Friday, October 24, 2008

DADDY cool!

25th October 1951 - the man i call abah was born. yeah, dat was 57 years ago, and tomorrow, he'll be turning 57!!! :D


57 is no doubt a big big number ;p , but my dad will proudly admit that he still look macho despite his increasing age! hahah yela yela, u still look macho n super gagah! *cara-cara terbaik utk membodek ehehe ;p*

sarah told me that they all bought a buftday cake for u, and mom got u a shirt. ohhh sooo sweeet! i'm sorry abah, i have nothing for you... :( i can't be there to celebrate your buftday together... *sad sad* but you're always on my mind, that's for sure!

i hope u read this...
abah, selamat hari jadi yang ke-57...
saye doakan abah panjang umur, murah rezeki and sihat selalu...
semoga abah happy2 and ceria selalu...
saye saaaaaaaaaayyyyyaaaannnnggggg abahhhhh!!

awww i suddenly get so sentimental! *isshhh!!* i suddenly miss home so much! to abah, i'll be waiting for all of you to come over here in december! :D here's pics of my supercool daddy with his supercool daughter!

abah yg macho :)

with abah during hari raya

sayang abah!!
lots n lots of love,
supercool daughter *hahahaha*


slacker'z zone said...

yeay!happy birthday to pakcik tarmizi!!!!=D

c.for.coriander said...

damn. ayah ira is cute.

Nana Suhaili said...

bring the saree on! hehe

IRA said...

nadia : thanks

hazel : biasak father like daughter hahah

nana : yeah, saree sareee!