Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ponteng class : already in my blood

why do i say so? because i am not the only one in the family who are fond of skipping classes. my 3 little sisters are even better than me. trust me, they really are.

my youngest sister can put up a real act to skip a class. there was one day, she woke up in the morning with that i-am-in-pain face and hobbled to my mom's bedroom to tell mom that she was having a terrible "stomach ache". yup, she finally got MC from my mom. *big applause!* and pufff, her "stomach ache" was automatically cured! she can actually walk steadily, and there were no longer painful expression on her face. the next thing she did was, giggling over the online games etc. ohhh, what a successful story of skipping a morning class by an 11-year-old girl.

i once got this "juara ponteng class" title from my ustazah when i was in standard 6. she was kinda pissed with me for not attending the class every alternate day. the funny part was, i took turn with my desk mate, ainaa atikah, without actually realizing it till my ustazah made a clear announcement to the whole class.

and i still remember when i was in form 4, before i got an offer to go to boarding school, i had no idea at all about the craps that has been taught in add math, biology, physics etc classes. i almost drop biology class in exchange with LK ( lukisan kejuruteraan) class because i thought it would be easier for me then. ok whatever, back to my story. because i knew nuts about the lessons taught, and because i didn't have that much interest to learn in class, i often go back home just before the recess bell rings. it was a real advantage to sit at the very back corner of the class. i used to put my school bag at the back door, and pretended to go to the toilet. and duh! u know what to expect next! got out of the school through the back gate, there was a 'hole' especially made for students like me. and bingo, i'll on my way home.

now that i'm a uni student, a minimum attendance of 85% is required for every medical student to be able to sit for final examination. and guess what, my attendance was 86% when i was about to sit for my 1st year final examination. here's the cold truth, my attendance was as stated because each and everyone of us was given free attendance worth 3 weeks of classes. imagine if there's no free attendance, i will surely get detained from sitting for the final examination. scary huh?

now, i keep my own record of my attendance. yeah, a small pocket notebook especially for my attendance. my mom keeps on reminding me not to skip classes so that i can maintain my attendance, and of course, so that i won't miss important lectures. my mom was a medical student in UKM, and she was once detained from taking her final examination cuz her attendance did not reach the minimum requirement. nope, she was nothing like me, in fact, she was a total opposite me. but, she was not well back then, she often fell sick and it somehow affect her attendance. isn't it irony? my mom was a real hardworking student, who got detained from taking her exam cuz she was sick, and her daughter was a real i-dont-know-what-to-call who just loveeeeee to skip classes, for no concrete excuse. not only one. all 4 of her daughters. goshh!

i seriously dunno why am i enjoying this habit. it's just...me. i'm just...that type who loves to laze around. but it doesn't mean that i dun take studies seriously. i do, i really do. i have that ambition that everyone else is having, to be a successful one in the future, but it's just my way. *yeah,maybe* i'm not that type who studies consistently, though i've been hoping for me to be like one, but i just can't. the thought of me being a studiholic makes me want to vomit! hahahah and i know this is not right, but i can't help feeling peevishly annoyed with those who are blooooodddyyy, i mean BLOODY hardworking!! yeah, i really am! i mean, take a break and have fun! life is not all about studying, come on!

oh listen, i'm proud to announce that, my attendance is 100% *so far!* hahahah..yeah, so far! it's been only 2 weeks since the new phase got started, and yes, i have not miss a single day, yet. not just yet. :D whatever it is, i am now working towards the better me. at least i have my own record, so i won't go overboard *hopefully!!* or my mom will chase after me with her penyapu n siat2 my telinga! hahahahah

okay, let's hope for me to improve on this. to my 3 little girls, let's not skip classes that often anymore. and of course, i gotta do better this time, i gotta start study earlier this phase, errr...but the problem is, i haven't got a single book of this 2nd phase of MBBS! it'll ultimately cost me for about Rs9K ( dat's about RM900) to buy all the books! *shit, i am that calculative when it comes to this!wakakakkakaka*

berubahla ira.

end of story!


c.for.coriander said...

hahahhahahahaa. patutlah boleh shopping sini sana. tak beli buku rupanyaaaa:P

note: as i'm writing this comment, the word verification as of now is : pehal


ismas said...

hahahah.. tu la kita kwn.. ponteng pun my fav.. here, i got x attendance.. so mmg skati je.. wateva it's if u're doin well, who cares.. take care dear.. :D

kikolala said...

im with u ira. benci class esp pepagi buta. n aku penah tak pegi class 4days straight kot masa kat imu. benci class benci study lalalalala

IRA said...

hazel : wakakakkak mmg btul sgt!tak kuase nk bli buku smpai rm900 okkk?hello, kerugian yg besar kot?hahahah

ismas : best giler tak amek attendance ok! sini TERPAKSE pegi kot?

farah : kau mmg lg kuat ponteng tahap dewa kottttt?and yes, kelas pagi cam annoying kan?ade tak uni yg start class kol 12 camtu kerrrr??

slacker'z zone said...

hahahah aku DH beli satu buku!
hahahah at least byk dr ko.wakakakak

SF2721 said...

looks like we're in the same boat... =P