Wednesday, October 22, 2008

cOokies and little sisterS

i left out an important event, the cookies making. hahah, it's important because it was the first time ever, me and my sisters were baking our own homemade cookies. needless to say, it was finger licking good! tak caye tanye nadia n ninot! kan kan kannn? ;p

yeah, the 3 girls are my little sisters. aisyah, sarah n baby a.k.a anis. ohh, in the vid attached, u can see the 2 girls were arguing, that is sooo normal in my house. everyone ikut kepala sendiri! one minute they get along so well, another minute they'll be fighting. and this event is more like a cycle. it keeps repeating :)

okay, back to cookies business. some cookies are overheated *hangusss!* ekekekke, but the rest are fine. overall, it was a nice attempt. we'll have another round of this when i get home okayyy?

lastly, just a little reminder to all 3 of u. to aisyah, jgn malas study, exam's coming up so be prepared. to mohd maisarah ;p, jgn gengster sgtttt! hahahah and to baby, jgn manje2 sgt lagiiii! oh..semue reminder ade word jgn.LOL.

with love,
akak yg cun! hahahhah


kikolala said...

omg ira aku baru plan nk bake cookies esok tiba2 kau dh post this up. heh. oh n kau record pastu kau biar baby yg angkat cookies panas2 lah kannnnn hahahhahah

nurul_a said...

comelnyee tgk diorang esp kat video tuh...;D

Lil' Epa said...

cun habis!~ (^_^)

IRA said...

farah : kau reti ke bake cookies makcik?ekekke aku biar baby angkat sbb nk suro die blaja arrr ;p

syikin : biasak adik like kakak ekekekekkeeke ;p

iefa : mekasehhh..u suke btol puji i kannn..hahahahhahahahha


woi ! ape nih..tak baik ar ..dh ar gmbr nih tidak elok :DD
delete ar
org tau cookies nih sedapp sgt

IRA said...

sarah : mmg ar sedap sbb akak yg buat wek wek