Wednesday, April 1, 2009

total randomness

hello people. i'm blogging straight from my bed. it's 3 am, yeah, awake and fresh still. the real thing is i don't have anything significant to share with u people. life here is too wonderful to share. i rarely spend my time at home, of course, out for some activities - u don't wanna know what.

by the way, i watch AF and diari AF, consistently! hahah. becauseeeeeee a guy caught my attention! aril :D :D :D he's so comel i like the hair and the husky voice and and anddd ( and i better stop before someone gets jealous :p ) please don't google yet, the pics available on the net doesn't look very much like him in real life (wek, i mean, in his weekly performance and in diary AF)

and my departure date to bangalore, it'll be in 10th april. :) i went to MAS office in KL earlier today to reschedule my flight! though i am very much aware about my laziness (i mean, laziness tahap moksya) despite the upcoming internal assessment examination that will be on 13th april, i am still going back on 10th april instead of 7th april. u know, there are times when emotion really take control over the brain. my brain wants me to go back on 7th but my heart wants me to go back on 10th. this time, the heart wins. well, the heart wins a lot more than the brain, well yeah, most of the time. erk.

when u follow ur heart, everything will be wonderful. agree? :) :) :)


Max J. Potter said...

i like your pink header~!!

IRA said...

max j potter, thanks u :)