Thursday, October 9, 2008

karaoke blast at fatin's bday bash~!

fatin dearest, HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY in advance :) *she'll be turning 20 on 15th October, to be exact* this celebration is made a few days earlier so that we can all celebrate it together.

farah came in by surprise, bringing along buftday cupcakes for fatin! forgive me the video is a bit cacat, recorded by aenn kot? so, blame her!! ;p

me and the buftday girl :)
this is the killer!! karaoke dangdut is superduperfun!! enjoy memori daun pisang by me, farah, ika and nadd!

after a long hours of karaoke-ing

we were there in red box, pavillion from 11 am till 6 pm. i enjoyed singing till sakit pinggang melampau. *howcome nyanyi bole buat sakit pinggang?* here's the buftday girl, singing a rock kapak song. *golek golek melihat penghayatan fatin yang mencapai tahap moksya!*

just another song. another video to share. forgive me the vid is upside down. not me, just a friend of mine who doesn't know how to use the camera! hahaha ;p

i hope my dearest fatin likes the present that me, nadd and farah gave her. and the cupcakes. and the card. and the moment we shared. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY once again, from me. love you lots!!

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