Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i have a life whooaaa~

what are the qualities u need to become a good medical student? straight A's? interest? passion? bijak? nope. because the most important thing is, HARD WORK! and more and more hardworking!

and i'm out.

because hardworking is so not me. i would say that i have the interest in this medical thingy, but interest alone is not sufficient. because being a medical student, u need to know anything and everything under the sun! i wish i can just ditch the most hated subjects (yes, note the plural) and just go on with the interesting ones (the clinical subjects) because i'm not in the favour to comprehend and especially to memorize every single drug reaction la, any biochemical reaction la, whatever antigen-antibody reaction la, how each and every bacteria looks like, especially the histology part of anything and everything ( yes anything that involves microscope drives me crazy) etc etc.

u see, tersangat terlampau banyak nk mati. dah study pastu mati, then hidup balik pstu study lagi pon takkan habis. to comprehend is already a trouble, let alone to memorize everything. and mind u, there's no such thing as open book test in medicine. no such thing, ever.

i can't afford to dedicate my life to just books and only books. semua last minute. bile nk exam baru pulun separuh mati bilik pun tunggang langgang, mandi tak basah tido tak lena makan tak kenyang. hahah hyperbola la sket kan. study last minute has never been this exhausting. study last minute in SPM ke IB ke sumpah tak sepenat pulun last minute for this.

i will not recommend medicine to my sisters. nope. i still trust my laziness but i dont trust kemalasan my sisters yg melampau2 hahahaha (sorry guys) tak! the point is, i don't want them to go thru this hard time, just like what i'm going through now.

but orang rajin gile yang bukak buku hari2, time aku study die study, time aku tido die study, time aku mkn die study time aku relax die study time orang holiday pon die study still wujud walaupun makin pupus. ni memang hati jiwa raga dah habis diserahkan just for medic. gile. tapi syabas ar. u guys make a good medical students. i just can't. serious belum sanggup lagi. biarlah kehidupan aku normal and bahagia dan juga gembira bersama orang2 tersayang i'm not ready to just live with the books. i have so much things to do in life besides this.

and i don't want to regret later. regret for not enjoying zaman muda2 to the fullest. well, tu pendapat masing2 kan. this is what i think. if orang kata jadi medical student takde life, aku kata aku still ade life. hahahah sekian. esok paper forensic.

p/s : sumpah penat bergelumang dengan buku2 microbiology dari smalam. ye, saya start from scratch smalam and exam plak ptg tadi!


Anonymous said...

I guess you don't have to worry about what kind of dr you become. i am not sure about having a life or not, but i do know drs opening a book in front of a patient masa patient masi dlm bilik. so don;t worry about knowing everything under the sun, drs are human too. the key is to just pass and graduate and then lets just see how far your skills will bring you. cheers, goodluck exam!

IRA said...

anonymous, totally agree! bukak buku depan patient tkde sape nak marah kan..afterall u're already a doc, but not knowing so much as a student, doctor yg mengajar will definitely marah :( thanks anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.tutup telinga jer...janji pass cukup!tahan je for 4 years, graduate on time and lain blakang kira..ingat, yang penting your skills! *wink*

Anonymous said...

R u a medic student anonymous?

sRuGgle!! said...

haha..i don't have that HARD work too!tapi mmg btol pon...penat hafal cam nak gile soklan yang famous and susah2...last2 tanye soalan yang senang yang makes me feel bodoh sgt soklan senang pon tak tau..haiiiii

Anonymous said...

struggle:hahaha, tau takpe....ape perasaan ble d 1st question dah mcm haram? 2 jam hidupku berjaye dibazirkan dgn menung member yg tekun menjawab soalan meninggalkan diri tekapai2...wakakaka