Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the rules of life!

1. honest

painful truth is always better than white lie. it's best to tell the truth, rather than living in a lie. telling lies may give temporary pleasure, happiness, pride or whatever, but don't forget to have a thought on how it may affect the future? you may get caught one day, and things won't get any better if the truth is found in inappropriate way. i hate crooked people, they're of no use to me.

2. never trust a person 100%

in some cases, not even family members. yeah i don't trust people easily, and i don't trust some people throughout my life. gaining a trust is never an easy thing. even the closest person can betray you, and then you are left forsaken.

3. independent

i personally hate people who rely totally on others. i mean, get a life! being too dependent is just soooo irritating. helping one another is a good thing, but some people just can't differentiate between 'mintak tlg' and 'menyusahkan orang'. yeah, please check on that.

4. courage

hidup mesti berani. this is very crucial. risk taker is always a better person. it is undeniable that the road to success is indeed a rocky one, but we'll definitely reach there if we're brave enough to take up the challenge. hati kering, that's very much needed sometimes. especially when you need to move forward and stop dwelling about the past.

5. faith

this is the final and the most important rule of life. belief. have faith in yourself and God. most of us lack of the latter, i'm not excluded to be frank but i'm working on it *heeeeeeeeee*


slacker'z zone said...

true...very true...


IRA said...

kan kann!