Saturday, April 18, 2009

the best 'i love u'

i have lots of fantasies and dreams. some are ridiculous. some will never come true. but i still dream anyway. sometimes i wish i can switch my life from one movie to another. everything in the movie is so beautiful. kannn?

i watched this japanese series twice - taiyou no uta - and i still love it so much! and here's the best best best part of the series. the part when the guy confessed that he loves the girl so much.

to those who never watch this series, here's a quick review about the story. it's a story about this girl named Kaoru who suffers from XP(xeroderma pigmentosum). her body has no defence against the UV rays so she can't be exposed to direct sunlight or she'll have more and more complication and will finally die.

in this favourite part of mine, she just discovered about the onset of paralysis in her left hand due to some deterioration in her brain (because of UV rays obviously) the paralysis means she can no longer play her guitar which is her ultimate passion. so as u can see in the video, she's starting to lose hope. she doesn't care about getting exposed to the sunrise anymore.

and that guy Kouji found her. and he said he loves this girl in the most touching way kottt? with the fact that the girl has not much time left to live, he still love that girl, so cam touching laa!(to me laa) i so love! plus that guy simply wears baggy shorts and tshirt and he plays guitar in the most macho way, totally love! gotta watch the whole series only then u can comment!

oh in real life, would u still stay with someone who has incurable disease and has not much time to spare? would u still be there and tell her everything is gonna be okay? would u do that with all ur heart? would u?

things are so much different in real life isn't it? and that's why i keep dreaming and live my life in fantasy sometimes. because fantasy and dreams have so much beautiful things to offer. real life can be really harsh at times.

watch this series, u'll love it! it's good to kill time by watching series, especially now that i'm not feeling very well :(


ad_nin said...

nk bgtau gak kt sini...aku yg bg kt kau cite tu...hahahah...saje nk bgtau!!...muahaha...

Joe said...

nak tgk..
suker nihong punya citer

slacker said...

nape ko tak feeling well???

sakit ke iraa???

IRA said...

denin : bukan kau la! nonie! ;p

joe : nihong tu ape? gi la dl! serious best cite ni!

nadia : aku demam :(

ad_nin said...

aku laa yg bg kt nonie!!!!ishh tak mengenang budi!!...muahaha...

Anonymous said...

movie dia lagi best sangat best :D