2008 is over. so what does 2008 means to you? to me, 2008 is not really a significant year of my life though it is the year that taught me a lot about being a grown-up. there are not much of major events that took place in 2008, as far as i remember. however, there are some to be cherished, and to be remembered ;

1. car accident in klang (otw to meru) - 3rd january 2008

sile gelakkan saya. hahahh. this was my first ever car accident, after a few years of holding a full driving license (not that bad la kan? ;p) the accident took place just before the toll to meru. this is all due to my attempt to find a shortcut to my house and to skip the toll. i was kinda lost because i usually follow another route, just when i was wandering around, my mind gave a sudden impulse to make a u-turn just before the toll and unfortunate for me, the speeding lorry behind my car made an emergency brake and finally hit my car. i thought i was gonna die! i had a major tremors as soon as my car was crashed by the lorry. and the lorry was terbalik sideways ( i hope u can imagine) but thank god the driver was still alive. and of course, my car was badly damaged - cermin blakang pecah, roof kemek, blakang mmg kemek hancur, pintu takleh bukak etc etc - and i bear all the cost of damage. thanks to duit MARA. hahahha. all in all, it was a 'wonderful' experience.

2. my birthday with my dearie

lucky for me, my boyf was there to celebrate my 21st birthday together with me. he rent a car and took me out for dinner on my birthday night. then, we spent the rest of the night looking at the stars from the rooftop :) presents? he got me a dress, a limited edition body butter by body shop, a cute keychain and a watch by guess. thanks dear :)

3. mumbai trip

this was a really adventurous one. there were 4 of us, me, nana, baz and sanjay. we went to mumbai by train which took us nearly 23 hours and back to bangalore, still by train. a total sum of 46 hours in train, cool enough? we went there all on our own, no tourist guide no nothing :) and still, we had the best time of our life in mumbai. we met lots of interesting people ; jamie the mexican guy and nilesh the orthopaedic specialist whom we hang out with for the whole 2 weeks in mumbai.

4. the mystical taj mahal

on the last day of the year, 31st december. more about it in the upcoming posts :)

other things happened to me in 2008 are tiny little things which you dun wanna know. all in all, i hope 2009 brings more surprises and happiness to me, and to all of us. happy new year to all once again :)

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