Friday, October 10, 2008

Just As Perfect As You!

I was waiting for my dad in the car when I saw a disabled guy, all by his own, rolling his wheelchair until he reached at his car. Then, the security guard on duty helped this guy to keep his wheelchair after he managed to get in the car, all by himself. I saw him thanking the security guard and moments later, he drove the car and disappeared from my view.

One word, strong. I really think this person is strong enough to live his life to the fullest. He is disabled, yet he seemed so calm. Being handicapped, he’s not afraid to face the world and be in line with normal people. My curiosity was peaking, where did he get such strength?

If I were to be in his shoes, I don’t think I’m able to still mingle around with normal people without feeling inferior. I might as well stay indoor for the rest of my life. I might shut out all sorts of business I had with people around me so that they won’t have to see me in such condition. I hate it when I’m not as perfect as people around me. I hate to let anyone know about any of my weakness or failure.

Most of the time that I feel like failing, I’ll cry my heart out all by myself. No, no one should ever know about me grieving over my failure. Especially not to those I consider as rivals. There’s no way they can win a victory over me. Yes, I am that competitive, secretly.

But this guy is really strong to still move forward regardless of his salient disability. I praised that, really. He simply taught me that we should not let our weakness to bring us down. Weakness is only a weakness if we think about it that way. Belief is the key. That is to believe in ourselves and belief and Allah. InsyaAllah, we’ll be just as perfect as others.
Thank you, stranger. I came across you for just a few seconds, yet your strength worth a valuable lesson to me.

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