Thursday, April 9, 2009

so u think u can survive?

i used to think that anyone with brain and high education background will lead the rest of the world population. u know, i was really wrong. it's not ur IQ or so called high education background that will determine ur position in this challenging world, it requires something more than that.

most of the time, we overlook at some things. we thought that those who did totally bad in their examination are dumb and stupid. totally wrong. they may not be good in academic, but as long as they know what their passion is, and in which areas they're good at, they'll survive better than those who scored straight A1 in every single examination. and those who simply score A1 in every examination and 4 flat in every semester without knowing what they really wanna do in life are worse.

the reason i'm writing this is to remind u brilliant people, dont simply belittle others who don't shine as bright as u in their academic. u might encounter these people that u think are dumb and stupid during ur way down, perhaps during their way up!

having a good education background is surely everyone's dream but some people just don't need a piece of certificate to survive life. and i believe, if a person can't perform well in academic though he's been trying so hard, that means God has planned something more than that for him. and those with damn good brain and extremely high education background, u've got nothing to boast because those things will be taken back, anytime, if He wants to.

p/s : kalau kita ada benda yg sgt berharga, jaga elok2 kalau tak Allah akan amek balik. serious weh.

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