Monday, April 6, 2009

self study at home is nonsense.

exactly. how can u concentrate on ur study when u have lots of things to watch on the television? when u keep having plans with ur friends? when u can't resist to shop and shop and shop till u drop? when ur mom constantly cook ur favourite dishes and u end up feeling sleepy afterwards? when the environment is too comfy to study?

get real, i was in boarding school since 16, and home is no longer a place to study for me. i never study at home eversince. and my attempt this time, failed, as expected. blergh.

i don't know what to do. exam is approaching, damn near. but i just have too much to read, to comprehend and to memorize. and if i don't perform well in my first IA, i swear i will do my best in the 2nd and 3rd IA. (duh, everyone says that hahah)

siapa suruh buat exam lepas holidayyyy????!!!!!!!!! tahi kambing betul! !$!$%^*^&(^%$@$!# sememangnya saya bengang. holiday is supposed to be a holiday. a pure pure pure holiday without me having to think about heavy stuffs like this. tlg la paham we only have a total of 6 weeks holiday in a year, and why do u have to make this holiday of ours yg sgt precious ni as STUDY LEAVE? ergh. don't blame me if i don't perform well, well at least, don't just blame me, there's reason u know.

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