Monday, October 6, 2008

punctuality and me.

ira ke punctual? doesn't make sense isn't it? honestly, i'm a latecomer for lectures, any lab practicals, all sorts of meetings etc etc. but, i'm always on time for a date, be it with boyfriend or girlfriends.

i hate to make people wait for me. i'll feel really bad if they have to wait for me. but then, some people just don't bother at all. well, it's okay, waiting for someone is better than letting someone wait for me. but, a promise is a promise. some people tend to promise, and minutes after, they forget about what they had promised. say if you promised to see me at 9am, unless something pops up, i'll definitely be there right on time.

punctuality is not our culture. not malay culture. i may be punctual for dates, but as stated, not for lectures, practicals etc. as how my lecturers have to wait for me, that's how i wait for my friends etc. fair enough? :)


mimi.nadd.wannie. said...

wakakakka yeahhhh. maaf ye ira kau kena tunggu aku dat day. btw this is my blog but share 3 org. hehe visit la yea..

mimi.nadd.wannie. said...

kalau N tu nad,M tu mimi n
W tu wani. hi ira! follow la blog ni. kita follow blog awak ek!