Wednesday, October 29, 2008

distance can be so cruel.

okay, i hate dis! i hate dis! i really hate dis!!!why do i have to stay afar from him?i miss him sgt! and when i need him the most, he can't be there. it's not that he doesn't wanna be there for me, but it's the distance. okay fine, it's not like we're separated by two different continents, yeah we both are in india, in fact we're in the same state, but he's 14 hours drive away from me. fine, i know there are more and more less fortunate couples, maybe sorang in the north pole, sorang lagi kat south pole, but i don't care, i just can't take it. i'm not used to it. :(

i really wanna see u la baby...when u're around, everything is like soooo wonderful. u're the reason i believe in myself again. u know kan, i was about to lose hope, lose faith, and then u came, so why can't u just stay near me? :(

having u around is fun!

i know i'm making such a big fuss over the distance. mcm la jauh gile kan. but who cares. my blog, suke hati i la nk tulis ape kan. anyways, i miss everything we did together. like masak together like the other day. blaja with u and make sure u tak tido time blaja. pegi beach, u know how much i love the beach! i miss ur companion when i go shopping. naik motor with u around manipal, hahahah damn it i sound like minah rempit but btw, we're in india kan, naik motor la is the most practical n flexible kan? considering the road yg mcm jalan tanah merah, especially in manipal! the never ending conversation! and what i miss the most is, our silent moment just staring at each other. hahahah yeah, i can sit silent with you, doing nothing, and i still feel whole. that's a clear sign that i'm sooo in love with u kot? yes? no?

my little dinosour
i know i can be really difficult at times. nak tu, nak ni, and nk mcm2 lagi. yeah, i admit that. but thanks syg, despite my gedikness and mengadeness, u're still there. knowing you, i know you too are alone in manipal. yelah, ur housemate pon ade gf kat sane. the rest pon are busy with their loved ones. if u're just some random guys, am sure u dh cari girl lain kat manipal tu to accompany u, but u're different. that's why i love u!

my artpiece
skarang ni baru nk masuk november. the earliest we can meet again will be on february. yeah, i can't afford to go there and kacau u study. and u too, u can't come over because u're packed with all the exams and tests kan. haih, till then, i'll be missing u like crazy je la :( why oh why...

likewise, he misses me too!
tapi like u said, our time will come. okay, i take ur words. i'll wait okay! but jgn naughty2 kat sane k dear. takleh usha2 girl lain. hahaahhaha. k la, i just miss u damn much. nak call tkde credit. nak msg plak nnti kacau u tgh study right now *td dh janji tanak kacau* and that's why i end up writing this. dearie dear, i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u i miss u. ok, i'll be waiting for my wake up call tomorrow morning. i won't wake up will u call me. so please, u know what to do ;p okay!

just you and me
this picture and another picture of him standing by the beach was edited by him. thanks love. love it love it! okay la, this post is too lengthy plak. gotta catch my beauty sleep! last words, i love my azar syazwan sgt!


perempuan cerdas said...

faham sangat.
just bear with it sebab cinta.


perempuan cerdas said...

yeah. distance can be so cruel. but pernah fikir x, with d distance lah kita jd more mature, and kita bole evaluate balik actly kita betul x love the other half?? kannnn. weh sumpah teremo time bg comment ni. haha


c.for.coriander said...

aku malas nak layan post ni

p.s: love u ira

IRA said...

perempuan2 cerdas : yerppp! 2-2 pon emo!hahahahha ;p

hazel : ahahaha kau mmg tak patut layan post ni sbb kau lg jauh kot??hahaha msti annoyed kan! aku tauu!

kikolala said...

im with hazel. haha. boo u ira! =p

adia_anarris said...

im so damn jealous ok??
i used to be in this kind was soooo hard..the most important thing to do is trust your partner..kan?

how i wish i wont get involve in LDR nemore..but it seems hard..hahaha

goodluck girl
kem salam azar

Anonymous said...

yes yes yes....distance is d biggie monster dat so jealous of us kan sayang?...but dat monster is not so tough either...we will b together evnthough we're miles away...we will b together eventhou dat rocking bus takes me 14 hours to reach still here..n im here just for u...besides we're togeher didnt we? always b there for u when u need me...i'll try my best 2 b there just 4 u...u'r right when u said we can sit along doin nothing but stil feel whole...u r so right on dat...thinking of u make me remember d time we had together...thinking of ur smile make me happy...thinking of u make me i miss u...i grateful to have u n i just wanna b with u sorry for d late realllyyyy sorry...i know i shudnt concentrate on my study only...i want u to know dat i always miss u......+love+azar+
p/s: macho r gamba lil dinasour tue! hahaha

Anonymous said...

please dont delete dis post k sayang...i kinda like it...hehehe...+azar+

IRA said...

kikolala : biar arrrrrr wekkk!

aida : hee thanks! nnti kite kem slm kat die!

awak : saye reply kat sms yeee!