Monday, April 27, 2009


i knowwwww! it's been a week or so that i left my blog unattended! my internet connection fails me, but now im back online :) :) :) just a week and now im busy blogmunching! gotta be alert of what's happening around me and what's happening back in home sweet home!oh by the way by the way by the wayyyyyyyy~~

u know what is impossible in this life?

it's impossible to satisfy everyone. u may need to hurt someone, or at least urself. it's almost impossible to be fair. who says life is fair? life itself is never fair to mankind. and that's why i hate decision making. i hate the fact that i have to hurt someone, especially those who are dear to my heart, and if i don't, i'll end up getting hurt.

being indecisive is just so childish! and i can't help getting stucked in that kinda situation, again and again. it'll never go away. and i'm sinking, slowly. i wish i will finally disappear, fast!!

someone will certainly get hurt, either u or me or anyone else. yes someone will. i don't have the answer now, but it's already written, somewhere in the book of fate. so there's really no one to blame, oh i hope so.

ouuhhhh ira wake uppp! fine! enough of me writing stuffs u won't understand, which does nothing but to leave u ponder and rise up with some silly assumptions. there goes. people love to assume! who doesn't anywayyy??

what's there to share eh? a lot i tell ya. but getting too personal in this blogging arena is not my kind of thing. u really dunno who's reading what so yeah, better watch out for the things u write. and please dear bloggers, if u wanna blog, blog ethically la wei! it's a shame when u bitch around people who have done nothing bad to u. some adults just dont deserved to be called one. grow up people!

by the way, i'm off to Goa this weekend. beautiful beaches here i come! better be good, Goa coz i'll be burning my ass sitting in the car for 14 hours just to get to u. i love sandy beaches i love i love i love! hope to come back with some awesome pictures to share with u people! but i really lost that camwhoring trait in me! hahaha zaman kegemilangan camwhoring sudah berlalu! it was years ago when i was a real camera bitch! 22 already rite..kalau still camwhore cam haram orang nyampah kottt??? unless u got the look, stunning pose, and proffesional SLR camera(whatever u call it u know im suck at this gadget stuffs), people wont get bored looking at ur photos. oh im lacking of the last one, others are perfect though. ahhahahaaha whatever.

examination results are out. hahahaha. what am i expecting? getting a distinction for those subjects i studied in one night? or half a day for pharmacology and forensic? yeah since pharmacology was the last paper, i was already exhausted studying for the other subjects. u know, last minute revision is freaking exhausting. lesson learnt. cececey. everyone is aware about that kot, i myself is aware but still doing it repeatedly. dush dush.

my brain is so corrupted. not that i just realized. but yeah, it is so much corrupted that i find it hard for me to absorb and digest educational things. how do i reformat my brain? anyone?? it's like, anything and everything, is being filled up into that brain of mine. all the unnecessary things. i do waste a lot of energy thinking about unnecessary things. my mom always tell me that i am too exposed to some other things. she said i'm too busy fulfilling my life as a youngster, and too busy corrupting my own brain. how corrupted is my brain? please please leave some space for some educational stuffs because dear brain, i have another 4 years to fill u up with medical craps(fine, shouldn't be calling it craps hahaha). and if ever i'm able to further my study later in the future, i need some more space for that. dear brain, i believe u have ur own mechanism to drain out some unnnecessary thoughts and whatnots from there right? hey brain, dont let me down this time.

20 years ago, i was sure free from any corruption right? growing up is fun, but u can go astray so easily. i need to get a grip. a strong one.

enough of blabbering.


Anonymous said...

i so agree with writing's sad to see some of your friends did not have a grasp of understanding in it.
i am anonymous because you don't know me. i so happen to blog-hopped here and there.

Anonymous said...

Re-format your brains?
People dont do that unless suddenly u lose your mind in tragically accident than people have to re-format your minds by put new data...

IRA said...

anonymous 1 : hye there!yerp, a reminder for myself too :)

anonymous 2 : sometimes i really wish for that, but not a tragic one la! hahahahaha but better not to hope for something bad to happen kan, nnti jadi bbetul menyesal tak sudah!