Monday, March 30, 2009

it's not that i can't,
but it's because i don't want to,
and that's why i stand still,
here, nowhere but here.

not this life,
maybe another life,
i'll still stand,
nowhere but here.


rulien said...

wo.. another life ?

Anonymous said...

walk with me,
let's njoy the view
let's cherish the hues
walk with me...

dont stay still,
coz our life is spinning around
and its a whirlwind out there
dont be afraid
walk with me...

i show u life
i show u adventure
i show u color
today tomorrow n forever comes
walk with me...

IRA said...

yeah another life. :)

baby..what song is dat?

Anonymous said...

bukan song la syg...tue i tulis sendiri kot...hehehe