Friday, March 13, 2009

spoilt brats

money is love. yes u heard me, i love money. $$$$$$$ ~~

i'm not someone who grow up with lots of money. my parents never really pampered us with luxury. they're not like some parents who'll buy anything and everything for their children. sangat tak. because they dun want us to become spoilt brats, and they want us all to feel what it's like to live a hard life. well, not that "hard" anyway (can never be compared to those who really really live a hard life) but at least, we're not those who are used to live goyang kaki, maid buat semua benda and keje diri sendiri just makan, tido, main ps, makan lagi pastu tido.

and because of that, seeing some spoilt brats who refused to do some easy works is really getting me on my nerve. even worse, when these brats shamelessly order their parents to do this and that. how is that possible? aren't we the ones who are supposed to do things for them? eeeeuuuuwwww. these people are just #%@^#$^#&#. i dunno what to say.

and one day when u're starting to earn ur own pockey money, please do remember this, spare some for ur parents. please? my heart just break so much to the fact that some people who earn a lot never bother to give some money to their parents at kampung.

of course, they have excuses. guilty people always have excuses u know. some say their salary isn't sufficient even for their daily expenses. oh? if so, then sell that LV handbag! and that gucci and armani dresses! or cut ur expenses on going to expensive bars and night clubs. they'll say 'i won't have enough money for myself if i spare some for my parents' oh to hell with u. sgt tak luak okay bagi duit sikit jer for parents sendiri, in fact, lagi berkat ade la. i just don't get these people.

and i know a guy, who is just 17. stopped schooling due to some incapabilities, he works in a factory. his salary is hardly around rm300-400 monthly. sikit kan? but he still give some to his mom eventhough hanya rm50 sebulan. sgt mulia kan??? now sila contohi jejaka terhormat ini.

somehow, the richer u are, the more stingy u'll get. u have lots of money, but still u won't use ur own money, instead u'll keep asking more and more from ur parents. get a life laa. where will the money take u? to heaven?

i'm glad i'm nothing like that. when i was a teenager, i didn't get a lot of money from my parents. they just won't give me chance to spend my money carelessly. and when i really want something, i really work my ass out to get it. i will cut my expenses on food and anything possible so that can save up some money. memang sanggup puasa. yes, when i managed to get what i want, sangat puas hati and sangat appreciate! and i know what it feels like to really work for something u want.

but to those yang duit memang turun dari langit, they just won't understand. not until they lost what they have. and if that ever happen, whoah, good luck la okay! selamat hidup susah wahai spoilt brats. by that time maybe aku akan gelak golek golek tengok kau!

p/s : too much money spoils u.


Lily Allen said...

I want to be rich, I want lots of money.
I don't care about clever, I don't care about funny

Anonymous said...

I really agree bout what u wrote..
Totally 100% agree..
*CLAP* for ira..:)
Thanks for voicing what is in my mind..
Juz like i'm thinking..

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

what a mature post, ira. u r getting wiser as we speak =D

B said...

~~iye..diz is really true!
walaupon ak tau duit bapak aku berkepok2 tapi xmao mintak
~usaha tangga kejayaan!~hehehe..semoga kite menjadi anak2 yg xlupakan jasa ibubapa~~$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

i really2 love reading your blog =D u really speak your mind girl!good job!!

IRA said...

lily allen : ahaha me too! sgt nak kaya raya!

anonymous 1 : yeay clap2! thanks eh!

nazmi : getting wiser eh? heee ;p

B : oh i think aku dh tau sape ni! bya kan? hahah marilah kite jadi anak yg tidak melupekan jasa ibu bapa dan juga tidak spoilt amat sikit2 bole la kot hahaha

anonymous 2 : mekaseh awak!