Thursday, October 23, 2008

shopping is love

i can't help it.

i spent hours admiring dresses and tops from some blogshops.

no i'm not supposed to do so. yes, i should stop.

okay, let's just stop.

p/s : online shopping is so addictive. *damn!*


slacker'z zone said...

'no more shopping..aku nk jimat..wpun dh agak byk duit..nk duit LAGI byk..'
ayat sape tu??

wek wek wek.

seyra. xo. said...

hi iraaa :) you shopaholic! ohh i can spend hourrrsss too browsing online shops. haha. xselalu beli pun. :p

c.for.coriander said...

bagitau sket sites yang best.

haha. not helping you out at all kan?;)

IRA said...

byk kottt..kau search online shopping directory malaysia..some of my favs..

and many moreee! just tak igt the web address!check out dis site..ade byk blogshops!

IRA said...

eh tk dpt nk ltk full add plak..tkpe kau search je pasti jumpa!hahahahah yes ure not helping arr hazel!

ohhh hi seyraaaa!thanks for visiting ;p

nadia : ayat butet eh?