Saturday, March 21, 2009

i long for a perfect date

i feel empty again. my room is a total mess. but i don't wish to do anything. i just want to munch my whole bunch of chocolates. that's basically what i do when i don't feel good. exactly, i don't feel good because he's away again. expected.

what makes me feel worse is the fact that he'll be having his holiday from 18th august till 19th sept and my holiday will only start on 18th sept. great huh? please lah i need a real getaway with my boyfriend, obviously not in india. my idea of a perfect date is not naik auto with lots and lots of humps on the road, and thanks to the open air auto my hair will definitely be a total mess almost no point in wasting my time in front of the mirror to make a hairdo, and asap2 lori and kereta and the sound pollution and the awful scenery of people peeing by street and the people littering here and there and etc etc gosh i'm so done dating in india please?

i need to be in malaysia together with my boyfriend so very urgently. we'll have a perfect perfect date in our homeland. with him picking me up at my house, out for a casual picnic with some friends, or perhaps a laid-back night out to watch football at mamak. or an evening walk/jog around the lake. we'll have some good delicious malaysian dishes :) :) or simply out for a karaoke yeah u owe me big time sayang u have to sing songs for me! and food hunting at pasar malam, roti john kebab keropok lekor roti goreng karipap pusing, whatever it is and find our own sweet little place untuk makan sampai lebam. i told ya, dating doesn't have to be expensive. it has to be peace and calm, u'll have the perfect date.

i miss having a perfect date with u! remember the beach walk we had back in homeland? i miss that so bad :( i need a real getaway urgently. get me a genie! i need to change his holiday, or mine, so that we'll have holiday at the same time! i guess we're just unlucky. it gets tougher in time, we're so aware of that. i don't know what the future holds of us both, but i really hope it is worth the wait. i gotta be strong. u gotta be strong too baby. no one says long distance relationship is easy. it sure is tough.

this song is really something to me. Jauh by Cokelat. u are so jauh, but who says true love is someone who's 24/7 with u? no one can be sure of that. well at least i'm trying here, jauh is just the distance, what matters most is the feeling. *aaahhh i sound so corny hahah whatever whatever i just spilled it out*

seriously, there's no better video. just listen to the song, don't bother about the video okay.


nadd said...

nak pintu suka hati doraemon!!! kan???


sRuGgle!! said...

yup!2 words strong..long distance relationship just need this and of course loyalty kan??

IRA said...

nadd : u really don't need one sebab kau balik msia 3 bulan skali that's so unfair! i need one, now!

aina : hehe yuuupppp! working on it :D