Thursday, April 16, 2009

mahu lautan terbentang luas

the sky is so full of stars.

a guy once taught me how calm u can get when u look at the dark sky. everything that makes u feel uneasy just fade away. yes it works. but to me, i still prefer the ocean. hearing the sound of the wave, and looking at the ocean without borders, it does wonders to me.

things don't usually go ur way. u wasted much of ur time planning things only to upset u later. it happens all the time.

life has it and u just can't escape. running away is always the first thing that will cross my mind but it'll be the last thing i will do. the last damn thing. face it, and u'll become a better person. run away from it, u'll be a real loser.

mistakes. don't talk about it. we all make mistakes. big or small, everyone does it. and some people make mistakes because they're just plain dumb and stupid. yes, some of them.

i don't feel a thing.


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