Sunday, October 19, 2008

missing my cats!

okay this is weird. im not really a big fan of cats, or any other pets. but im starting to miss my cats sooo much! i've 3 cats, namely atan, vivi and tiger. atan is of course a male, vivi is khunsa a.k.a pondan and tiger is female. oh yesss i love talking to the cats :) especially when nobody wants to hear me talking craps. haha dat's what makes me love spending time with the cats!

but the next time i go back, i cant be sure if all 3 of em are still there. they're prone of having food poisoning for eating i-dont-know-what outside my house. then they'll start making coughing-like sounds, oh dat's so sad to be frank!

here in india, i can hardly see the cats. dogs are everywhere, but cats are nowhere to be found. even if there's cat, it'll runaway from man, i have no idea why! oh to my little sisters n brother, take good care of the cats. im sure they will! especially amir, he loves feeding the cats :) these are pics of my lovely lovely cats!

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