Friday, January 23, 2009

incredible india II

i was certainly mad at the pakcik auto for taking us to the flyover instead of airport! and for a minute or 2, i was cursing him in english, and he replied in his own mother tongue! obviously it was a waste of energy because neither me nor him understand whatever we were saying. after long cursing and arguing, we then decided to hop into another auto and went straight to the airport. yeah,finally. it was indeed a long long night!

the view of the city isn't that bad either. other than mass of rubbish and trash by the street, u can always get a clear view of some guys peeing by the street, most of the time, facing the wall. they won't be hiding behind the bushes, or rarely in a secluded place. instead, they do their business openly that u can obviously see the wall becoming wet and the velocity of the u-know-what and the smell that causes nausea and, and, and (okay too much of details, i better stop describing!) i see that everyday! im sure most of the girls in malaysia haven't seen any of that before hahahaa. consider me lucky! *yucks muntah*

and tell me how can i not be rude living in a place where people never keep their promises. u see, when an indian says 2 minutes, that means 2 hours. and when they say tomorrow, that means next week. and tell u what, i have no doubt in cursing and arguing with these people in public because they truly deserve one. last year, during the hassle of buying flight tickets to malaysia, i called MAS office in bangalore, asking the flight fees etc etc. that lady at the other end of the line said that if we come to MAS office that very day, we'll be able to get this much of flight fees and so, me baz and izwan rushed to the MAS office by auto. and when we reached there, the lady at the counter said they don't issue flight tickets in the office. WTF? we explained to her that we've already made a call beforehand and that the previous lady said this and that but she didn't believe us. she said we probably had call the wrong number. to prove otherwise, baz called the number immediately and we all heard the ringing sound. we all rushed to the back of the MAS office to see who was answering the phone call. and yes, we saw a lady answering the call.

"did u say that they can buy the flight tickets here and that the flight fees is this much?" the lady from the counter asked the lady who answered the call.

"no i did not", the operator lady replied.

"are u on the phone? some malaysian students called u?" the counter lady asked her

"no i'm not on the phone", that bloody lady said

"u say hello now! say now!" baz was about to lose her temper.

and finally she said hello reluctantly and her voice was overheard through baz's handphone. how can she said that she wasn't on the phone? and that she had not receive any call from us? and she denied saying those bloody things to us? what a total scum!

baz and me couldn't control our anger anymore. i was so totally angry that i blurted out every single dirty words that i have in my vocabulary. it was a total waste of time, money and energy. and that bloody operator was responsible for that. i regret for not letting her taste my powerful kick in the ass *at least powerful enough to kick another person of the same gender*

and that was not the only incident where u can find me turning into a rude person. many times indeed. with the bank manager in vijaya bank, with pakcik samsung, with pakcik auto *many many times indeed* , with the waiters in quite a number of restaurants and the list goes on and on. in fact, i was about to lose my temper to a waiter in a restaurant when my family came over. my parents advised me to be careful with my words and the way i deal with the local indian people because they are worried if i get caught in any serious trouble afterwards. but after 1 week of staying in india, my dad finally said this ;

"tak larat la abah nak deal ngan orang india ni. cakap banyak kali pun tak buat2. intan** je la pegi ckp ngan diorang. abah malas dah, patutla intan garang gile ngan diorang", seeeeee! even my dad can't take it anymore. i'm not rude for nothing. haih.

life is tough when u're staying away from the family, especially when u're in another country. honestly, this is my real first time of staying so faraway from family but thank god, i managed to go through this, though i constantly get annoyed and angry with the local people.

but experience makes a person :) He has his reasons for sending me here, i believe in that. actually there's a lot more to share, but maybe i stop here. who wants to know that much about india anyway? hahahaha. see ya!

**intan is my nickname at home.


naddow said...

haha lebih kurang la here ira. honking, 2 mins tu 2 hours etc. nasib baik indo ni bahasa lebih kurang.


Lutfi Fadil said...

agree2...i thot org indo je ckp mcm keling. rupenye keling pon ckp mcm keling. eh ape ak cakap ni. dah mmg keling mmg la dorg ckp mcm keling. ape ak mgarut ni? waaaa~pening!

IRA said...

nad : hahaha lebih kurang je ek! rase nak menyumpah2 kan? hahah

lutfi : u la keling! org soh pegi india u pegi indon plak! keling! hahaha

nadia said...

omg memang....benci gile okay...
even ms tu br je abis cuti kt malaysia,balik india dh menyumpah seranah org2 ni...smpi ckp..

'pergh lama marah2 org ni...rindu pulak..wahahaha'

acu said...

Yes. Indeed India has taught us something, which is "how to become rude in 1 week?" hahahahaha

~Way to go ira!~

adia_anarris said...

waa..garang jgk intan ni yek..
now i know..ehehe..
thank god New Zealanders are not like that.
kitorg book shuttle gi airport kul 11malam, kul 10.45 mlm dah terpacak depan apartment..huhu..
kitorg lak macam,err..asal awal sgt nih? is full of colours rite?

IRA said...

nadia : tetibe aku terigt aku kutuk2 orang india time kat bangalore airport dulu..tgk2 rupenye dorg malaysian indian! pergh kantoi!

faiz : hehe btul!

aida : yeah! full of colors! tp sini sume color gelap2 sahaje wahahahaha

Tuan Auz said...

ira! aku bca post ko yg ni pon aku hot giler cam naek darah tinggi! kuasam punyaaaa operator tu! patott la kerajaan INDIA pon problem skrg, xjaga welfare rakyat dorang. rakyat camnihh. penipo besar!!


ira, plz bersabar. hui aku pon leh jadi "responsibly rude". ahax