Tuesday, November 20, 2012

your facebook, twitter and instagram can wait.

i hope this is gonna be a very short and straightforward post.

so this is about us. yes, us. most of us. most of us are too busy with our gadgets when we have real people real thing real conversation in front of our eyes.

i don't get it. don't you get annoyed when you're hanging out with a bunch of your friends and having a good conversation and suddenly the conversation comes to a halt or jadi hambar because your friends are busy with their fucking phones.

yes i'm talking about you, you and you. am i the only person on this earth who still want to get engaged with real conversation with real people in front of me? damn it i can't be the only one. but i get disappointed hanging out with my friends when in the end, they're all busy with their phones and then totally ignore what's in front of em ; me.

is it really important for you to know the live updates of your other friends. is it really important to read your friends' tweet that you can't wait till you get home to read? is it really important to go through your friends' photos in instagram at that very moment? like, if you don't do it immediately, you're gonna be outdated is it? or someone is going to die because you don't check your fucking phone?

please lah. it started off with this one guy i used to go out with, he was busy bbm-ing another person the whole time he was with me. i got annoyed and i swore to myself i'm not gonna see him again. yes i never see him again after that. and i thought that's it. no that wasn't it.

now, everyone is turning into that kind of person. the kind of person i swore never to meet again. you know, you're busy telling stories to ur friend and tetiba she's busy checking facebook and whatever shit on her phone and then she will be like ''eh kau cerita ape td? ulang balik". ok fine ulang balik cerita. and the next 5 mins, "eh sorry check fb jap tadi, ha ape kau ckp tadi, cite balik"

"cite tahik hanjeng"

if it happens for like 2-3 times and if you know the other person is checking her phone sebab emergency ke or macam kena whatsapp the other half ke apa to inform them ape2 ke that's fine. i mean, i totally understand. i pun from time to time i do text or whatsapp my parents or my bf when i'm in the middle of meeting my friends. but to check all the social websites when you're with your friends, i totally don't get that.

kau anti-social ke apa sampai waktu bersocial kau pun kau kena bukak social websites? get a life, seriously. 

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