Friday, April 3, 2009

final call

finally, i started. err, 10 more days to go until my first IA. yeah, just started. gosh gosh gosh. this is so me. no surprise.

ayat abah tadi : "buku bawak balik 5 kg, bace bape gram jerrrr!" aaaaaa cisss abahhhh! orang blaja la niiiii :( really need to hit the books smpai lebam tonight because i'm fully occupied over the weekend. F1 here i come :)

btw, i'm so green with envy with the seniors. they're officially done with pharmaco, patho, forensic and
microb and we have another 1 hell of a year to go through these 4 subjects. gosh, microb? gosh. okay ira, u gotta live with it okayyy! gotta love ittt! jangan merungut nnti kena lempang!

note to self, please stop all the nonsense and study. please? (i hope it works) please, i need a miracle to really work for this! kenapalah malas teramat2 dasyat? please mr. malas, go and hit somebody else, u've been living with me since forever! cukup2 la dulu ok? i need to be rajin at least for 2-3 weeks ahead.

from left : tiger, high heels, atan. oh so adorable. :)


Naxerul aka BoBo said...

cakap malas, padahal rajin nak mampos..cut the crap ira...ngaku la diri tu rajin..hahaha

IRA said...

hello. aku tak hypocrite cam orang lain study bawah selimut pastu buat2 tido kalo member masuk bilik..kalo aku rajin aku ckp la aku rajinnn blueekkksss ;p

ad_nin said...

alamak!!..ira dh insaf..dh stat study...tidaaakkk!!...